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Just a girl trying to get past the hardships in life

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  1. I took this last term I chose asthma, specifically in the pediatric population. I was considering depression as I'm a psych nurse but in my head it became waaaay too complicated for me. (can't explain why but it just did).
  2. deijerz

    I think my job is trying to fire me

    I'm just trying to get through until mid-September. I'm feeling this ship for sure. I'm in a supervisory role over trained staff passing medications, etc. I am held legally responsible for the MARs, documentation in the charts, etc. They don't have nursing licenses, just trainings. Hence, I'm not a compliance person but the governing agencies state that I'm responsible for this material, hence the chart auditing.
  3. deijerz

    I think my job is trying to fire me

    Not a cool feeling. I've been doing my job and working to improve this medical dept that was just falling apart when I started in Feb. I've audited their charts, corrected stuff, made sure everything is completed up to fed and local laws. (I work in a residential facility for psychiatric/behavioral kids) I've grinded ppl the wrong way when I tell them what they are doing wrong in relation to these laws and HIPAA. I wanted to be sure this place was doing things right and to protect my nursing license as well. Previously my boss said I was doing great, stated he's extremely happy he hired me, etc. I told him at the beginning of July that I wanted to go to this training and he stated it was a great idea as it's emergency nursing in a school setting, which I also work at their school on campus to ensure they're in compliance with school board. Honestly, this place frustrates me because no matter how often I try to ensure we are doing everything legally, people continue to cut around that and again put my license at risk. So after a stressful week, I contacted HR and stated I wanted to cancel something, the lady contacted me back via phone and was rude stating I couldn't. I stated that the insurance company came onto their campus and straight out lied about information and I wanted it cancelled as a result. I got called into an HR meeting the next day with this woman, the head of HR and my boss. The head of HR asked if I stated, "Now I know how this place is" during my conversation yesterday (I may have) and they had a write up sitting right there, when I stated that I had said I was frustrated with this place they happened to hide the write up. Same day they fired my friend for some illegal billing they are conducting and she questioned them on it, then fired her for not doing this billing. (Yes, she contacted a lawyer and has evidence). Now, my boss's whole demeanor has changed towards me, he's sending me directive emails for the most ridiculous stuff, which I continue to do. I mentioned the training as I was on the wait list and it opened up to me for a period of 24 hours, and he made this big issue about it making me write how this is a necessary training, etc and making me basically jump through hoops when previously he stated it was great. I just have a feeling it's about to get super shady. Honesty, I'm scared. Yes, I am unhappy with this job but I cannot afford to be fired right now. I have my daughter and unemployed husband to support. I'm almost at my 6 months here which means my 2 weeks of vacation. I'm at a loss. And obviously I have no support in this place as no one can be trusted.
  4. It's been almost 2 years since i took and did not pass the NCLEX-RN. They got me on a bunch of medication questions on uncommon meds and so I've had anxiety about the test ever since. Its hard hearing updates on my fellow classmates passing and how great their lives have been while I've been struggling paycheck to paycheck and other problems in my life. The economy has destroyed my life basically and I haven't been able to get enough money to retake the boards. While looking for a place to live with fear of being homeless I found someone willing to help me out and pay the $200 for me to retake the test and I used Christmas money from relatives to pay the state fee. I'm enrolled in Virtual ATI because I was using them when I failed the first time and their policy is apparently they'll help you until you pass. My retake date is end of Feb and I've been studying every day for the test. My problem is it creates so much anxiety to me that I literally have panic attacks and literally can't move and start to cry. Obviously the smart thing would be to see someone but I have no money and I'm uninsured. I'm just literally scared of failing again because I have no job, nobody will hire me because I'm overqualified or have no experience, etc. I know this is hindering my studying but I'm afraid that I'm not doing the right thing. My ATI coach says I'm doing great so far but I don't feel like I am. Just need advice, words of wisdom, something...

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