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A couple of us were having this discussion tonight. One nurses says no it is not addictive. I said "well I've know some potheads who couldn't stop smoking, couldn't face life without pot, etc." ... Read More

  1. by   KaroSnowQueen
    How many people really believe these propoganda commercials, and who thinks them up? I'd bet that most people who got to high school age after 1968 have smoked some dope in their life. And most of them know it as most people know alcohol, a little here and there for fun or relaxation. Yes there are people who smoke so much they never do anything else, but you can say that for alcohol. And I'm sure if alcohol had been introduced in the last forty years it would be illegal too. There are plenty of states in the South where alcohol is illegal in most parts of the state, or beer and wine only, no hard stuff, etc. And people go to neighboring counties or states to buy it, there are bootleggers, etc. It's illegal in those places to drink, ,but people do it. I haven't smoked any pot in years and years, I very seldom drink alcohol but they need to get real about it and start worrying about real problems. And someone posted something about worrying about people smoking dope and driving if it was legalized, do they think that doesn't happen every single day anyway? It would most likely still be illegal to drive stoned just like it's illegal to drive drunk if they legalized it. I'm sure somebody driven by dollar signs would quickly invent some gizmo to measure your pot smoking limit.
  2. by   researchrabbit
    I think it's awfully hard to regulate something that grows wild and doesn't really require any processing.

    In a perfect world (IMHO) liquor, tobacco, etc wouldn't ever have been discovered. But then, I've never smoked and didn't try the alcohol stuff for long...doesn't taste good to me and I didn't like the way it felt. Doesn't bother me if other people choose to indulge, though.

    But all this stuff is here, people want it, and better to regulate than totally forbid and have all these people breaking the law.

    There was a time when I would have agreed with prosecuting users and sellers of marijuana. Now I think it's better to use our jails for people who steal, commit violent crimes -- these folks ought to be serving their entire sentence, not being released to make room for people who had a dried plant in their possession. We are feeding and housing a tremendous number of people in our jails these days.

    And yes, maybe the people who are currently selling illegally will be selling legally...but how many people who buy it now will choose to grow their own (and thus not contribute to those folks anymore)?
  3. by   ziggyRn I didn't think that the actual shop owners were crooks.
    But I was asking who the distributors are? where does it come from?
    When a whole industry is already in place...even if it is illegal...then the experience, infrastructure are already established.
    It wont disappear just like that. Wouldn't it just move in and take up the business?
  4. by   imn2nursing
    Portland guy, I beg to differ. I KNOW from personal experience that marijauna IS a gateway drug for harder drugs. I smoked marijuana for many many years before moving on to much worse things. Don't always believe what you read, but I'm just telling you from person knowledge.
  5. by   nurs4kids

    I say legalize it and use that money to treat the addicted. One small problem there though, that takes the money out of the government's hands..makes them have to show where the money was spent. Right now, imho, the gov't is making a killing off of illegal pot, they'd be insane to legalize it. As for the debate over whether it's addictive or not..
    any damn thing that makes you (me) feel that dang good has GOT to be addictive. For my benefit, I hope it is never legalized. It's bad enough being addicted to tobacco..
    I absolutely loved the high from pot (back in my younger days) and I know if it was legal, I'd be more apt to smoke one now. I hate the way alcohol leaves me feeling afterwards, so I don't drink..pot never gave me a hangover.

    So, do I think it's addictive? Definitely.
    Should it be legalized? Probably's no more addictive than cigs, alcohol, etc. However, the ill effects may be worse. Not only is it worse on the lungs, but it also affects the brain cells. Don't know if it truly "burns brain cells" as I've always heard, but anyone I know who is a long term smoker of pot definitely has lost some brain function .

    Okay, I gotta leave this thread's really making me want some of that good smellin', mind easin', stuff
  6. by   flowerchild
    I don't believe all the govt propaganda about pot. Nor do I believe that it is "gateway" to hard drugs. If pot was not around then people with addictive personalities would find something else to blame thier hard drug addictions on, like alcohol. I went to a class for CEU's on addictions several years ago and learned that nicotine and herion are about the same when it comes to level of addiction, whereas pot was the least and at the bottom of the curve. I found the information below while searching the internet. Sorry, it's not a perfect cut and paste but it proves my point. It's unfortunate that there are so many people with misconceptions about these substances.

