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On another board a group of people are discussing a case. It's about a 25 week premature baby needing a blood transfusion. The family refused the blood transfusion. The court's interceded and... Read More

  1. by   RyanRN
  2. by   GreytNurse
    Ryan......"greyt" web site...thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! I would think that will answer alot of questions......?????????Nawwww, we'll get some kind of response, I'm sure.

    Reene & Peeps...Thanks for the responses. I guess I feel about the same. I have 5 kids (all over 18) but regardless of what I believed, I would do all possible to save the life of my child! Reene, I share the same faith as you. I know that in order to express 'my' religious freedom, I must respect that of others, but for the life of me, I can't see how a parent, or someone who calls themselves parents, would allow a belief, regardless of how dedicated I was, to jeopardize the life of MY child!!!!?????
    My mother's side is Jewish. Some don't eat pork, etc....some do. My greatgrandmother had seperate dishes & sides of the sink for meat and dairy......."don't you ever cross the two.....". As much as I loved my 'Nannie', I don't share her beliefs. I'm still part of that nationality, not the faith. Does God love me any less??????NO. God created for our enjoyment. He loves us that much!
    I don't think......in-fact I KNOW, that God would not give us 'rules' to live by that would cause us to let a child, that He blessed us with, die.
    Like I said, it is a very touchy subject, some will agree, some will not. I'm just courious about the opinions of fellow nurses.
    Thanks again for your thoughts!!!!!!
  3. by   JW-HLC
    "JW: Now, I know this will probably start another lecture from you, but JW -- this is my PERSONAL belief, okay. Please don't take offense to it. I am NOT attacking you here, JW, just that which is taught by the JW religion, nor do I take offense to your PERSONAL belief, JW, when it comes to whether or not you personally would receive a blood transfusion."

    Hi Renee,
    I don't think I could take offence at you, you're not attacking me and I am certainly not going to lecture you. (Why is it that when a JW talks it's a "lecture" or "yelling" and "cramming" but when everyone else SHOUTS and swamps its just making a case?).

    Renee, I am very glad that you have a faith, it is refreshing to meet people who do, this world is so full of those who don't give God a thought. We're perhaps not so afar apart as you would like to think (scary? ) - JW's aren't any less imperfect than anyone else, we are all frail humans tainted with sin. Like you we believe that without the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ we would have no hope. However we believe that obedience to God comes before all else and we believe that has always been the case with those who love Him, even when it has cost them something. We also believe that being imperfect humans we make mistakes and our loving God will forgive us if we are sorry, (wasn't that exactly what the ransom sacrifice was for?). We don't believe He's the sort of God who tortures people in hellfire but one who promises an everlasting future in a new earthly paradise for all who want to serve Him His way. We look at things from the point of view of the promised "everlasting future" rather than the short term view of the "here and now" and that's what most people can't understand.
    We don't ask others to share our beliefs about blood if they don't want to and if any change their minds they are free to stop being a JW. Some have, and have published all sorts of views including lies - I guess the same applies to every religion, if you want to know what a believer believes, ask the believer not the ex-believer because he/she no longer believes.
    We are very grateful to medics who try to work with us and we do what we can to give a lot back to the medical profession. Conflict with the profession is thankfully extremely rare and many agree with our stand (e.g. the video of Doctors from around the world recommending bloodless treatment, video extract).

    Renee this is just a reply to your posting, I am not inviting further "doctrinal discussion" or "kick the JW" opportunities, if any wish me to defend my faith or discuss the scriptural basis for theirs they can do so via email or private postings, that way I guess others will not feel bothered (although I will happily "publicly" defend my faith on a dedicated forum if required).
  4. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Thanks for the website. Although I'm sure they would be considered excommunicated by the church "hardliners" it's nice to know they're not ALL like them.

    What an informative and responsible article.

  5. by   live4today
    Enjoyed everyone's response to my last post reply! [SEE POST # 116] {Don't you just love it now that the post are numbered. I sure do!} :>)

    Isn't it great to share and get along even with our differences of opinions and beliefs? This is what loving God AND having the love of God 'IN US' is all about, my friends!

    I hope that little preemie is doing okay. I sure wish we knew the outcome about the baby, though. Perhaps the person who shared with us about the baby will come forth with an update!

    Greater is HE that is IN me than 'he' that is in the world! My God is greater, so much greater!

    Sorry, didn't mean to get carried away. I've just been so full of glorifying God since 0600 hour this morning that's all! Anyhoo, everyone...have a great day! The sun's out here, and I'm about to walk myself and the little doggie. We both have some calories to burn.


    "I've learned that when your newly born grandchild (or child) holds your little finger in his/her tiny little fist that you're hooked for life." -- Andy Rooney
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  6. by   JW-HLC
    Calories? .... don't - my chicken & pickle sandwich is making me feel guilty!

    I've asked for info on the preemie but nothing yet.
  7. by   live4today
    Hi JW,

    I'm going to try and find the original post that the nurse started in reference to the baby. When I do, I will be sure to post an update from that post and how to find it on here.

    As for CALORIES? I know what you mean! My husband, our little miniature pinscher, and myself are working on the weight loss issue as well as changing the way we eat. I don't always behave in this area because I get those cravings every month for chocolate.

    I just came back from walking with our little doggie. He didn't want to walk today so I just lolligagged along with him. Sometimes he makes me so mad because he stops in the middle of the walk as if to say, "Um, can we go home now." He's such a funny little fellow, and we love him so much since he IS the baby of the household.

    Well, I'll get back to you all here if I find out something about the little preemie. Have a good evening!


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  8. by   Teshiee
    As callous as I may come across. I can't get caught on someone else's issues I explain the facts and the possible outcomes. If parents are willing to let their child die because of their beliefs they are the ones who have to live with their decision. What we may do as parents vs as to what our parents decide for their children is irrevelant. Just as long as we give the best care possible. I know there are things I don't agree with but the parents are the ones burden with outcome of their child.
  9. by   live4today
    I found out that the preemie we've been concerned about was just a hypothetical situation, not a real one. So, now we can stop wondering what happened to the preemie that never was.
  10. by   Taber
    It would be unethical to withhold potential life giving care....regardless of religious persuasions.