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Okay, ladies...I have some questions here... I'm an OB nurse. I deliver babies for a living. I have never personally given birth or ever been pregnant. So here's my question....in all honesty,... Read More

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    Originally posted by mattsmom81
    I mentioned this to her and she confided that many male docs actually think we LIKE the exams, but we women know different..... I thought that was quite telling....
    You gotta be kidding me....

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    LOL Shay!!! EXACTLY!!!
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    I must just be lucky; I have been going to the same OBGYN for the past few years and he is an absolute doll. I call him Dr. Zoloft, the Feel-Good doc because he puts me at total ease with his wit, sense of humor, and gentleness. Every female GYN I have ever encountered has been brutal. It was as if "Well I've been through this and I know this isn't that bad so suck it up pffffftt" as she man-handles me like a pork chop. Bleh. Give me a guy over that any time.
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    Done it both ways. Once without any pain medication and once with the epidural.
    my recommendation to anyone who is going to have a baby is, get the epidural!
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    I had totally different experiences with each of my 'successful' deliveries (say successful as they resulted in a live birth that survived, I had 7 other pregnancies that didn't but that's another thread).

    1980: WA State. Baby was 5 days early, 6-lbs. 13 oz, 18 inches. The doc who delivered my first child was a good 'ol GP who had been my doc since I was 4, he refused to deliver me unless I agreed to be drugged. I was a Lamaze graduate, though I didn't take it seriously. I had 6 hours of feeling restless in my abdomen, went to the hospital when I started feeling timeable contractions. Refused the enema had no choice on the shave, got an IV, the works. Dilated to 3 and stopped progressing, labor got really painful (baby rolled face up), fought the Lamaze, a very smart Nurse got anesthesiology to do my caudal (low epidural) made the pain stop, I was high as a kite and my labor progressed really quickly. All together I had 6 hours of feeling restless and 8 more hours to delivery.

    1983: So. FLA. Baby was 14 days early, 7 lbs. 14 oz. 19 inches. I wanted another caudal and was told "Mrs. XXX, that may be how they did it then and there but here and now we have our babies one of 2 ways, wide awake or sound asleep." (I opted for sleep but found out it wasn't one of my choices). After 10 weeks of near bedrest due to 2 cm dilation and intermittent contracting I had been told I was close enough to due date that it would be OK if the baby came. I spent the day at the zoo walking, baby was really active. Starving that night, ate massive amounts of french fries and vanilla icecream. Laying in bed at 2400 I decided I had to pee and the cat was scratching to come in, so I got up to go and let the cat in. I stood up and gushed. DH said what the h**l was that. I didn't have to go anymore and told him either I just peed myself of my water broke...went to the BR and peed...water had broken. Got to the hospital at 0230. Heplock only. Position of comfort was on my right side, got there and just sorta zoned. Hit transition and hurled (remember the FF and icecream?). OB got there. Body said push, I announced I wanted to push got told not to...off to delivery room we go, me saying I wanna push...getting told no don't". On the table...me: I wanna push...doc: OK, push...me: no it hurts. Went on long enough the doc got hypoglycemic, he's in the corner drinking OJ and I say OK, I'll push now. Doc grabs the for scissors for the epis and they WONT cut...asks if they are the ones he had brought, gets told no, they are from the pack...he's LEFT HANDED. I didn't get the epis, had minimal tearing. Time from SROM to delivery was 7 hours 11 minutes.

    1984: WA State...Baby was 6 weeks early, 8 lbs. 8 oz. 19 inches. Spent most of the time from 16 weeks on in bed due to dilation. I woke up in the morning, announced I was going to have the baby today. Spent the day cleaning house. I went to my scheduled OB appointment at 1430, told him I was in labor, he checked me and said it all felt the same as it had 2 days earlier, but if I did start having contractions to go to the hospital when they were 7 minutes apart. Stopped by my Mom's on the way home to tell her, she canceled her Bunco party and we went shopping for the baby. I had nothing, not a bottle, diaper or even a crib (baby in 84 was only 13 months old and still using his). Developed regular contractions so we dropped the 2 older kids with my cousin. Mom and DH are sitting there drinking coffee and chatting with her and I am like...uh...we need to go. Get to the hospital, contractions are 5 minutes apart. L & D is totally slammed, literally no beds, the hall full of walkers..I get checked and get told I have a long ways to go and to go walk, come back in an hour. DH and Mom are hungry and drag me to the cafeteria and eat in from of me, wont let me have anything because I'm in labor. We go back at 1800, contractions are 3 minutes, get told all I have done is thin some so get AROM'd to place IFM, and a heplock. Position of comfort was again on the right and I again sound the 'zone'. Was facing the FM and watched the contractions come and go. At 1930 the Nurse comes and checks me, I am at 5, lab is there and draws blood, Mom goes out for a smoke... I am on my back for all of this...it starts to get really painful, I bear down a little and it hurts less...tell DH...he wonders if it's a good idea...tell him I am going to try it again on the next contraction...and I do...OH S**T...the baby's coming...DH runs for the Nurse, she comes, whips back the sheet and says oh s**t, don't push. Another nurse comes...get rolled on my side and told not to push, just breathe. We go running down the hall to the delivery room...I roll over, throw the sheet on the floor, grab my knees and start pushing going down the hall. We get to the delivery room, they lock the wheels on the bed, and my Nurse grabs a pair of gloves, climbs up into the bed and catches him just as lots of other people show up. At 2009.

    Mom comes in from smoking, I'm not in my room, lab tech is at the desk labeling my blood, and a Nurse walks up and says it's a boy. I would have loved to see the looks on their faces.

    We named him Justin because rather than having him in the hallway we made it to
    the delivery room...

