im new. im a senior in high school looking for a place in the field of nursing

  1. hello. im a high school student and, i just wanna know what i am getting myself into. I have some experience as a CNA, but i want to know what nursing is really like.
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    hello and welcome to the wonderful family of enjoy your stay, and best of luck to you.
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    Quote from futuredominicannurse
    hello. im a high school student and, i just wanna know what i am getting myself into. I have some experience as a CNA, but i want to know what nursing is really like.

    Nursing can be a great field to work in. Everyday you get a chance to make a difference in someones life. What I love the most about nursing as a profession is the possibilities. If you find yourself working in a position and it isn't working out for you, can always switch somewhere else. Ex: working in med/surg is stressing you out and you feel you can't work there, can switch over to another dpt such as Oncology or wherever without any additional schooling.
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    Hi. Just take a look around this website, you'll get a wide variety of opinions about nurses. Note that a lot of us come here to vent, so it may seem nursing is a bit more negative that it actually is, it's just because we have a place to bring our concerns and talk about them.

    Good luck to you.
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    Congrats to you for being so "together" coming out of highschool...I didn't have a clue what I wanted to do until my third yr in college and i go to a 2yr college, ugh!

    Nursing is fantastic!!! It is challenging, fast paced, ever changing and versatile. You work within a network of health care professionals to solve problems, critically think, and help others in need.

    Like mentioned above, there are soooooo many fields you can go into, as well as so many ways you can advance your degree. I new nothing about nursing either when I came into and had NO experience with hospitals- personal or work related.

    *You like working with children and babies- pediatrics is the way to go
    *Interested in research- there are many programs and places like LeBohneur and St Jude
    *don't want to go to med school but like the idea of being in more of a doc's role- NP
    *anesthesiology- CRNA
    *mental health- psych
    *teaching- get your master's in Nurse Education
    and many many many more

    You must have a LOVING, CARING disposition without bias
    You must love learning, the medical field is constantly changing
    You must enjoy being on the go because it is a fast pace, think on your feet kind of job
    And you have to get along with others, you work with a variety of diff professionals with diff oppinions

    Don't underestimate nursing school either....I am a straight A student and HS and college was never a challenge for me, but nursing school has been the most demanding, challenging program I have ever undertaken (and I went to Army boot camp and served for four years!hehe)

    Best of luck to you!
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    Thank you, (all of you that replied). It was great advice and it gave me a better picture of what i'm getting myself into.I was looking into surgery prep or becoming a CRNA. Any advice or comments? Thanks
  9. by   Antikigirl
    My best advice...really think, and think HARD about why you chose this field! All nurses have...I mean HAVE to have a good foundation and personal understanding on WHY they have chosen this particular field!

    It isn't glamorous by any means, it deals with the REALITY of humans...ALL OF IT! Sometimes that is a good and heart warming thing...but most times it isn't (well seemingly so till you learn to find that no matter how horrid things yourself can make a difference in others lives...and most times you must find the pleasure of that achievement for yourself! Not a lot of people are mature enough to find that for themselves..therefore Nursing is and always will be for those that find their own self worth in their deeds to help matter the outcome!).

    Most people tell me two things..."I am a people person" and "I want to help people". I can be a sales person at a fabric store and be a people person...or help people...a NURSE does so much more!!!! Make sure thoses aren't your only reasons!

    A nurse holds the hand of a dying patient and still finds compassion to calm a family member screaming at the top of their lungs that it is your fault! A nurse can look in a childs eyes when they are terminal and find the love to play a game without breaking down in tears! A nurse can hold her composure when she has a doc screaming orders at her...8 patients needing help to go to the bathroom...a pen in hand charting...and a code in room 506...and still find time to bring a warm blanket to a child visiting their ill mommy! And a nurse soothes the anger and denial of illness or even death knowing that it is part of the healing process of all people!

    It isn't just helping people, it isn't just giving shots..meds...bandages...taking orders...or hugging a sick is wiping the nasal cannula that is clogged with secretions for a hospice patient knowing that gross doesn't outweigh their comfort! It is getting bled on and not just dodging, but stopping it...knowing what fluid/electroyle probelms this may cause..what the underlying cause may be, and how to stop it! It is watching the joy of someone recovering or a birth and helped that happen. It is seeing someone pass in comfort because you took a few moments to care. It is going home...crying from what you didn't do, and finding strength in smiling for what you did do!!!!!!

    Nursing is all that..and much more.

    I would advise that you ask a hospital or facility if you can 'shadow' a nurse for a week and SEE for yourself what it is really all about (especially in your own area...getting to know your communities clients realistically is best for gaining personally satisfying goals after RN school!).

    Good luck to you...and always question keeps us appreciating the reasons FOR!