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Just a general type of question. Since a lottery is really nothing more than a tax on people who are bad at math, I know I'll never win since playing is the first key. But.... lets say you did... Read More

  1. by   Ginger35

    After the funds were transferred into my account(s)....I would do whole rip up the license and dance on it thing and call in sick - absolutely!!!

    Then to keep busy after family and friends were taken care of:

    Lots of travel!!!

    I'm sure we would not get bored finding something to do (other than nursing in my case)
  2. by   nursejohio
    I might, if I won enough that I could buy a new computer charting system. Our hospital unrolled Epic in Oct, and it's harder now than it was the first week we were live. It doesn't integrate into the system we already have for fetal monitoring, so we're supposed to be charting a lot of info in both systems. Order entry is a nightmare, as is entering anything else into epic. TPTB said it was a very user friendly system, and had gotten rave reviews from the other hospitals it was in. Come to find out, the only other hospital using it the way we do has 100 beds. We're a 700+ bed level 1 trauma with a top level NICU. Kinda like comparing apples and oranges for functionality...

    So, yeah... if I had enough money to get a better computer system, I'd keep working at my hospital. If not, I might go PRN at a different network, depends on how much I won
  3. by   Rnandsoccermom
    I would go per diem and finally speak up, and say all of the things I've wanted to but haven't for fear of losing my job. Not personal attacks but how I REALLY feel about how the facility is run.

    Then when they finally got tired of me and fired me I would go work part-time at a MD office, or a book store.:spin:
  4. by   AfloydRN
    I would NEVER work another day in my life. I would probably volunteer at an animal shelter.
  5. by   ONSnrs
    Quote from Tweety
    I don't play the lottery.

    If I won real big, I would quit med surg. Get my MSN and teach part time.
    Yes, brilliant, I will be in class with you Tweety, getting my MSN and teaching part time that would be very rewarding and much less stressfull.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes

    I would spend my time volunteering overseas and here in the USA doing the most good for those who most need it. I love being a nurse-----that is, without all the BS that is required to please the State, JCAHO and beancounters, who make so many counter-intuitive decisions that make doing my job harder and less pleasant each year that goes by.
  7. by   skittlebear
    I would work about once every month...just so I could see the patients I work with (long term care) and catch up on all my coworkers lives. I would spend the majority of my time going back to school.
  8. by   NICU_babyRN
    I would NEVER quit my job. I would go part-time, continue education, keep volunteering, but NEVER quit my job!
  9. by   grandee3
    Crazy, but I would not quit nursing. I would open an agency or some kind of private duty service for pt's not covered by insurance in the home setting. I would take pledges and challenge other companies to match my $$$$.
    Fees would be minimual.
    I think I would start with ALS pts. I have a nephew with ALS (42yo) wife and 2 teens. We all take turns sitting with him. I lived across the street from him but we both got flooded by Katrina.
    There are times when his wife needs a break. He had hospice for about 2 years but they pullled out because he was stable.
    Most of my $$$$$$ would be donations to MDA and families suffering from this devistating disease.
  10. by   vamedic4
    [QUOTE=Rnandsoccermom;2023678]I would go per diem and finally speak up, and say all of the things I've wanted to but haven't for fear of losing my job. Not personal attacks but how I REALLY feel about how the facility is run.

    :yeahthat: :yeahthat: :yeahthat:

    And oh, boy would they get more than a mouthful...

    But then I'd give back...establish a foundation, fund scholarship programs for nurses and other health care related disciplines, visit ocasionally, work sometimes....
    I would miss my coworkers and the kids, but certainly not the BS.

    That's why when we play, we get a pool going, the more winners - the happier we'll all be when vacationing together:wink2:

  11. by   mytoon38
    I do play a couple of dollars here and there. I would love to win so I could call in and say "Take this Job and Shove it!" I would never, ever even think of working as a nurse again!

    I would move out in the country and open up a big no-kill shelter for dogs! I have always loved animals! When I was a kid I always dreamed of being a Vet, but never dreamed I would be a R.N.! I should have followed my dreams, b/c I love caring for animals much more than caring for people!
  12. by   burn out
    I have taken care of a guy that won 365million in the lottery and he had no privacy. We would have to run people out of the unit at visiting times that didn't even know him, begging for money. Last week I heard that now he is broke (I think he won in 1999 or 2000). That would be a hard lifestyle to adjust to..talk about rags to riches to rags. I hope he kept his day job.
  13. by   burn out
    Quote from chenoaspirit
    I would buy property and build a nursing home, hire excellent staff so these pitiful elderly nursing home patients could receive top care. I love old people.
    And the families of the people you are caring for will sue you at a drop of a hat because they know you have money. Everyone wants a piece of the pie, everyone wants in on the action.