I think my job is trying to fire me

  1. Not a cool feeling. I've been doing my job and working to improve this medical dept that was just falling apart when I started in Feb. I've audited their charts, corrected stuff, made sure everything is completed up to fed and local laws. (I work in a residential facility for psychiatric/behavioral kids) I've grinded ppl the wrong way when I tell them what they are doing wrong in relation to these laws and HIPAA. I wanted to be sure this place was doing things right and to protect my nursing license as well.

    Previously my boss said I was doing great, stated he's extremely happy he hired me, etc. I told him at the beginning of July that I wanted to go to this training and he stated it was a great idea as it's emergency nursing in a school setting, which I also work at their school on campus to ensure they're in compliance with school board.

    Honestly, this place frustrates me because no matter how often I try to ensure we are doing everything legally, people continue to cut around that and again put my license at risk. So after a stressful week, I contacted HR and stated I wanted to cancel something, the lady contacted me back via phone and was rude stating I couldn't. I stated that the insurance company came onto their campus and straight out lied about information and I wanted it cancelled as a result. I got called into an HR meeting the next day with this woman, the head of HR and my boss. The head of HR asked if I stated, "Now I know how this place is" during my conversation yesterday (I may have) and they had a write up sitting right there, when I stated that I had said I was frustrated with this place they happened to hide the write up. Same day they fired my friend for some illegal billing they are conducting and she questioned them on it, then fired her for not doing this billing. (Yes, she contacted a lawyer and has evidence).

    Now, my boss's whole demeanor has changed towards me, he's sending me directive emails for the most ridiculous stuff, which I continue to do. I mentioned the training as I was on the wait list and it opened up to me for a period of 24 hours, and he made this big issue about it making me write how this is a necessary training, etc and making me basically jump through hoops when previously he stated it was great. I just have a feeling it's about to get super shady.

    Honesty, I'm scared. Yes, I am unhappy with this job but I cannot afford to be fired right now. I have my daughter and unemployed husband to support. I'm almost at my 6 months here which means my 2 weeks of vacation. I'm at a loss. And obviously I have no support in this place as no one can be trusted.
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  3. by   Anna Flaxis
    I'm always a little mystified when people post such detailed accounts of sensitive situations, not seeming to realize that they can be recognized by the very people they're posting about. Allnurses appears in Google searches and is publicly accessible.

    I don't have any advice for you, just good luck with everything.
  4. by   thenursemandy
    I had a similar situation occur. I was asked to go back 3 months and fill out skin sheets on residents ..
    .by the DON and administrator. I refused. I was harassed until I quit. I'm glad I did. I found a better job that payed more.

    You have to decide if you're going to go down with them or flee. If they're already against you now, imagine when the heat is on them.
  5. by   klone
    What is your official role with this facility? Were you hired as a compliance person? Did they ask you to audit the charts, or did you take this on on your own?
  6. by   not.done.yet
    I am a little bit confused how what other people are documenting, theoretically on things they did or did not do themselves, would put your license in danger?
  7. by   deijerz
    I'm just trying to get through until mid-September. I'm feeling this ship for sure.

    I'm in a supervisory role over trained staff passing medications, etc. I am held legally responsible for the MARs, documentation in the charts, etc. They don't have nursing licenses, just trainings. Hence, I'm not a compliance person but the governing agencies state that I'm responsible for this material, hence the chart auditing.
  8. by   klone
    If they're unlicensed personnel, wouldn't they be held liable under the physician? I don't see how you, an RN, are legally responsible for the documentation of ANYONE else.
  9. by   ToothFairy(5)
    I would rather start looking for another job before I was fired than to wait till fired and then try to find something else. I really can't advise you personally in your situation on what to do but I sure do wish you the best. Sounds like you are in quite a pickle there.
  10. by   jadelpn
    No, the licensed nurse is liable for anything that they delegate to UAP's.

    I have never been huge fan of people who have little knowledge of medications and little training dispensing them. Observing that medications are taken from their pre-pours, yes. But to be in a position that anywhere else a nurse would be dispensing meds, no way. Geez, and this is to kids? Additionally, you are responsible for documenting what in the charts? If you don't dispense the meds, how can you document on them? Same with the MARS--do they sign off on them, or do you?

    As you said, people cut corners. It does put you at risk. It puts those kids at risk. I would also be really, really careful about auditing old charting. You were not even employed by them at that time. And that could also put you at risk. I would think that you would be responsible for when you started until presently. I would also be mindful and careful about cancelling things--should that even be in your scope of practice at that facility. Based on subjective information, what does it mean they lied? About what? And what does that have to do with you in your role?

    Illegal billing is a whole different thread, and again can be subjective.

    I would start looking now, before you are in so deep that you can't possibly get out of it.The realm of your responsibility is far, far too broad for you to be able to accomplish what you need to in which to be safe.
  11. by   applewhitern
    I have had a lot of different types of jobs in my life, but I can't understand why in nursing, management can't wait to "write someone up." It is the weirdest profession I have ever seen. Yes, I would be looking for a real job; this one sounds dishonest.