Is my husband being unreasonable? - page 6

I currently work a med-surg position that is 12 hour days with no weekends. We all know how hard and challenging med-surg is and I have no great love for it. In fact when my required six months is up... Read More

  1. by   Jmiami
    I think just for the kids sake it would be good for them not to be left without a parent. There's something to be said about the security of always have a parent there through the night.
  2. by   LearningByMistakes
    May I ask whose job provides the benefits for your family? If YOUR job provides the benefits, then you YOUR job should be the priority.

    However, if you do not provide the benefits for your family, why is your husband the "bad guy" here, as so many have made him out to be?
  3. by   Nurse ABC
    They both provide the benefits. His does not provide dental or vision and my medical is cheaper but more restrictive than his. I don't think he's being the bad guy for worrying about his kids. I think we both have valid points. Him worrying about the kids all night and me with feeling like I'll never get to do what I want career wise. I'm not going to sacrifice my family to do it. They are more important than my career. I'm hoping we can figure out a compromise that makes both of us happy.