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I just completed my first semester clinical. I feel like I still don't know what the hell I'm doing, please tell me this is normal?! I also got an 82% (C) on my process paper, and I feel so... Read More

  1. by   mamason
    OK....First take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back for passing your first semester!!! This is the same scenerio that I went through in nursing school. Remember, the material is complicated, it's a lot to remember, and they are trying to teach you to think differently. It's new!!! You will get better every sememster as you go. You will be able to apply the knowlege from the previous semester to the new material and it will eventually all come together. I started school not even knowing how to take a blood pressure! LOL!! I struggled the first couple of semesters because this was unfamiliar territory. But, I studied and worked my butt off. By the time second year came around(went to a 2 year program) I was making the dean's list and I excelled at the top of a lot of my classes. Just take it as it comes. Stay ahead on papers, studying, and any projects that are due. If you are intrigued by the nursing profession, like I was, you'll will be more apt to learn and will excell!!!! Good Luck and keep up the hard work.
  2. by   neyney1979
    Model 50,
    I graduate in November and sometimes I still feel like I don't know as much as I should. One semester is not enough to get discouraged over. I have been told many times by the instructors that nursing school gives you the basics to practice safely and that you learn the rest in the "real world". Just remember that the people hiring you are not looking at your letter grades....they are looking at your nursing license....keep your head up. You are going to do OK!!!
  3. by   clee1
    C + NCLEX = nurse.

    Quit sweating it.
  4. by   chuck1234
    That is normal..,
    I obtained the skills from my jobs...
    Regarding to a "C" you got....just spend more time on the subject...
    Good luck.
  5. by   SuesquatchRN
    I've been an LPN now for almost a year and finally feel like I have a clue.

    Completely normal.