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You all work in the healthcare/hospital field, so....... Recently I visited the ER dept of my local hospital and the triage nurse asked me what immunizations I had... Read More

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    I keep hearing rad or ultrasound tech. Does anyone know how the pay compares to nursing?
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    If I had to do it all over again...I would I really enjoy what I do-- there are so many options that I can choose to follow...
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    I know a former MRI tech who's now in MRI sales and making a very good living. PT/OT/SLP are good choices because you can focus on your thing and don't have to worry about EVERYTHING else going on with the patient.
    In my younger day, I could multi-task like nurses are required to do but no longer have the heart to do that now. I've had patients complain to me about- fill in the blank- the food , the reps PT asked them to do, the lab.... We are supposed to be all knowing and "fix" everything. Don't want to discourage anyone, some folks love their nursing jobs, but no- I wouldn't do it over again. Too many other options now with more humane hours. Some US and MRI techs make the same as RNs in some cities, not all.
  5. by   ProfRN4
    Quote from mattsmom81
    anyone who doesn't like patient care and whiny people is unlikely to be able to tolerate nursing for long imho.

    other helping degreed positions: excercise physiology, pt, occupational therapy, speech pathology...all better choices for those who like teaching/ helping people but want less 'hands on' than nurses.

    i think mri and us would be fascinating work and would take you lesss time than the above. best wishes!!
    in agreement. how 'bout med school :chuckle :chuckle there's something with little patient contact!!!

    but seriously, i wouldn't cosider nursing if that's how you honestly feel (then again, i've seen plenty of nurses with that same attitude). i would have disagreed with the us or rad. tech because of the lack of pt. relationship that is involved. but maybe that might be better for you. i would think it's more of a technical job.

    as for me, i don't think i would want to do anything else in the medical field. not really too impressed with what anyone else does. i'm not saying nursing is the best job in the world (and i'm not always happy), but there are so many options within nursing, with a lot of flexibility.
  6. by   errn7
    Before I became a RN I was working in Engineering for a mining equipment company. After being laid off I had a career decision to make. I didnt want to go back into engineering but didnt know what I wanted to do. I knew it had to be something similar in pay to what I was making at the time. My sister is an RN in Quality Managment and suggested nursing. In order to find out I took a job as a male orderly at the hospital to see if I had what it takes to work with and help people.....It was the first job I ever had where someone said "Thank you" even in their time of need they were thankful and grateful.....that was 12 yrs ago and since then I have spent 9 yrs as an RN. I have worked 8 1/2 yrs in the ER. Worked in the agency at another hospital and worked in all areas except L&D. I also worked 15 months in a state psych hospital while still remaining as PRN in the ER......Over the years healthcare has gone from taking care of people to making money just like any other business. Its just like any other company or business. Its changed now to where its not as satisfying.....People with their Mcdonald's drive thru mentality and got to have it RIGHT NOW...has done much to change the way things are now.
    I would still stay in healthcare but I would go into some speciality of radiology. The x-ray techs at the hospital where I work make just alittle less than new grad RN's out of school....but you get your MRI or U/S or Nuke Med...and you instantly jump over RN's with more years and you have many choices.....Even in the hospital...you only work dayshift...M-F weekends and holidays off.....Outside of the hospital in same day surgery centers you work dayshift monday- friday weekends and holidays off ......hour for lunch and No Call......I dont even know what weekends are nor holidays any more....working in the hospital weekends and holidays are just another work day....I havent had Easter off in I dont know how long......work either the weekend before the holiday or the day off.......Cant take off any days between Christmas or New Years .......etc etc etc.......So....I would go into something in healthcare If I had to do it over again....
  7. by   sarita279
    Quote from thrashej
    I really, really, really, want to shadow several different positions in the hospital, but now with HIPAA, I am getting the runaround (they want you to either be employed there or a student). Doesn't anyone else have problems with this? HIPAA is a big deal!!
    I had this problem when I wanted to shadow as well. It's insane...if they want more nurses, shouldn't they provide a way to actually SEE what a nurse does? But no, I guess that would make sense!

    My suggestion for you, if you have not had a job with direct patient/ people contact is ...volunteer. Try at a hospital, or nursing home. I think that would be the best way to have exposure to the field and dealing with patients.
  8. by   angel337
    i read every post on this thread and i must say that i agree or understand where everyone is coming from but...................why stay in a profession that you feel so negatively about? yes i know we all have bills to pay, but i just don't think that reason alone is enough to stay in a career that makes you miserable. nursing is exactly what i thought it would be. hard, hard work. taking care of sick people never has and never will be easy. knowing how most nurses feel about their jobs, i always pray that i get a nice nurse when i or a loved one has to go to the hospital. it is challenging dealing with patients and their families. you must be patient and empathetic. when my uncle was dying a couple of years ago, the fact that i was a nurse totally went out the window. i just wanted him to receive good care and i could see the stress on the nurses faces which made me appreciate the profession even more. (sigh) i don't know what it will take to make nursing a better career choice, but so far i like it and i aim to advance my career eventually. what would i do if i wasn't a nurse? i really don't know. but we all have the option to change our career if we are unhappy. getting up the drive and motivation to do it is probably the biggest challenge.
  9. by   beckymcrn
    If I could do it all over again.

    I would not change a thing. (Except maybe helping the one lady on skilled nursing who insisted on wrapping her arms around my neck before she feel to the floor!!!) :uhoh21:

    But I would be lost if I were not a nurse!!!
  10. by   KaliRyan
    Yes I'd do it all again. There were many many many times when I wondered why oh why did I pick nursing.

    I recently changed to NICU, but prior to that worked peds. oncology and was a coordinator for peds renal transplant. I didn't mind the whining and crying. I lived for the hugs and kisses from those sweet kids who have gone through so much in their young lives who were wise beyond their years. Truely humbling experience. And there were many times I actually looked forward to going to work . There was nothing like seeing some of them from the beginning to the end of their treatment. Nothing like celebrating the last chemo treatment or for my renal kids being excited over the first time that new kidney made some pee.
    I enjoy the power of the human spirt. Although there were plenty of sad times I can't imagine having any other job.