Is late or lack of Documentation a reason for fireability?

  1. So, i work in an ICU. It is always busy and were always tripled. The only time we actually have one to one is when theres a balloon pump or impella. The rest doesnt really count.
    Recently, i have been notfied of my lateness in charting and sometimes there are some parts for 6oclock documentation that I miss. Its not everytime, but i could say its like once or twice a month.
    1 week ago, the director called me while i was working and he was mad. He was calling me out for not documenting on time. In my defense, it was a very busy day.
    Fast forward to yesterday, another busy shift. Apparently i missed one area of my 6oclock assessment. The management called me in to put in late entry. Of course, they werent happy.
    Will they fire me one day?
    Im only 7-8 months in...
    Will it be hard to find a job if you were fired from your previous job?
    I kind of want to leave and or want them to fire me. The place just sucks to work at. Super understaffed, unfair assignments, and it is very stressful.
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  3. by   Triddin
    That is a ridiculous ratio
  4. by   EternalFeather
    Its expected to have 3 patients. There have been times a nurse has 2 patients and one of them had an IABP. DKa and other serious issues that should be 1 to 1 doesnt even count. We expect to get 3 patients and to have 4 in a shift is not even a surprise.
  5. by   klone
    If you work in an at-will state, any reason or no reason is a reason for fireability, unless it's due to your sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, etc.
  6. by   EternalFeather
    What is an at-will state?
  7. by   NurseSpeedy
    Better to find another job and quit than be fired.

    3:1 in a hospital that actually has real ICU patients is NOT safe.

    I have heard of some facilities having documentation deadlines for shift assessments. I have luckily never worked for one. Honestly, I carry a clipboard which turns into my very detailed brain sheet. I manage my patients first, my documentation occurs in between care/after my shift if needed. It may be hours after it's been done, but the correct times are documented for when things occurred and I make sure that everything is complete before I leave. Complete documentation is a must but when that documentation occurs during my shift is going to have to work around getting things done that cannot wait.
  8. by   meanmaryjean
    When you say 'they called me in' are you saying you went home without having completed your documentation? Is that what this stems from? Because that's an entirely different story.

    Also: an 'at will' state can fire you for any reason EXCEPT being a member of a protected class as mentioned above.
  9. by   EternalFeather
    I guess you can say it like that. I went home thinking i completed everything. But i forgot to click on 3 cells on a little area. Everything else, no problem.
    Its not what this stems from.
    This is more like a cry for help. Like I want to get out.
  10. by   EternalFeather
    My friends tell me that i should wait to get out until im a year in. Since this my first real experience. But i think im about to reach my limit.
  11. by   ICU-BSN
    You say you want to quit or for them to just fire you.

    My best advice....go for option 1. It will be much harder to move on if you've been fired. That's not something you want to have to explain in future interviews. If you are that miserable (and it does sound like an awful place to work), leave now. Don't wait until it's been a year, just get out now.

    I once worked in an ICU where 3 patients was the norm and 4 patients was not unheard of. It was ridiculous and I feared for my license on a daily basis because it was such unsafe working conditions. I got out as soon as I could and it is the best thing I've done in my career.
  12. by   caliotter3
    I agree that you need to find another job and leave on your own terms.
  13. by   psu_213
    I agree with others that you should probably be looking for a new position. In the meantime, iss this computer charting? Can you back time your charting to a specific time? For example, protocol on my floor (step down, not an ICU) was to do/chart assessments at 8/12/4. I would do my assessments at the start of the shift, then pass meds, etc. I might not get to my 8am charting until, for example, 1 pm. I could chart at 1 pm, but back time all of it to when I actually did the assessment. Would this help to get management off your back?
  14. by   KelRN215
    To answer your general question of is late or lack of documentation a fireable offense? The answer is a resounding YES. I don't think what you describe is really that level though. When I worked in home health, we had nurses who would turn in their notes WEEKS late. In that field, visits can't be billed without the documentation so it was a huge issue. When I was a liaison in home infusion, I know there were a few nurses who never turned in the teach sheets we were supposed to fill out which led to issues in the pharmacy- they didn't have a confirmed address or phone number or written confirmation that the patient was taught to self-administer or what method of administration they were taught.