Instead of finishing out my 2 weeks, I just quit!

  1. I have been interviewing at various places for over 5 years. My previous job was very toxic. It continued to get worse. I interviewed for a job(the 3rd time I interviewed for this specific position since November) at a local State Prison on August 5th. They called me last Monday the 12th with a contingent job offer. Contingent on my passing a 2 step PPD test, of which I already passed the 1st step and them contacting my personal references. They contacted at least 1 that I know of and she told me she gave them a glowing reference. The prison wants me to start on September 1st so that I can be sent to the 3 week training academy on Sept 15th. I accepted because I didn't want them to rescind the offer if I told them I wasn't able to start right away. THAT's how bad I wanted out of my current(now former) job.

    So, when I asked my boss about staying on per diem(PRN) she tells me that whether I resign or change status, I'll lose any remaining unused vacation time/personal time and will not be eligible for rehire. Really!! Well, I guess that's what our HR policy states. I had planned on working out my 2 weeks notice, which was more like almost 3 weeks. She wasn't willing to work with me and make the date of my change in status to PRN effective Sept 15th either so I wouldn't lose over 70 hours of vacation time.

    Given the fact that regardless of whether I quit or stay PRN, and start the new job on 9/1, I'm STILL going to lose a little over $2000 in unused vacation time. It's NOT PTO time where I worked. AND will be listed as DO NOT HIRE for giving insufficient notice. I decided I'd just quit. That way, they couldn't try to sabotage me in my final two weeks there. They did something to another RN coworker in my dept that was really some "dirty pool" and well, I didn't want to give them ANY chance to do that to me! It's kind of what happened at the last job too. Told my nurse manager I wanted to have HR look over my performance eval because I didn't agree with it. Knowing she'd be found wrong, she looked for and found a way to get me fired before I got a chance to go to HR. Well....NOT THIS TIME!!!

    So, I cleared out my locker and mailbox, wrote my boss a note saying I quit effective immediately as I didn't think it would be in my best interest to work out the remaining two weeks given the fact that I'll be listed as Do Not Hire. Turned in my name badge and parking tag. Said goodbye to my favorite IM resident, punched out and left so as of Friday at 7:19am I am no longer employed there! Don't feel sad about it at all! I'll miss a few of my coworkers and I left my regular night shift coworker a note in her mailbox.

    Looking forward to starting a new job at a new place. Fresh start in a new environment with MUCH better benefits!!
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Check state labor laws some states mandate earned PTO/vacation must be paid out at separation.
  4. by   not.done.yet
    Not sure they can legally withhold your PTO unless you owe them recompense for tuition reimbursement or something like that. But yeah, if they are going to make leaving that bad and won't give you a good reference anyway simply because you had the gall to move on, there is no reason to stay for your notice. Good luck in your new job.
  5. by   icuRNmaggie
    File a wage claim with the state department of labor if you dont receive the $ with your last check
  6. by   akulahawkRN
    It is possible that unused vacation time is still owed to you, regardless of what the company policy says. If it is used to pay you while you're on vacation, chances are it's legally considered "pay" and is owed to you. I highly suggest you check on that...
  7. by
    Do not let them bully you. Call the labor board, I know several nurses who had to do that and they got their vacation pay.
  8. by   HouTx
    I have never heard of any organization not paying out any earned vacation time. Sick time is another kettle of fish, because it is only "accrued",so it only exists as a virtual concept, not actually booked on the balance sheet.

    I'm glad you have found such a nice new beginning.