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ocean.baby has 25 years experience and specializes in corrections and LTC.

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  1. New Grad in CA with an ADN

    Every unit has its ups and downs. You will learn time management skills that will benefit you in any job you do in the future. You will learn basics and have them out of the way and that will be a benefit to you when you move to a different unit. ...
  2. Will start working...exciting but nervous..Help!!

    Each person has their own preference for shifts. I do not like days as they are more hectic and I hate the telephones. However, when I was younger I did not mind days. I am not a morning person so prefer evenings/nights. The bad thing about night...
  3. I work in a facility that has several group homes that house the developmentally disabled. We have two participants who have been prescribed Boost for a nutritional supplement due to difficulty maintaining their weight. Medicaid used to pay for thi...
  4. How can I make Rocephin I'm hurt less???

    Rocephin I'm just flat out hurts, it hurts the patient and it hurts the heart of the nurse giving the injection.
  5. CNA's always on their cell phones

    OMG I hate cell phones and am glad they weren't around when I was young or I may be one of the people being complained about. Where I live all facilities are so short that they would not terminate anyone over anything but abuse/neglect, and that is ...
  6. DON on cart

    Unfortunately it is not working the cart occasionally. The less you complain about it the easier it is to say, 'oh the DON will do it' instead of truly trying to find coverage. A DON has far too much to do to also work the cart, even in an emergenc...
  7. Trying to understand Director of Nursing turn over rate

    I have been a DON and an administrator. There is not enough money in the world to be a DON again. That is a position that nobody appreciates, who gets all the dirty work that nobody else wants to do and way too much of it. All you hear all day lon...
  8. Corrections NP: questions

    I am answering as a prior prison health administrator. You would have a period of orientation with a correctional provider, your orientation may be longer due to not having worked as an NP. You have a patient list to see each day plus respond to em...
  9. Corrections Nurse for a New Grad

    Corrections is a great field to work. You can advance in so many areas and the opportunities are great, especially if you can travel or move with the company. If you work for the state, there are always open positions that involve a raise. As a st...
  10. Ethical dilemmas of correctional nursing

    You have been watching too many prison movies. I have worked in corrections 25 years, and have never seen physical abuse from staff towards the inmates. I am not saying it hasn't happened, but I have not seen it. Verbal abuse - yes, but rarely, and...
  11. Ageism in Corrections?

    I have worked with many petite nurses in corrections that were great. It is dependent upon your attitude, setting and maintaining boundaries, and professionalism. Do NOT discuss your personal life under any circumstances. It is not their business...
  12. Where do patients go?

    They go to the rehab unit at nursing homes, or to the rehab hospital, neither which is a good choice in the area where I live. Having worked at the nursing homes, I can tell you that the nurse has 20-25 patients regardless of the care that they need....
  13. A friend bought her degree from the Philippines.

    It's a requirement for the RN programs; however, not all nursing schools require it prior to admission. No. It is not required for all ADN programs. They are still RNs.
  14. New job and asking for time off

    As a health administrator, I have interviewed and hired a lot of staff. I always appreciated when the person being interviewed brought up planned time off during the interview. I like that up front honesty, and never one time held that against them...
  15. Management-initiated fraud?

    I worked with a new nurse for four hours - first time I had worked with her, who had not charted that the blood sugars were done before dinner. I asked her if she had done them, and if not I would be happy to help her get them. She said that she go...