    My Nurse was extremely pregnant...had her baby 2 weeks later.
    4 years later she was my preceptor in ICU
    2 months ago she turned up as one of my Mom's Nurses at the cancer center.
    We have agreed that somehow our lives are intertwined.

    With both of the boys my mind took me to a place where it was all so tolerable. But any distraction like noise in the hall or someone talking to me made it hurt more; I think that is why I didn't yell or scream. The really bizarre thing I found with the last 2 deliveries was when it came down to the actual pushing the baby out it hurt so much it felt good to do it (kind of like being constipated and finally getting to go). I think my experiences were very much endorphin related. It really amazes me that in comparing notes with DH afterwards that it turned out that my recall of events and the passage of time are accurate.
  6. by   Melissa Supanek
    OK, what does labor feel like? I'll make it short and sweet. I had an epidural that didn't workwhen my son was born, so I quess you can say I had no pain meds.

    You feel like a wounded animal who needs to be put out of their misery. (Your in pain and everyone is standing around your bed looking at you.)

    Contractions - Imagine a vice twisting ever so slowly around your waist until your insides are twisted in a knot, then it slowly, SO SLOWLY, releases!

    Im not kidding!
  7. by   LDR_Nurse
    Dear Shay;
    From one OB nurse (who has never been pregnant) to another--what it apparently feels like passing through the birth canal is if you take fingers and put them in either side of your mouth and pull horizontally, that is supposed to simulate "the burn" of birth.

    Quote from shay
    Okay, ladies...I have some questions here...

    I'm an OB nurse. I deliver babies for a living. I have never personally given birth or ever been pregnant. So here's my question....in all honesty, what does labor really and truly FEEL like....other than painful?

    I mean, is it crushing, stabbing, ripping, aching, WHAT? I can't exactly ask my labor patients these kinds of questions...so I want to hear from you.

    Because I'm approaching 30, and although I want children very much, to be quite frank, labor scares the bejesus out of me...all of my friends, with the exception of ONE, had totally drug-free childbirth. I just want the lowdown....what does labor FEEL like???
  8. by   OneChattyNurse
    I am extremely lucky in that I had VERY short labors. From the first twinge of labor (didn't really think I was in labor) to delivery was 2 1/2 hours with the first one and 1 1/2 with the second one. I was still walking around in my room when I had 3 contractions back to back. The nurse was there and saw the expression on my face and decided it might be a good idea to check me. Sure enough I was ready to deliver! labor for me was not that intense until time to deliver. It did feel like really, really bad cramps. Delivery was much worse. It burns like crazy!!! It must have really hurt as my sister made it a point to tell me she could hear me from the waiting room! Luckily, I only had to push about 3 times with each one. It took longer to deliver the placenta and to stitch me up than it did to deliver. It is really hard to try to tell someone what it is going to feel like or what to expect as everyone is different. I usually tell my L&D story to expecting moms since they have probably heard many L&D horror stories from other moms.
  9. by   renerian
    I had both mine natural, no pain drugs, with pit both times. One with pit was 49 hours, the other still with pit was over 24. All I can say is thank goodness we forget how much it hurts.

    renerian :uhoh21:
  10. by   gingerzoe
    I was in labor with my first child at home and didn'nt know it was labor. It started out as bad period cramps. But they come and go . I went to the hospital at 6:30 pm and delivered a 10lb 2oz 22inch baby boy at 8:30 pm. When I got to the hospital I was dilated to 8cm and by that time it was starting to hurt pretty bad. I did have an epidural(WONDERFUL) I would recommend them to everyone. You could still feel the pressure but it took the sharp pain away.
    Four years after that I delivered an 11lb 2oz 24 inch baby girl, also with an epidural. Mine worked both times. I think everyone is different. When I was pregnant with the first baby I kept thinking to myself women all over the world have babies and live through it I can too. My doc was GREAT very calm and comforting. He was a great asset to the process.. Good Luck
  11. by   orrnlori
    Was induced, 31 hours of labor, one little shot of morphine in 31 hours. This was at the height of the natural childbird craze. (No, we can't give you anything, it will make the baby sleepy) Lamaz my left foot! Biggest joke ever perpetuated on the American woman. Forget the pain? I can still close my eyes and feel it and it's been 20 years. I only have one child and the reason I have only one child was the long induced painful horrible labor. Would I do it again to have the wonderful son I have now, yes. Would I do it again for another child. Never. I don't even know how to describe what the pain was like, I thought I was going to die. I know that sounds dramatic, but I can't help it. I'm not a weeny and am pretty stoic about pain in general. It's now long past the point of every having another child, too old and have had a hysterectomy. But I made a vow during that labor there would be no more children and there weren't. I envy those who breeze through labor and I envy the mothers now who have the epidurals at 3 cm. I always wanted a little girl. But now I'll have to wait for a grand daughter (hopefully a nice long wait). And that's okay.

    The only thing I can say to a labor nurse is never to loose your compassion for the mother in pain. My nurses were so good to me.
  12. by   veteranRN
    I was induced for 3 of my four children. Pitocin is H@#%!!!!! I had IV stadol with my first induction (16 hours total). One shot of IM Demerol with my second (3 hours total). Epidurals with my last two inductions. My last epidural I got a "hot spot" in my abdomen (a spot where I felt all the pain) Went straight for a tubal after that. My third child was 9# 3 1/2 oz. (I'm 5 foot tall). Had a 4th degree lac and that was the worst of anything. In the end ALL WORTH IT.

    Epidurals are your friend!!
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    Isn't it funny how super old threads show up again? LOL anyways, I don't think there is any way to explain birth without actually experiencing it...but if you really want to know what my labors were like you can click on my ID and then go to my homepage. It is for my newest addition and you can get to the other two's websites from there. There is a birth story on each one.