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Case Mgmt; Mat/Child, Critical Care
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gypsyatheart has 18 years experience and specializes in Case Mgmt; Mat/Child, Critical Care.

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  1. gypsyatheart

    Anyone else starting RN-to-BSN on 7/1?

    I started yesterday, July 1 in the RN-MSN Leadership track. I'm working on the BSN part 1st, of course. I'm excited; everything seems to be moving along well... I'm glad to know there are others here in the same spot. The encouragement and support will be good!
  2. gypsyatheart

    WGU MSN Leadership & Management

    I just started the RN-MSN track July 1! It seems like I have a ton of questions...but not even sure what to ask, LOL. I'm just figuring it all out right now... How's it going for everyone? I'm excited, just want to get it done...
  3. gypsyatheart

    Pros/Cons of a Western Governors degree

    Actually, it is an RN to MSN program. I think you're getting hung up on semantics. If a school does not offer an RN to MSN program then you MUST have a BSN to enroll. WGU offers ADN RN's the opportunity to enroll directly in the MSN program, and yes, it s a bit shorter than the time/classes. And what is nice, and didfferent from some ADN RN to MSN programs, you actually do have the option to receive your BSN as well as the MSN.
  4. gypsyatheart

    Online RN-BSN programs

    Drakes mom I've been thinking about Univ of Phoenix but I can't find any info on cost. Do you mind sharing what the approx cost is and how long the program takes? Thanks.
  5. gypsyatheart

    Who, generally, has the most job satisfaction?

    Definitely not inpatient hospital CM. Can be frustrating, always busy, busy, busy...stressful...yes. Insurance co was, for me, somewhat boring...no stress, routine office job.....I felt very removed from 'nursing'. I have always been a bit of an adrenaline junkie, though...so I thrive on 'being busy'...
  6. gypsyatheart

    Questions for case managers

    edgwow and cardiotrans...you guys hit the nail on the head...LOL! Crazy business, isn't it?! I love it, though! :)
  7. gypsyatheart

    Average Inpatient CM case load?

    We have the option of 8 or 10hr shifts. We have coverage 7 days a wk. Weekend staffing is down to 2-3 CM's, same w/holiday's...shorter hours less people.
  8. gypsyatheart

    Case Management the best answer for older nurses??

    Kristiandkaylin, that was a very detailed response, thank you...very informative. I have been wondering about HH Case Mgmt myself.
  9. gypsyatheart

    RN to BSN Distance Listings Programs

    Thanks for the info, Lunah!
  10. gypsyatheart

    RN-BSN online how long is your program?

    Thanks, Lunah and BlessedRose, for the info!
  11. gypsyatheart

    RN-BSN online how long is your program?

    Aimee and Stressgal...would you mind sharing what progams you attended/are attending? Thanks for the help!
  12. gypsyatheart

    RN-BSN online how long is your program?

    What program are you enrolled in, if you don't mind saying...? Thanks for your help!
  13. gypsyatheart

    Inspiring and motivating songs

    Mariah Carey: Make It Happen.... This inspired me through many tough times... Not more than three short years ago I was abandoned and alone Without a penny to my name So very young and so afraid No proper shoes upon my feet Sometimes I couldn't even eat I often cried myself to sleep But still I had to keep on going Never knowing if I could take it If I would make it through the night I held on to my faith I struggled and I prayed And now I've found my way Chorus: If you believe in yourself enough And know what you want You're gonna make it happen (Make it happen) And if you get down on your knees at night And pray to the lord He's gonna make it happen (Make it happen) I know life can be so tough And you feel like giving up But you must be strong Baby just hold on You'll never find the answers if you throw your life away I used to feel the way you do Still I have to keep going Never knowing if I could take it If I would make it through the night I held on to my faith I struggled and I prayed And now I've finally found my way Chorus x2 I once was lost But now I'm found I got my feet on solid ground Thank you Lord If you believe within your soul Just hold on tight And don't let go You can make it happen (Make it happen)
  14. gypsyatheart

    Ethical Issue, need Help!

