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I work in a facility that has several group homes that house the developmentally disabled. We have two participants who have been prescribed Boost for a nutritional supplement due to difficulty maintaining their weight. Medicaid used to pay for this but no longer does. One of our participants is not able to afford it on her own. Do any of you have this issue? Who provides nutritional drinks at your facilities/homes? Thank you.


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Can you whip up something using a blender in the unit's kitchen? Like milk, a scoop of ice cream, fruit and some supplement powder (like they sell in stores or mail/TV or gyms)? Your facility could provide you with the ingredients. Alternative, some places used to send house-blended supplements on trays.

Many facilities used to make their own rather than bear the cost of brand-name supplements.


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Boost is way expensive. I buy the Target and grocery store equivalent for a little over half the price.


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I do prefer Boost to Ensure, but I used to buy it ONLY with a coupon when it was on sale.

I used to whip up my own when I was more physical. Milk, some yogurt, frozen fruit (maybe cocoa) amd protein powder. Homemade was better!

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