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my friend says she has always wore them and was hired. what do you think?:nurse:... Read More

  1. by   Pneumothorax
    Quote from dawngloves
    No, you should go in full blown white dress, white shoes and cap. Like in Nurse Betty.
    or nurse ratchet :trout:
  2. by   atropine
    My own personal opinion would be to come in nice clothing. Scrubs to an interview? I would feel pretty embarrassed doing that.
  3. by   NewWestNurse
    I'd say no, and that's only because if I didn't make opportunities for my clothes, they'd never come outta the closet! Us nurses just don't get to dress up enough. My office working friends curse business casual - I think of it as a treat!
  4. by   LadyQT
    I have 2 interviews that request I wear scrubs. Should I wear colored or print? One is in the NICU the other PICU. Any other advice would be helpful.
  5. by   aloevera
    what ???? I never heard of wearing uniforms to an interview....only if you were interviewing during a work day, I guess....this is a new one on me.....
  6. by   natrgrrl
    I just took out a loan so I could buy an interview outfit and nice shoes. If I wasted that money when I could have worn scrubs, I will feel very stupid!
  7. by   NexLvlDad
    Conventional wisdom says wear a suit.
  8. by   jessi1106
    This is an old thread but.....

    I wouldn't consider wearing anything but a suit.

    We are professionals.
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  9. by   suanna
    I think if they were desperate enough for nursing staff you could interview naked and get hired but as a rule scrubs, jeans, shorts, joggers,or tee shirts are all a no-no. As educated health care professionals it would seem that we would know for a job interview the very least you an get away with is business casual.
  10. by   Zee_RN
    As a former nurse recruiter and as a current Nurse Manager, I can tell you I'd much rather have a candidate interview in clean, neat scrubs than some of the "regular clothes" they come in wearing. They may think they are "dressed up" but that low cut or too tight top is not impressing me. Too much jewelry, gum in the mouth, nonpressed slacks....please, wear scrubs if you don't know how to dress "professionally."

    Since I'm mostly going to see my employees IN scrubs, I have no problem interviewing a candidate wearing them. If you have a nice professional outfit, I'd be delighted to have a candidate appear in it. I'm not throwing stones, but a lot of candidates just don't have that good "interview" outfit. Maybe they can't afford it or maybe they just don't know what's professional or not...if that's the case, neat scrubs please!

    In my humble opinion, of course.
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