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  1. by   nursemike
    Quote from Malt123
    I'm an RN was working in an impossible LTC facility, the DON would make up policies as she went along or so it seemed, any way I looked for the pokicy book when I first statred there and the only one I found was from the late 70's. I have been in LTC for almost 24 years but not in this state. anything I did she would pull me into the office and say "that's not our policy" or "this state doesn't do that" she even told me that ignorance is no excuse. she gave me a fairly good yearly eval but then the real stuff started. I was treated as an aid and even told that I was just an aid. It was a constant put down from the aides through out management. It was like living in a bad movie. the problem now is how do I fight this so that I can continue my nursing or am I just dummed because of this. I don't know if I have just picked a few bad places or if some one is actually following me around and pushing me out of jobs. there has been so much crazy stuff going on that I am afraid to even start another job.
    Okay, your post came up while I was typing, I guess. Are you licensed in your new state? Because, if you are, you aren't "just an aide." You have a right to assert that to those who are aides. You might note that an aide can be a pretty important job in it's own right, but an aide is not a nurse.
    As for your DON, I would request (and then demand) a written copy of what is policy. You shouldn't have to guess. I'd go over his/her head, if necessary, but I'd go to the DON first. Ultimately, you could take your case to the Department of Labor. Oh, and I'm sure you can get a copy of the Nurse Practice Act for your state. My school bookstore sells copies as a required text for one of our classes.
    Anyway, abuse in the workplace isn't just wrong, it's illegal--and it's bad business.
    I probably wouldn't start out belligerent, but if it's as bad as you say, there have got to be better jobs. What do you lose by standing up for yourself?
  2. by   barefootlady
    Good morning Malt123,

    I think Mike gave you some wonderful advice. I do think you need to take a few quiet days and do some deeply honest self evaluation. Are you depressed over working conditions? Do you feel under appreciated by the DON and staff? Why are these CNA's refusing to do the job required and what have you done about it? Is this just a toxic work place( I have been in 2 in my career, so I know they exist) and are you wasting precious time trying to fit into a work place that does not really meet your needs. I have been going through some really mind-blowing events in my life and I know they can affect how we act but IF you are honest, maybe it is just time to cut and run before something happens that will effect your ability to work as a nurse.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Keep us posted on the outcome. Remember sometimes we just have to accept we are not the particular RX needed to fit the environment.
  3. by   Malt123
    I am out of there but this place is making it hard for me to get other employment. I know that working the floor drives me up the wall. There is so much more that I would be able to contribute than just what they were having me do. Of coarse maybe they didn't want me to.
  4. by   pink.edwina
    Most peeps here only too happy to help. Its a very kind site.
  5. by   nursemike
    Good for you! Nurses should expect to get pooped on, but only by patients, and only in the literal sense. Getting pooped on figuratively doesn't wash off.
    It sounds like you may need to get creative in the job search. The good news is, there's this nursing shortage we keep hearing about. Somebody, somewhere, wants you badly, right now.
    I might seriously consider at least a break from LTC. You could try any hospitals in your area, and if reception is lukewarm, might take the approach of being willing to do extra orientation in acute care. I'd be honest about your last employment, but put as positive a spin as possible. "My last boss was a b****," won't sound nearly as good as "My last employer and I weren't well-matched in our respective needs..." That sort of thing. Give yourself frequent pep talks. You're an experienced nurse. Many people never accomplish that. (A few may have better sense, but most simply couldn't do it!)
    Good luck!
  6. by   Malt123
    thank you all have been so kind. I have honestly did a lot of soul searching, even though there were times when I was over stressed and didn't handle things as I should have the place was too (off the wall) too much. the administrator was on the floor when I had a pt. go bad and yelled out for help and she told me that the aid would be there when she finished the 3 residents she was doing first, this pt. was unconsous and I needed to get him into bed where I could help him before he fell out of the chair. the administrator just looked at me when I told her this
  7. by   barefootlady
    I agree this place sounds like a nightmare and your license was always on the line. Have you given any thought to agency work? I hated Home Health but some people love it. Is there a VA close to you? What about a clinic? Or a jail? Here there seems to be lots of jobs open for nurses in these areas. I do wish you luck on your search.
  8. by   Thunderwolf
    There are greener pastures out there for you. Good to see that you opened up and the BB was able to help. We support you, pal. We want to see you happy, healthy, and successful, wherever your tennis shoes take you. Leave the ghosts where they are...behind you. Learn from it, but move ahead.
    Wish you the best!
  9. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    It does look as though your license and your mental health area at risk. Some places are just sick, and it looks like you bungled into one.

    Definitely take care of yourself first. It's good that you are out of there. You do need to report (objectively!) what your experiences were, to your BON.

    And you need to find work where you can get yourself re-established.

    You might post to the forum of the state you are in, here, and see if there is a member close by who might be able to give you some specific direction and support.

    We all need help once in a while. Glad you found us. Stay in touch, and come back often.

    Good luck.