international nurses day...i dont believe what happened..........

  1. Yes as u all know yesterday was international nurses day.We had a very small cake! off our hospital. The DOCTORS had A FREE LUNCH!!!! It looked lovely. Hey its us nurses who should have had that surely! well you can see who is more recognised and its not us nurses
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  3. by   Stitchie
    That doesn't make any sense at all. Sorry you're disappointed; that is a slap in the face.
  4. by   mattsmom81
    We don't even have Nurses' Day is now "Healthcare Worker's Day". And of course the DOCTOR is the most valued healthcare worker...they bring $$$ into the hospital. Aggravating to see this but it is true.
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    boy i guess the message is reallllly clear huh.
  6. by   fergus51
    Ouch. At least we got some cookies on our unit.
  7. by   jnette
    That just plain sux.

    Shame on them. :stone
  8. by   Agnus
    Here is an idea. Give us the address of your hospital Administrator ( or email address) and we (nurses from around the world) can write letters expressing our outrage.

    You can safely do this without identifying your self. Enough letters or emails should get the message across without back fire on you.

    The letter writer need not say where they heard about this.
  9. by   Torachan
    Agnus has a great idea. If Nurses from all over the world write to them saying how they have heard how little they think of us and that we have no intention of working for them I bet they would listen. And I bet that next year nurses would be invited
  10. by   LydiaGreen
    Wow - that's terrible. Don't expect it did that much for morale either. Doesn't administration know that a little appreciation goes a long way? Here in Canada we do not have nurses' day, we have nurses' WEEK. Tonight is the end of the week and there is a HUGE nursing gala! That's right - NURSING. Not only are all of the nurses being appreciated and adored for their hard work and professionalism, but ALL of the student nurses were begged to attend as well. They have made us a part of the team and wanted to be sure that we were included in the festivities as well. There are multiple speakers of course but also a comedienne who happens to be a nurse. I would expect that it will be hillarious, but alas, I am not going. Tonight also happens to be my 10th Wedding Anniversary. On our 5th my husband asked me to go to Las Vegas on our 10th and renew our wedding vows (cause he's so perfect) but with graduation from nursing school TOMORROW, we could not go to Las Vegas. My hubby is not disappointed or saddened, he said that graduating from nursing school is once in a lifetime and he wants to attend my grad every bit as much as I do. But, I will spend my anniversary evening with him - because he DESERVES my undivided attention after putting up with 3 years of me in nursing school. LOL
  11. by   missmercy
    Our nurse managers got together and planned open house type paries for each shift -- we took over the fancy board room, made cakes, bought some 6foot subs, chips, etc. and invited nurses to come down and get a free lunch(breakfast at 7-830 A) from 12 - 2p, and 10p-12. They had door prizes that were donated throout the year from patients, local businesses and drug reps. It was not a "hospital funded" party -- but our nurses know that at least their managers appreciate what they are doing and how hard they are working!!!

    I am soo sorry that others were not honored! Keep in mind, God sees your service and many people do as well! What we do is a nobel and professional calling! Even if others fail to express appreciation (or even aknowledge our worth) we are a fabulous bunch of fols who have chosen to do pretty incredible thing for others and we can be PROUD as the dickens about it!!
  12. by   talkall
    Don't worry, we didn't get anything. Each department had to do a stand to display in the main concourse for the public to look at. But we got nothing from the management or the hospital or even the doctors. We did manage to bribe one of the doctors last year to buy a chocolates for nurse's day last year. Oh I forgot, we did have a banner on the front of the hospital saying that the trust celebrated international nuraea day. We didn't even get an e-mail from the chief executive. So think yourself lucky, you got cake.
    Guess that proves UK management don't really give a stuff about their nurses. :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire
  13. by   leslie :-D
    this really burns me to no about another g.d. slap in the face. :angryfire i remember one year the housekeeping dept. put up such a stink about nurse's day that they too, made it into a healthcare celebration, very ambiguous. well, we (nurses and nsg. assistants) all chipped in money and had a big celebration...kind of bittersweet since once and again, nursing gets the zero recognition....sigh.........looonnggg sighhhhhhhhh.
  14. by   smk1
    my goodness that is rude! When i worked as a school health assistant I was constantly getting candy and tickets or invites to company barbques etc.. we had an awesome department (obviously run by nurses), anyway since the school nurse wasn't always in the building the kids and teachers would give me stuff for appreciation days. I would always pass along some of the goodies to her because she deserved them too and after all, she was the actual "nurse". When are companies going to realize that a little appreciation goes a long way. I will go the extra 2 miles for a person if they are appreciative and show me that they understand. However if i have to put up with bull crap, you'd better believe i am not going to be so accomodating.