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Hi, I'm a nursing student and no I didn't decide to become a nurse after watching ER! (ha ha) I wanted to be an MD as a child then switched my career goals to nursing in middle school. Started... Read More

  1. by   essarge
    I enjoy ER, but REALLY enjoy the Lifetime Health channel. All the reality you can handle!! As a student nurse I have learned allot just watching and listening. You can see anything from stitches to "ectomy" and more!!! Hubby won't watch either one....guess that's why he's a paratransit bus driver!! LOL!
  2. by   mustangsheba
    I rarely watch ER anymore. I used to watch with my roomates. One is an ER doc and the other is an attorney. The attorney loves it and was constantly telling the doc and me to shut up and quit ruining it for her by pointing out all the unrealistic goings on. The most blatant consistent error is all the time these people have to carry on a personal life. When I worked in the ER, the only time anyone ever stood still for a minute was when we were waiting for a disaster to come in the door.
  3. by   TracyB,RN
    Love the show. I also enjoy critiquing it. Some of the stuff that happens is just way too silly too take seriously.
  4. by   Agnus
    I have yet to see any show that protrays nurses realistically or even close to it.
    As far a ER goes. Did you notice almost every code situation the patient goes on to live?
    Actually the opposit is true. I drove hubby nuts all thorough school critiquing this show. Now I never see it. Is it still on?

    I came home after my first terminal wean (a new LPN). I had seen others, but this one was mine. The doc tried to duck facing the family. I was prepaired and made him at least come in and do a face to face with the family. I could not believe it. He told (unknown to me) the family, that the patient would die quickly within 2-3 minutes of turning off the vent. Of course Doctor Corrageous was not there for the grand event. I came home and asked my hubby what he thought happened in a termainal wean. "They flat line." I asked, how quickly. "Immediately" Where did you get this info. "ER". Shows like this do a diservice to everyone. This family also told me they expected a quick death because that's the way it is on ER, a realistic show".

    People believe what they see as an accurate portrayal as they are told a show is the most realistic show. That does not make it realistic, just the closest thing to reality than any other show. It's entertaining but not reality. It's an unrealistic portrayal of doctors at best. At worst it insults nurse's role.

    It was 18 hours before this patient expired. The family suffered greatly and needlessly because they were not properly prepared. I learned a lesson, and never again will I allow this to happen.

    It's entertainment period.
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  5. by   NurseDennie
    Ah ER - I don't bloody THINK so!

    Okay - they have an MD advisor - Maybe that's why the show is all doctors and no nurses. That's just stupid.


  6. by   RNed
    I marvel in the care they give and the patient receives. Our CT scanner always has a line in front of it and emergencies get stuck somewhere in the middle. And why is it - they always seem to have a bed and don't have to jocky all the patients around to "make a bed available".

    Honestly we have lots of beds, what we don't have is nurses. But, that's television and this is reality. And we wonder why society does not seem to understand.

    I watch it seldom.
  7. by   beckymcrn
    Ok folks lets face it do we watch ER because of the medical stuff. NAHHHH! I love the show but not for the medical side of the show. So ok some of the stuff tickles me. But I watch the show because I like the stories. ALthough lately there have been one or two I was not to happy about. I love Lizzie and Mark. I love Carter, I even love Peter.

  8. by   CarolineRn
    I stopped watching ER when the only reason I watched left. George Clooney.

    I always preferred Trauma: Life in the ER, or The Operation. (sometimes there are real cuties on there too!) There are a whole slew of new med shows on TLC Tues. nights, I think. There's one called Code Blue, that I only caught once. And Maternity Ward is a favorite of mine, love those babies, and it gives me a lot of respect for what the nurses in there go through.

    I don't think I know any of the current cast of ER. Except the Doc whose been there since the beginning.
  9. by   StaceRacer1
    Dr Weaver---- "Cut the nurses some slack due to the nursing shortage" REALITY CHECK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YEAH As if a Dr would ever CUT US SLACK if IT meant FOR ONE......that they did not get their abnormal lab values called to them!!!!!
  10. by   ummnafeesah
    wow! A lot of responses I *know* it is just TV and that it isn't reality but because I'm not a nurse yet I don't know exactly how unrealistic it is. I was curious as to how nurses react to the show. I ask my mom (an attorney) the same questions about 'the practice' another one of my fave shows. Thanks for all the input!
  11. by   P_RN
    SO........... what is your Mom's opinion of The Practice? How about Law & Order. My atty. said that is his favorite. One of mine too. I don't care that much for the Practice.
  12. by   pkmom
    Originally posted by Agnus
    This family also told me they expected a quick death because that's the way it is on ER, a realistic show".
    Anyone who believes that what he/she sees on TV is real needs to have his/her head examined. Please!
    I love the show; I love the way it makes me cry because I need the emotional release. Thursdays are my favorite day because of that show.
  13. by   KRVRN
    Some of it is right, you can tell they were at least trying. Some is just so far off though. They deal with codes ALL THE TIME and they're always cracking the chest and getting the pt back. And EVERYTHING in the whole hospital occurs either in the ER or the OR.

    I'm especially irritated how they do deliveries in the ER and then hold the mom and baby down there awhile to stabilize the baby. A few episodes ago I remember them failing to get a PIV in a baby and did a UVC insertion rather then call OB or Peds. And of course they got it in in about 2 seconds and everybody was fine and happy. No OB or NICU team ever showed up.

    I like to watch the show though. It's a nighttime soap opera.