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ocean.baby has 25 years experience and specializes in corrections and LTC.

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  1. ocean.baby

    New job and asking for time off

    As a health administrator, I have interviewed and hired a lot of staff. I always appreciated when the person being interviewed brought up planned time off during the interview. I like that up front honesty, and never one time held that against them. They always got this time off - people have lives and plans and some of those plans are very important and cannot be rescheduled. If they waited and told me when the offer was extended? It didn't sit as well with me. I felt they were putting me in a bind, that it was an ultimatum. Either I get this time off or I won't come on board. If they waited until orientation, or after orientation? They may not get it, depending on the time of the year and other staff that have already requested and been granted that time. If you plan on flying to another state for Christmas, or your dad's retirement party, or your 10th class reunion which is held over the 4th of July, you knew that at the interview. If you wait until or after orientation, I feel like you are telling me 'either I get this time off or I will quit'. Bye - I am not playing games with you.
  2. ocean.baby

    Management-initiated fraud?

    I worked with a new nurse for four hours - first time I had worked with her, who had not charted that the blood sugars were done before dinner. I asked her if she had done them, and if not I would be happy to help her get them. She said that she got them. She then charted five blood sugars without having any kind of note to look at. Nothing written on a paper towel, tongue depressor, alcohol wipe packet, her hand, nothing. I could see the wheels turning as she made the numbers up. I then got the glucometer and checked the numbers. Not only had she not checked blood sugars at that time, she hadn't prior to lunch, she hadn't prior to dinner the day before, nor prior to lunch the day before. The numbers on the glucometer matched the blood sugars that the nurse working the opposite shift had documented for two days, he worked nights so had the bedtime and early AM blood sugars to do. However, those were the only blood sugars recorded on the glucometer. I notified my supervisor and was told to write a report (which I did). When the supervisors talked to the nurse, she said that she couldn't get our glucometer to work and borrowed one from next unit. Funny thing? Their glucometer was really not working so they borrowed ours in the rare instances that they needed to do blood sugars (they only had one weekly blood sugar to check)! This new nurse was turned into the Board of Nursing and rec'd disciplinary action. Wouldn't it have been much easier to just take the blood sugars?
  3. ocean.baby

    Why do RNs choose to work in nursing homes?

    I absolutely love long-term care, that is where my passion is. There is not a day that goes by that I don't laugh. There is not a day that goes by that I don't feel loved and appreciated. Even on the worst days, there are always bright lights. Unfortunately, due to health issues I can no longer physically handle the demands of having that many patients. I now work with the developmentally disabled where I can have flexible hours. I love the patients and the nurse/patient ratio is very reasonable and I am not on my feet all day.
  4. My favorite schedule was when I worked two 12 hr shifts and two 8 hour shifts per week. That gave me three days off and I enjoyed the two 8 hour shifts as I had time to do other things. I wonder how many nurses that insist on 12 hour shifts actually use some of their 'days off' to pick up extra shifts or to work a second job. Where I live that is very common, so who is getting 4 days off? I realize that is their choice, but it still has a negative effect on their patients. I detest split days off, I would rather have Tues and Wed off than split days. However, I know that doesn't work for many who have spouses/sig others who have weekends off, or the many nurses who have children. That, to me, is the worst part of five 8 hr shifts - the split days off. Some nurses do great working 12 hr shifts, others not so much. A blend of hours seems to be the best option.
  5. ocean.baby

    Fired for saying i might file safe harbor

    How many patients were the 3 nurses and 2 CNAs caring for? Not that this has any bearing on safe harbor, it is just my curiosity.
  6. ocean.baby

    Chemistry Class

    I took a few classes during the summer and at night. Most of those instructors are picking up extra money. They seem to understand that many of the students taking the evening/summer classes are taking chemistry as a required class, not as a career. They teach you what you need to know, but do not teach you as if you are trying to be a chemist.
  7. ocean.baby

    What should I do?

    Every job has good and bad. You are getting great experience giving total care on a med/surg unit. No matter what hospital you transfer to, there will be things that stress you out and make you think you will lose your license. I would hang in there, not pick up extra shifts, and work on getting a Master's Degree. I like the advice where a poster recommended that you speak with your education department to see what they look for in an applicant. Unfortunately, I also agree that two years of med/surg experience does not give you enough experience to be an educator. Good luck!
  8. ocean.baby

    Failed drug screen before ever utilizing license

    When you started nursing school you knew that you could not use drugs as a nurse. You should not have been using them as a nursing student. You had plenty of time for your last hoorah prior to graduating and applying for jobs. Yes this is judgmental. We have all had to make some hard decisions and be responsible. You made a poor choice and have to pay the consequences. However, you have the rest of your life to live. What is the saying? A mistake is a bruise, not a tattoo.
  9. ocean.baby

