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How happy or unhappy are you with your job as a nurse? If you can tell one thing to your higher-ups and get away with it, what will it be?... Read More

  1. by   msjellybean
    Please, please come and spend a week or two of nights with us (much like your manager best friend does once a month). You will see what our staffing issues are like. In that same vein, stop telling us we don't have the budget to have 3 nurses + 1 tech every night, when you keep creating positions on days (no matter our census/acuity, the max we ever get is 3 people, be it 2 RNs & CNA or 3 RNs). It's unfair and it's unsafe.

    Stop asking things that are not feasible, with the current staffing matrix. We are expected to chart at the bedside. We are expected to make call lights a priority, above all else. Ok, so if we all charted at the bedside, no call lights would be answered between the hours of 1900-2300, because we aren't adequately staffed. 12 patients, 3 nurses all charting in the rooms.... disaster waiting to happen.

    Stop having your secretary do your job. It's really annoying. And when your secretary doesn't do what I need and I direct the problem to you -- please don't ignore it and send it back to the secretary. There was a reason I brought it to your attention.
  2. by   cmonkey
    Quote from teeniebert
    Subordinate? Minion?
    Being an Evil Genius In Training, I'd vote for minion, but probably subordinate. Thanks!
  3. by   BridgetJones
    Thank you for being so personable and professional at the same time. Thank you for doing a great job keeping upper management happy while treating your staff well. Thank you for responding so quickly when I came to you with a sexual harrassment complaint regarding a doctor. Thank you for taking a root cause analysis approach to investigating errors instead of threatening your staff. Thank you for being in surgical scrubs instead of a business suit most of the time and even occassionally appearing behind the charge desk when we need help. And thank you for hiring me; you're an awesome boss and I love working for you!
  4. by   talaxandra
    I think you've done amazing things in the ten months since you took over - the positive feedback, team building, education and enthusiasm have reinvigorated my interest. It's still a joy to know that if I bring something to you it'll be dealt with quickly.

    That said, I'm feeling overwhelmed - I'm allocated heavy areas, given inexperienced staff and students to work with and everyone comes to me for advice and assitance (including the ACNs). Which is fine, but when you then give me a hard time about claiming overtime, particularly when I've spent over 50 hours of my own time preparing a two hour presentation (ostensibly with a colleague, but pretty much all my own work), then done the presentation twice in my own time, I feel unsupported and undervalued.