    Thanks, RN1989 that is pretty much what I suspected. I do plan on getting out of there ASAP... Also, I checked out the Medicare website and read the law re: physician self-referral. Very interesting. It seems like these people could get in a whole lot of trouble for this! "What does the physician referral law prohibit?" Answer: The physician referral law (section 1877 of the Social Security Act) prohibits a physician from referring patients to an entity for a designated health service (DHS), if the physician or a member of his or her immediate family has a financial relationship with the entity, unless an exception applies. (The exceptions are specified in 42 CFR Part 411, Subpart J.) The law also prohibits an entity from presenting a claim to Medicare or to any person or other entity for DHS provided under a prohibited referral. No Medicare payment may be made for DHS rendered as a result of a prohibited referral, and an entity must timely refund any amounts collected for DHS performed under a prohibited referral. Civil money penalties and other remedies may also apply under some circumstances." Additional information is available at www.cms.hhs.gov/PhysicianSelfReferral/01_overview.asp#TopOfPage
  15. gypsyatheart

    Ethical Issue, need Help!

    Exactly my thoughts, mijourney! Even though I am trying to be an advocate for my patients', it is obvious there is a lot of deceit going on here. I was also told by another staff member that one of these docs has already been under investigation....not sure what came of that however, except that "he was laying low for awhile...." Thanks for the link!
  16. gypsyatheart

    Ethical Issue, need Help!

    I have an ethical dilemma on my hands. I started working in Case Management for a small-ish hospital system (formerly a Tenet facility, bought out by 2 physicians), about 2 months ago. My specific function is Discharge Planning. I really like the job, I like the hours, I like my co-workers. I really enjoy working in this department and, best of all, the pay for this job is outstanding! I mean really, really good. I was pretty shocked when I was told the salary, so of course, this is icing on the cake. OK, here's the bad part.....now that I'm fully on board, been on my own the last few weeks, and am into the job, this is what is going on. There are certain doctors, at this facility, who also own or are Medical Directors of SNF's, or that own Home Health companies, or DME companies, etc. When their patient is getting discharged, these docs are writing orders like "Discharge to "XYZ SNF", or "D/C home w/XYZ Home Health for Nursing/PT". It is so bad that these certain docs are arranging for the SNF placement w/their own facility prior to d/c, completely bypassing the CM dept. The SNF intake/admissions co-ordinators are coming onto the units, going throught the patient's charts, making copies of records, etc! To make matters even worse...there is one doc,in particular, who is referring patients to the SNF, even when they don't need/want SNF placement, when they have family/caregivers at home who do not want SNF placement. Even after, myself, as the DCP has assessed for pt. needs and determined that SNF placement is not indicated. I have had 2 incidents in the last week, where the doc tried to "coerce" the pt/family into SNF placement, saying the pt "had to go, they had no choice, they were being trransferred to another hospital", and trying to send them to his facility! :angryfire Also, this MD id of a certain ethnicity, his pt's are, majority, the same ethnicity, and generally non-English speaking. He basically scares these pt's into placement by telling them they "might die" if they just go home!! :angryfire I have been able to prevent these last 2 pt's from SNF placement by telling them and their families that they do have a choice and no, they cannot be forced into this placement. This doc was not a happy camper. In fact, w/the last pt, he said "then he has to sign out AMA, I'm not going to d/c him, and no, I will not give him his d/c prescriptions, oh and you better tell him he could die from an exacerbation if he goes home!" There is more, but that is the gist of it.....oh, did I mention he has his "reps" from his companies calling us (DCP's/CM'S), approaching us (individually) outside of the hospital and handing us bags, that when opened turn out to be expensive items like Louis Vuitton bags??!!! I really, really like this job, like I said, and the pay is, well, it will be hard to give that up....but I feel like I need to leave here....I don't trust anyone in management, or HR, I feel like the whole culture here is corrupt....even calling their internal compliance line would be a crap-shoot... What to do? Who can I report this to? CMS, Medicare/Medicaid? Help!