    HENNINGFIELD RATINGS 1 = Most serious 6 = Least serious

    Substance Withdrawal Reinforcement Tolerance Dependence Intoxication

    Nicotine 3 4 2 1 5

    Heroin 2 2 1 2 2

    Cocaine 4 1 4 3 3

    Alcohol 1 3 3 4 1

    Caffeine 5 6 5 5 6

    Marijuana 6 5 6 6 4


    BENOWITZ RATINGS 1 = Most serious 6 = Least serious

    Substance Withdrawal Reinforcement Tolerance Dependence Intoxication

    Nicotine 3* equal 4 4 1 6

    Heroin 2 2 2 2 2

    Cocaine 3* equal 1 1 3 3

    Alcohol 1 3 4 4 1

    Caffeine 4 5 3 5 5

    Marijuana 5 6 5 6 4
  7. by   Q.
    Could you provide a source?

    I'm still awaiting a response from the doc I work with in Pharm and Tox on what the latest lit/research states. Until that I'm not entirely convinced anyway.
  8. by   flowerchild
    No problem!

    Dr. Jack E. Henningfield (National Institute of Drug Abuse)
    Dr. Neal L. Benowitz (Universit di San Francisco) which have ranked 6 substances and their related dangerousness.
  9. by   sbic56

    I'd love to see that study in detail. This is exactly the type of research that needs to be continued in order to educate people about marijuana; data driven and not hype.

    I just noted your compliment on an earlier post of mine here....Thanks!
  10. by   Spidey's mom
    I agree with you Suzy K. I was married to a drug abuser . . .he passed out twice after smoking pot and was"incontinent of urine" all over the rug . . gee, that was attractive! He had no motivation, called in sick all the time, loved his cobra shaped bong more than his wife and kids. . . was gonna teach his kids "the right way to use drugs" . .. I left fast (not fast enough - gotta teach my kids to value themselves more than I obviously did). How is legalizing drugs going to change destructive behavior? How is legalizing drugs going to help the poor babies who are born to moms who use meth? Drugs will have their negative effect whether they are legal or not. Lets not add to the mayhem that we already have with alcohol and illegal drug use. I just took care of another meth baby . . . it makes me mad that anyone could think that legalizing using drugs while preggers is a GOOD THING? Who the heck cares about the people who are stupid enough to do something illegal and who get caught and go to jail? I care about the effect on the children of drug users. About the effect on the driver next to me, on the pilot of the plane I am riding in, on the teacher and coach who is responsible for my kids. Using illegal drugs is selfish, self-destructive, family-destructive and society destructive. whew . . .
    Almost scared to post my thoughts issue

    I dont think its physically addictive as in your body will need it to continue in its daily functions, but I do think its addictive on the mental aspect of it for certain people.
    As a child in the era of a good joint, a nice dime and a score of a ounce, I can say I enjoyed it. Sad to say that now that Im an adult with responsibilties and a life. Its one of those things that I wished I could say inhanced my life but it didnt. I enjoyed some aspects of it but the munchies and the paranoid tendentcies overtook the euphora of the ride itself, but that was a drawback of the weed itself. The old theory is the more the paranoyia the better the weed. I guess I always had good stuff.
    I do wish they would work with it more on a medicinal aspect though it works well with patients with cancer and glacoma and its less to manufacture and regulate than coporate owned wonder drugs, and much cheaper for the person.
    Anything can be addictive with the right personality behind it.
    PS: You can drive on it, if your speed limit is 15 mph because thats as fast as you will be going. Though in your mind your driving 55.
  12. by   Jenny P
    Originally posted by ITSJUSTMEZOE

    PS: You can drive on it, if your speed limit is 15 mph because thats as fast as you will be going. Though in your mind your driving 55.
    There was an incident here I heard about where a highway patrol pulled some kids over and asked how fast they thought they were going....... They told him they thought they must have been doing 80 or so; turns out they were all stoned and were actually doing 20mph on the freeway! Don't know if it was in the local papers or not but I work with the highway patrolman's wife.........
  13. by   Rav_810
    When i smoked it a few times it made me feel tired. I got to say though it sure does relax you!!