    Discussing salary with co workers

    I believe that salaries should be fair and transparent. That being said, I have never worked in a facility where that was true. As an administrator, one of the first things that I do is a salary scale based on several things. It is as fair as I can make it. If you have a better story about why you should start out at a dollar more an hour than someone with the exact same experience, you are out of luck. The salary scale criteria is what that salary is based on. Not our need, not because you are my friend, not because you are a better salesman for yourself. I was appalled at the discrepancy in pay at the last facility where I was a temporary administrator. After finding out what other local salaries were, we created the scale. Some nurses were already making what they should be making based on this scale. Some nurses got $2-$3 an hour raises. One nurse got a $9/hr raise. How pathetic that the previous administration let her work the exact same job as other nurses for so much lower pay. One nurse, who did not get any raise as she made exactly what the new salary scale said she should make, was very gracious. She appreciated that she had actually been paid what she was worth for all of the years that she worked there.
  10. ocean.baby

    Nurse bringing child to work

    I can't imagine that Human Resources is aware of it, or Risk Management. As much as I feel for the parent, and the child, it is a liability for the hospital. I would have to say something to at least the unit manager. I wouldn't be doing this to get the nurse in trouble, but as a former administrator I would certainly have appreciated the heads' up. I am surprised the charge nurse, or house supervisor has not said something.
  11. ocean.baby

    Spouse of nurse

    This is a tough one, isn't it? I don't think that your spouse should have to return to school at this point in life. I also don't think that it should be a my income/your income situation as that is just going to make things worse. Is he happy in his job? Does he have profit sharing, a 401K? I would much rather be with someone who is happy in their job and makes less than someone who makes more money but hates their job and of course that carries over into their personal life. What expenses can you cut? Can you have a cheaper cell phone plan, a cheaper cable bill? I run my errands on my way home from work so that I don't have to go as much on my days off and thus save money spent on gas. I do not mean this critically at all - maybe you should go to counseling and talk to a professional, someone who does not know either of you and is not biased. That will help you realize if there are other things going on that you are unhappy with. Money may be the easy thing to blame it on. I wish both of you the best of luck and happiness in the future!
  12. ocean.baby

    Disheartened by friends' reaction about Residency

    Non-medical people will never understand what it is like to be a medical professional. My sister had flex hours, could work four 10's or five 8's, could leave for appointments or to watch her kids school program or sports event. We will never be able to do those things on a routine basis. I bet your CA friends and family will be more understanding when they get to see you more frequently than they believe they will. With working three 12-hr shifts per week, you can actually take 8 days off in a row to go visit them. They also might find out how much they like visiting you!
  13. ocean.baby

    Do you think I can get my job back?

    How far in advance of your shift starting did you call in? Some facilities consider a last minute call in a no-call no-show which is grounds for immediate termination. Unlike the others who have replied to your post, I can see where you would have been terminated. You have already had confrontations with this nurse, you repeatedly say she used to be 'just' a nurse and is 'only' an interim nurse. You also state that you would like it if she was demoted. You show a bad attitude and I believe this has come across in your dealings with this nurse, whether she was a staff nurse or the interim DON. She may not be the only one who wanted to be rid of you and took this as the opportunity to send you out the door.
  14. I started nursing back when it was 8 hour shifts, within the first few years we went to a mix of 8's and 12's. Now you can't hardly find a job where it is 8 hour shifts other than an office job (even they are not 8's). What I see is not that nurses are enjoying their days off, but that they are picking up extra shifts or a second job since they have '4 days off'. I see more burnout, more mistakes, less compassion. It isn't only the extra days that nurses are working, but the higher acuity and in some areas, the shortage of nurses and CNAs. I know that not everyone believes in the nursing shortage, and I can only speak for the region that I live in. Wyoming and surrounding rural states have a huge lack of nursing and CNA staff. Honestly, the jobs are killing us.
  15. ocean.baby

    ADON position with Centurion?

    I have worked corrections for 25 years, not for Centurion but for several companies and I find them all to be similar. My guess is that this job would be hiring/corrective action/terminating employees; reviewing MARs to make sure that patients received their medication in a timely manner after coming into the jail and at all times afterwards (not running out of meds, not seeing provider to renew in time, etc.). Reviewing intake logs and comparing them with the chart to make re that the patient had their initial evaluation within the required time frame, that they saw the MH staff and practitioner within the required time frame. Also reviewing orders to make sure they were carried out. I believe it would be more like a CQI position. I was a Health Administrator, and always had to do the above tasks when managing the MH dept. You need to know the contract between Centurion and all 4 prisons to make sure that you are meeting the contract requirements. You need to know if they are accredited by NCCHC or ACA and make sure that you are meeting those requirements. Even if they are not accredited, they are great guidelines to follow to keep you out of trouble. I hope this helps - good luck to you!
  16. ocean.baby

    Why don't we talk much about these scenarios?

    I felt far safer in corrections than in any hospital, nursing home, or psych hospital. The higher the security level of corrections, the safer you are.

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