Im not sure if I want to keep going to nursing school...

  1. hello. Im curently in my second semester of nursing school (2 year program). The work load is so overwhelming and scatterd Im not sure what's due and there is a test in a week and a half for like 10 chapters..anyway I have been feeling like I really can't continue with the program. I get so stressed out and gained 30 pounds, my heart starts racing and I'm having troble sleeping at night...Is this what being a nurse is really about? Is it really different when you hit the field? I am thinking of dropping out of the program completly to pursue a career in massage therapy. The pay is probably lower, however, for health and happiness sake, does this seem like a good thing to do?? I guess I just need advice lol..thanks
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  3. by   GingerSue
    sorry that you're feeling so stressed

    yes, it can be a lot of studying
    when your head races, can you slow it down (like don't study right up until bedtime, instead stop and do something relaxing)

    say slowing words to yourself (even the word "slow" can work) and do slow deep breathing

    remind yourself of what you have done towards your tasks, and allow yourself to finish for the night

    make a schedule for your studying to complete these chapters and assignments

    if you're not sure what is due - then check the course outline, make a list with dates that they are due

    Massage therapy is also a good idea, there are a lot of them in my area {it seems to be popular around here}. Maybe leave that decision until after the exam.

    good luck with your studying and decisions
  4. by   Princess74
    Sounds like you need to get organized. Buy a planner so that you know whats going on from day to day.
    Massage therapy in my area pays next to nothing. The pay scale here is very low for everything though. Good luck to you.
  5. by   BWSPN
    I agree you need to find some organization. Your in the program which means you have already put alot of effort into this. Would you rather look back and see you gave it your best effort, or look back and wish you hadn't gave up? Are you giving yourself some "free time"? From a fellow nursing student I know how silly that sounds but you have to have something that isn't stressful. Talk to a counsler or instructor for some tips and your concerns. Good luck!
  6. by   RN BSN 2009
    2 years of suffering equals out to many years of good pay, so you can weigh the benefits
  7. by   bopps
    No, No Don't give up. It is worth it, and real nursing isn't nursing school! Buy a planner. Go to bed early. Take a long warm shower. Browse the chapters highlight key points. Sleep. You will get through this. I have wanted to quit multiple times, but I kept pushing through and now I am in the last semester.
  8. by   marilynmom
    Yes the workload can be overwhelming.

    First semester to me was pretty easy with physical assessment, Med/Surg 1, Concepts and Psych. This second semester is about to kill me--the workload has basically doubled. I HAVE to stay right on top of everything and be super organized with it all. Just for OB I had to read 18 chapters in 2 weeks along with Med/Surg 2, and Pharm. There is just a lot to digest. So much to learn in so little time.

    You have to find a way to keep everything organized. You also need to set aside time each day to do something for you and to DEstress...I recommend working out. I make myself go to the gym for 30-60 mins to walk on the treadmill and listen to music no matter how much studying I do. It helps sooo much with my stress level and weight control. I refuse to stay up all night studying. I like my sleep and it likes me I also take time for my family and just to do things like watching tv (love my tv) and reading a good book.

    I agree with the poster about making a schedual for your readings and assignments.

    You have worked hard to get to where you are, I would hate to see you quit! You CAN do this. Look at all the nurses who have gone before you and who are doing it now. Just take it one day at a time.
  9. by   Jules A
    Go with your gut. You know yourself. If you are sure that this truly isn't your cup of tea being two semesters into a two year program is not that far along if you are miserable already. I think the other posters gave you good advice about really weighing the pros and cons, getting organized etc. but in the end you know what is right for you. Best of luck with whatever you decide. Jules
  10. by   Tweety
    Only you know what is right for you. Don't do anything rash.

    I would first look at some stress reducing techniques because with the symptoms you describe you're under extreme anxiety and might not be coping appropriately. Stress and anxiety are definately going to happen, but it sounds like you're near burnout....been there and done that myself.

    Why not get yourself a massage, relax and think things over. Asking for professional help from your doctor or a school counseler might not be a bad idea.
  11. by   Sheri257
    I thought about quitting about a hundred times. I went through a major depression every semester. But, I had invested too much at that point to quit.

    Of course, now I'm glad I didn't quit. I'm not sure if this is the case in other areas of the country but the job opportunities in the last year have really gotten good in my area. And the pay is a lot better than when I first started school so, in the end, it was worth it.

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  12. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    I agree with all of the above suggestions.

    Rather than dropping out of the program, can you see if maybe you could reduce your courseload or drop down to part-time? It might help relieve some of the stress. Ya, it'll take you a little longer to complete the program, but it will save your sanity.
  13. by   lauralassie
    I agree with Taz. Only you can make that decision. Sounds like you need to take a deep breath, go to a message therapist. Get organized and go from there.
  14. by   downesRN
    While it is true that only you can know what is the right path for you, I would caution against making a speedy exit. You did well in the past, and you can learn to do well this semester.

    I would speak to people in your department. It is still very early, and you should make them aware of the fact that you a struggling a bit, and that you would like their input on ways to help you feel more in control of your situation. Don't give in to whining, but instead, approach them with a professional, and proactive view.

    My goals, if I were you, would be to look through all syllabi, write down everything that is due in a planner. Determine/estimate how much time is necessary each day to complete those tasks, and allocate your time accordingly.

    Set aside time to workout. Working out clears your mind, gets your blood flowing and helps you to learn and retain. It will also help you shed those 30 pounds. Put your physical health first-it should be a priority, especially when you are lifting and moving patients.

    Use visualization techniques. It is a long uphill battle towards nursing-or any other respectable profession. Imagine, you have pushed a boulder partway up that hill. If you step aside now, all the work you have done, will be lost. Keep pushing, there is an end in sight.

    Again, the key is to make a plan,speak to the appropriate people so that they are aware of your situation early, and are willing to help along the way, and keeping yourself health.