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Hello I should be starting school in the Fall (fingers crossed, mailbox on constant surveillance). Any way I am interested in what kind of jobs people have/ had to pay the bills in the mean time. ... Read More

  1. by   hogan4736
    ER tech Fri & Sat 7p-730a, lived in a guest house, 200/month, used student loans for anything else
  2. by   PowerPuffGirl
    I'm in school, and I work PT for a non-profit agency that provides services to at-risk teenagers. I wish not-working was an option, but sadly, it isn't...
  3. by   vettech
    I work as my veterinary clinic's critical care technicain working weekend overnights.

    The up-side: Most shifts I have a light load of patients so can put in quite a bit of study time while being paid for it

    The down-side: I work all weekend, every weekend... translation: I can have a life when school is over
  4. by   KC CHICK
    Worked in a call center for a security company. Better pay and better benefits than nurse tech work. Couldn't pass it up.
    ....and it didn't have any effect on my present nursing abilities.

  5. by   Keely-FutureRN
    I work as a secretary/ office aid. It is okay and it pays well.

  6. by   AmiK25
    I am still in school and I work as a student nurse extern in a critical care unit. I don't make a ton of money ($9.50 + shift diff), but it is a great experience and I have learned more there than I have in school. Plus, I can set me own schedule...just have to do a minimum of 8 hours per month (I do 24 hrs./week, though).
  7. by   Stargazer
    I was lucky enough to have parents who supported me financially, so I had a work-study job the first 2 years during school (managed the front office staff for my dorm) and worked summers as a flagger on a road construction crew. Good money, sometimes long hours, lot of practice working with neanderthals.
  8. by   Disablednurse
    I started working part time in LTC, but DON thought I was only to work holidays, so no go. I was luckey to have a baby sitting job. My brother who was a junior in high school got a job and gave me spending money, paid my medical insurance. Parents paid my car insurance. I was lucky esp since I was 25 when I was in nursing school.
  9. by   valk
    Was a full time emt-P during school. Made arrangements to take my vacation time as individual days when I needed extra study time. It worked out well but I didn't have much of a social life until the last semester.

    Good luck apoole, hope that letter comes soon.
  10. by   louloubell1
    I worked as a tutor for anatomy & physiology, chemistry, and pharmacology, and then during my last year of school I also worked as a PCA. I liked having these jobs because being a tutor for those subjects furthered my own understanding and working as a PCA was exceptionally helpful in helping me to understand nursing concepts, patient care, and helped me to begin to develop organization and prioritization skills.
  11. by   cbs3143
    Hey RNLou, not to change the subject, but how are you doing these days? Still under house arrest?

    Uncle Sam helped me through school with the GI Bill. He paid for my schooling, plus gave me $140 a month. I did work at a meat-packing plant between school years, and worked as an orderly in a local ER during my senior year. My wife and I were attending school together, and also took out loans to pay for her tuition and our living expenses.

    I also joined the national guard.

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  12. by   LasVegasRN
    I drove a horse and a buggy as a tour guide in downtown Memphis. Either out of the Peabody Hotel or down on Beale Street.

    When I went home to Ohio during school breaks, sometimes I worked as a nursing assistant per diem.
  13. by   mrh1953
    I was a nurse's aide in my final year (3-year hospital program).

    Prior to that I worked in the school's library under the work-study program. I got to know the nursing school library's book collection *real* well (which was a bonus sometimes when I was doing research). I wonder if getting a part-time job unrelated to nursing would have been better--just for variety.