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what words do you hear consistently pet peeve is when people wish to say oriented, as in alert and oriented, and they actually say orientated....where are they getting the extra... Read More

  1. by   LPN_mn
    I am originally from Arkansas and moved to Minnesota 8 years ago. This is not related to nursing but I always hear people hear say borrow me $5.00 instead of loan me $5.00 drives me crazy when I hear people say that.
  2. by   cokie
    i moved from minnesota to california and had to learn that when you borrow money to someone, you are actually loaning them money. we use borrow for both ends of the deal. as in "hey, borrow me a dollar would ya????" now i know many things that i didn't know when being raised in minnesota, such as the thing that on looks at, a picture, is not pronounced the same way as the thing that one pours water out of, a pitcher. also, it is not considered polite to just show up at someones door without calling. who knew......back to the about amulate for ambulate, or inshulin for insulin. also heard someone call robitussin, rubbytussin. as in vicks vapo rub.....
  3. by   mamabear
    One that really irkes me: DOO-co-lax instead of DULL-co-lax
    Do people think the manufacturers made a typo, but stuck with it anyway? Or is this just a Chicago-area thing
  4. by   cokie
    ok, now i am confused, after looking at the dictionary entry after my first post. so if i write that the patient is oriented to person, would i read that outloud as being orientated to person.....??????because in actual usage i can understand orientation, such as what we all go through when we change jobs (which i hate,by the way), i'm still not convinced.........
  5. by   mamabear
    I've always seen it as "pt alert & oriented to all 3 spheres".
  6. by   nursedawn67
    Originally posted by Disablednurse
    Mine is people wanting to use the telefoam instead of telephone........Oldtimers disease instead of Alzheimer's disease
    I have even hear it pronounced AlTheimers disease!
  7. by   cokie
    now some say A + O x 4. can't remember what the fourth one is at this moment. i learned 3. anywoo, the post from the nurse complaining about diss, dem and deese for this, them and these, are you by any chance in sterns co...??? my first career was speech path. and we worked by a county in mn where these pronounciations were just accepted, so we didn't even try to correct them.. is that a kick or what. some peoples who are esl put the emPHAsis on the wrong syLAble, and i am cool with that. but to add extra syllables or change around letters, that is the one that makes me cring.....exspeccially orientated....which by the by, never bothered me until my older brother pointed it out to me. the funny thing about this is he named his eldest "tara" after gone with the wind, but they pronounced it like the tar in the road, and it is terra, as in earth.....cracks me up......still laughing at all the posts here.......
  8. by   RN-PA
    I posted this on an earlier language/grammar/pronunciation thread posted at allnurses that was fun, too (no time now to do a search)-- Do any of the nurses where you work pronounce "peak and trough" (for Vancomycin or Gentamycin) "peak and TROW" rather than "TROFF"? I haven't heard it where I work now, but at the hospital where I first started out, "trow" for trough was very common.
  9. by   Gailsimpson
    Sorry everyone, but I am a British nurse and we say orienTAted, its would drive me crazy if anyone said oriented!
  10. by   liberalrn
    How 'bout oral instead of verbal? Another common misuse. It's a verbal report--not an oral one--oral refers to the oral cavity and all it's contents, verbal refers to the spoken word.....this one is very common and I know I'm swimmin upstream here! Still drives me nuts. How 'bout jist or jest for just...hate that, too! Rather pissy today as a matter of fact!
  11. by   red606
    What I hate is those who pronounce O2 sat as O2 Stat
  12. by   mamabear
    I've heard alert & orientated to all 4 spheres: time, place, person, and situation
    In Indiana, we say "peek" and "troff"
  13. by   LilgirlRN