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What is the one thing that you know NOW, but you wish you would have known BEFORE you started nursing school?:uhoh21:... Read More

  1. by   Laura K
    I wish I'd known how little time is actually spent with the patient and how much time is spent charting. How unappreciated nurses really are. How much I DON'T like patient's families and the good feeling I get when I actually do have the time to teach a patient how to take care of themselves.
  2. by   julieK
    Quote from mwcia12
    If dietary screws up a pt's dinner, blame the nurse.
    If the pharmacy is late with med delivery, blame the nurse.
    If a physician is late and the family wants to speak with him/her, blame the nurse.
    If Xray is taking forever, blame the nurse.
    If transport is taking forever, blame the nurse.
    Can't get that private room with a view? Blame the nurse.
    Bad weather? Blame the nurse.
    Crappy golf game? Blame the nurse.

    Also, I didn't go to nursing school to teach manners.

    This is SO true!!!

  3. by   Lys
    I wish that I would have known how much becoming a nurse was going to change me for the better. My whole life, outlook, and self has changed since I have embarked on the journey to fulfill my goals.

    Quote from watersnake
    My point is, that the DMS (the Bible of Psychiatry) invents "disorders",
    Snake, I assume you are referring to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (otherwise known as the DSM)?

    Sorry about the slight gloat there, but I just felt the childish need to point out where you had been in error.

    I will say that your remarks have stimulated thought for me, but I tend to disagree on some points (i.e. that nursing is not a science and art).

    But since you seem to enjoy persuing opportunities for education, I thought I would give you some info on Evidence Based Nursing which I've found quite helpful.

    I am unsure if the practice will appeal to you, since for most nurses it is encouraging us to USE research to guide our practice, instead of doing it ourselves (since not everyone is cut out for research). But I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter after you've read a bit on the subject, since this is something that is gaining a lot of popularity (at least in the experiences that I've had in my academic career thus far).
  4. by   peachyintenn
    Quote from talaxandra
    I wish I had known that most patients are friendly and appreciative, and that experienced nurses talk about the other, hideous ones because we take the lovely ones a little for granted

    I wish I had known that it's the hideous ones that come back... again and again and again

    I wish I had known that there are some patients who're amazingly sick that you just can't kill 'em with a stick - one that we finally sent to rehab post BKA (with VRE) after four months on the ward re-presented last week with renal failure, hepatic failure, sepsis and a troponin of 99.7 and is now fine

    I wish I had known that the measure of a great shift is making a positive difference in someone's life - even if the rest of the day went down the toilet

    I wish I had known to trust my judgement about a patient going bad, and not listen to the resident (or reg) telling me they look fine to him

    I wish I had known that nurse managers come and go, DON's come and go, and all you have to do is grit your teeth and wait them out

    I wish I had known that everything that comes into vogue as the big new thing will fade away

    I wish I had known that the paperwork will drown you if you don't eat away at it a bit at a time

    I wish I had known that if you get the patient +/or family on side at the head of the shift everything will go more smoothly for the rest of the day

    I wish I had known that it's always when you think something's more important than tidying up the bedside that patients crash

    I wish I had known that, when needed, the authority I have as a nurse can be wielded like a club, a sword or a paint brush - try messing with one of my patients and you'll know about it, whoever you are!

    Finally, I wish I had known it was the best decision I have ever made - would have staved off those 3AM what-am-I-doing? freakouts when I was a student
    I am a bit scared and came on looking for hope and your last wish, I am thankful to hear. I am new in my travels to become a nurse, so wish me luck!
  5. by   talaxandra
    Quote from peachyintenn
    I am a bit scared and came on looking for hope and your last wish, I am thankful to hear. I am new in my travels to become a nurse, so wish me luck!
    Hi Peachy - nursing's certainly not for everyone, but for we few, we special (in so many ways!) few, it's immensely rewarding. Good luck, and welcome
    Edited to add - I see that you start June 5th, which is my anniversary. Yep, it'll be fifteen years on Saturday
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  6. by   RN Rotten Nurse
    Quote from prmenrs
    That there are days when I would feel like a plumber, electrician, chemist, and/or an electronics technician, and other days when I would feel like a psychologist, chaplain, and/or mother, and that I would love both kinds of days.

    Don't forget the days when we feel like a punching bag.
  7. by   Nemhain
    Quote from watersnake

    ...A scientist objectively formulates and tests a hypothesis, observes and reports results, and those results must be reproduceable using similar method. We use someone's scientific results, but we do not in the clinical setting use the scientific method. I am well aware that there are research nurses, biomedical engineers, and all that. I am also aware that funding and support might be withdrawn if the results don't come out the way the money man wants. But that's a side issue.

    Any action or interpretation a nurse takes must be backed up by a doc to whom the nurse reports, who is backed up by standards of care, which are backed up by higher ups and so on. That is not creative scientific practice.
    It is technical skill. The scientist is the person who developed the test, procedure, intervention or whatever. Using a device developed by someone else does not make me a scientist, for if it did, reading a speedometer would grant us all that title....
    Watersnake, well said!!!!
  8. by   mercyteapot
    Quote from nursemike?
    I had no idea how hard it would be--but I'm sort of glad I didn't, because I might have thought better of it. Pharm final Friday and 1st year is in the bag!:hatparty:
    Oh, we guard the secret closely, because if we didn't, no one would go to nursing school ever again, lol~!
  9. by   mamabear
    Quote from RN Rotten Nurse
    Don't forget the days when we feel like a punching bag.
    Or the nights on the perpetually understaffed psych unit where we ARE the punching bag!
  10. by   sleepless in norman
    Read my story entitled " Down and Dirty in the Oklahoma State Board of Nursing" on this site, by me, sleepless in norman. If I had only known then, what I know now.
  11. by   loerith
    ...that a lot of nurses are back-stabbing, back-biting rats who have no clue as to how wonderful a field nursing could be if we just stuck together.

    ...that there are many incompetent doctors who also enjoy being arrogant and demeaning to nurses.....

    ....that families and patients dont care how much education you have or how many intitials you have after your name. They want someone who cares and will listen.

    ...how little administration {in general} appreciate nurses

    ...how difficult it is to deal with a patient and their sometime irational family when in crisis

    ...that plumbers make more money than nurses...

    Most of all....

    How that being positive and giving a family and patient hope can make all the difference in the world.

    Love and Peace,