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I'm supposed to be graduating LPN school at the end of Sept. Well that was until today......I was terminated because I failed the Foley check-off. My glove touched the sheet. I didn't pass back in... Read More

  1. by   NICURNtobe
    I forgot to mention that there are only 3 instructors and they're all related. So it's useless to try to get any reference letters from them.
  2. by   semstr
    3 insturctors and all are related? Well how can they be objective?
    Isn't that an argument ? Don't know what you can really do though, since the education where I live is so different.
    It would be impossible to get something signed off, after only 1 showing!
    I do hope you get another change, and when not come over here we need nurses badly!!

    Take care, Renee
    i too think that this is unusual to say the least!!! unfortunately, it sounds like you wouldn't get heard by the administrators at your school & you'll probably have to start somewhere else...being nursing schools don't take other nursing school's credits for the most part...some do...but that's rare because they want the student's to pay for their entire program. i really feel for you!!!

    don't give-up the fight!!!
  4. by   NannaNurse
    I've never EVER heard of anything so utterly sad in my life. What school are/were you going to??
    You are there to learn....They are there to teach....what is the problem with understanding that??

    Hey...give all of us the address/name..and we'll write letters sharing our support of you. We are all nurses, have 'screwed up' a time or two.....HELLO??? This is the real world here, we are human, not Superwomen.....well, perhaps we ARE Superwomen, right??!! Anyway Sweetie, you dry your tears, square your wonderful shoulders, put a big ole' smile on your pretty face and head on to RN/ADN school.....
    I really think that those '"teachers"':chuckle at LPN school have a bit of a 'self-image' problem.....I see nothing wrong with yours! You WILL arise above this! You WILL set your feet firmly back on the ground! You WILL go on to much better things and behold............ You WILL obtain your dream.....NICURN..WILL Be!!
    Bless you :angel2:
  5. by   PhantomRN
    And people wonder why there is a nursing shortage. That is such crap to throw someone out for touching the sheet.

    And hey guess what I dont care if you realized it or not that you touched the sheet that is not even that important (yes, I know about infection etc) ......The DON should have been an INSTRUCTOR and told you that you touched it and asked you for YOUR next course of action. She missed an opportunity to teach you a valuable lesson....remember critical thinking.

    Putting the foley is not all about just putting the cath in it is also about being able to critically think and work threw problems that may occur. Examples: pressure form the instructor, the patient in the bed and what about some peoples weird anatomy...that can give you stress.

    By not saying to you, do you realize you just touched the sheet was a valuable opportunity she missed. Very poor instructor indeed.
  6. by   nursing 101
    Now that you moved from NYC which State do you live in? Where are you attending those classes? 3 instructors related???!!!
  7. by   NICURNtobe
    I'm in TN - That's all I'll say...
  8. by   zumalong
    What a load of Cra*. I have been a nursing instructor for LPN's in NYS for over 7 years. I usually can't get the dangerous students dismissed--let alone for something so petty.

    Here's my advice. How were your grades? Get a copy of your transcripts from the school ASAP. (if it is run by one family who knows what they could do. Also do you have copies of your clinical evaluations??? ***NOTE to all students--I would ask for a copy everytime you are evaluated. Not that there is some big conspiracy but it is good for you to use to refer back to for each semester and focus on what your areas of strength and areas for growth are. (I hate the word weakness--we are all going to be strong in some areas and not so strong in others.) This also helps you focus on what areas of clinical you really enjoyed.

    Then I would not pass go or collect 200$ (or I am sure much more than that for the tuition). I would find another school. It sounds like there is no objectivity at this school. You could try contacting your states nursing boards--but if you don't have any documentation that you were doing fine until this mistake (and that is all it was from what you wrote) then you won't have a leg to stand on. I don't recommend going this far unless they begin to slander you when you apply to other schools of nursing. I agree with the thread for the ADN program. I doubt that there will be another LPN school near you. If there is look at the board pass rate before you even apply.

    When you go for the interview for another program--tell them the truth. Show them your transcripts and clinical evals. It sounds like this might be a blessing in disguise from what you have written. Would you really want to kiss a** the rest of the year. How do you know that they would not pull something like this near the end of graduation. Good luck. Feel free to email me if you want to talk further.

  9. by   Teshiee
    That is exactly what I mean unrealistic expectations. I have been a LVN for 4 years and I am far from perfect. I think that was very harsh and I wouldn't be suprised if that certain instructor may have had it in for you. I knew a girl who was 1 1/2 point a way she failed by 1/2 a point. That is why when I decided to be a RN I simply went to a school that had my best interest at heart. That nit picking do or die attitude I can't stand you can't possibly learn that way. All those damn instructors weren't born with RN tatooted on their rear so why in the world they would expect. I would see if there is a loop hole I don't think you were being treated fairly. I don't think they met your objective in learning what you should have learned. I am so sorry for this to happen to you. I know how you feel. Please don't give up.
  10. by   KP RN
    Boy, am I fuming after reading your posts, NICU. These instructors sound like typical closet bullies to me!!
    Do you have any family members or friends in the LEGAL profession who would be willing to create a letter to this school and put them on notice?????
    Geez, you paid good money for an EDUCATION. They're supposed to be teaching you!!
    Next, you should explore other nursing programs....