I'm afraid my hearts not in it anymore

  1. I have always wanted to become a nurse, and I still do. However, the issues surronding nursing are just enough to make me not want to waste my money...right now....
    It's not the vents I hear here, it's just the reality of the field, the things I don't know if I can deal with.
    Today I had a meeting with the head of the Speech and Language Pathology program at the local college...this is something I always wanted to do but it was never available to me until now. So here I am at a cross road and I'm taking the SLP road. I think for my personal tastes this would suit me best. It has been a hard few months, I've been faced with a big choice. I think I have researched this path well and I suddenly feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from me. I am excited to start the program but a little sad that I am giving up (well, not giving up, just moving on) from my dream. But, dreams are one thing and reality is another.
    This isn't to say that SLP is the perfect job and I may not like it, but in the next year and half I will have my BA, If I decide I don't want to go on to my MA then I can always do an accelerated BSN program. I'm young, 27 and I am blessed with a future husband that fully understands and supports this choice I've made. No one ever said I have to know now what I want to do for the rest of my life!
    So I thank you all for the support and love that you give, and for the honesty and reality that you can get no where else :chuckle
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  3. by   manna
    Good luck Iliel, I'm sure you'll be a raging success and caring practitioner no matter which path you choose!
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I wish you well, whatever you decide to do. Just concentrate on your upcoming wedding GORGEOUS DRESS, and honeymoon. Relaxation has a way of helping us put things into perspective. I wish you the best, I really do!
  5. by   Dave ARNP
    Either way you're going to ROCK at whatever you do.

    You're simply to wonderful NOT to!

  6. by   jnette
    The choices are yours to make... the whole world lies at your feet.

    Wish you the very best...
  7. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    All the best of luck, happiness and success to you in whichever path you choose.

    I worked closely with a speach pathologist at a rehab ctr where I worked years ago. She worked to help stroke pts who had lost their ability to speak and swallow recover.

    We shared information and techniques which served to improve our pts' lives and it was very rewarding.

    Speach pathology is a fascinating field. Congratulations to you.
  8. by   iliel
    thank you all! Hellllonurse...I first learned about SLP as a CNA on a floor with majority of stroke pts...it was so interesting to me.
  9. by   Tweety
    SLP is an important part of the health care team. Good luck in whatever you do. In whatever you do please continue to hang around here with us, you're one of us.
  10. by   kc ccurn
    Quote from iliel
    It has been a hard few months, I've been faced with a big choice. I think I have researched this path well and I suddenly feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from me.
    If you feel a peace about your decision then it probably is the right one. It sounds like you've done a lot of soul searching and thinking about it. Now that you've made your decision, enjoy fulfilling that dream and your upcoming wedding/marriage. Good luck!
  11. by   Sadie04
    Iliel, follow your heart. Good luck!
  12. by   Rapheal
    For what it's worth Iliel the SLP where I work says she loves her job. Good luck.
  13. by   dianah
    Do what's right for you, and do it with all your might. I wish you the very best.
  14. by   oramar
    Our speech therapist is a really great person and a really talented professional. She seems to love her job. She stays till she sees everyone of her referals everyday. Sometimes it makes for a very long day. I have often thought that if I was not a nurse that would be my next choice.