i need your help

  1. I took this post off due to all of the bad comments.
    i was getting instead of the help i was looking for.
    thank you. to all of the people that gave words of kindness .
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  3. by   nightingale

    I am sorry this happened to you. How could they say you have no chance in winning. I say go for the grievance prcedure and hold your head up high. Truth does prevail; do not run away untill you have exhausted all avenues.
  4. by   passing thru
    First, take a deep breath. Take off a few days or a week and let yourself adjust to everything that has happened to you.

    You can't go on the attack now. Your first priority now is not to go after the school and "see to it that they never do this to any other student again."

    You need to stay home and come to terms with what has happened to you. I am sure you are in some kind of shock.
    Major disappointment, embarrassed, humilitated, and lots of other emotions.

    It's going to take you a few weeks to come to terms with this.

    Did you sign anything? Did you cheat?
    did you admit to cheating?

    If you cheated on the test, and got caught, then , I hate to say it - but you have made a stupid mistake.
    Most mistakes we just have to live with. "Live and Learn."

    If you didn't , then the only thing you can do at this point is to go find a lawyer.

    Just curious, if you cheated on the test, was it the first time?
    And, if you cheated,............... WHY did you ?
  5. by   colleen10
    Hi Veedot,

    I have never been in your situation but man, it really stinks.

    I agree that you should take a day or two or three to "remove" yourself from the situation so to speak. Give yourself a little time to adjust to what has happened to you and calm down a bit. You will be able to think more clearly and rationally in a few days when you have cooled off some.

    If you really want to fight this at this school I would go over, inch by inch, you student hand book or procedures manual if you have one. Take a look in it and make sure that school handled the situation as specified by their own manual and see if you have any other options or if the verdict they gave at your grievance was the final word.

    Are there any instructors at your school that know you are a good and honest student? Can you appeal to them to speak on your behalf?

    I would go back to the school and in my usual "snarky" attitude tell them to proove that I cheated. Give me the test over again, it doesn't even have to be written, you can sit there across from me and ask me verbally the questions and I will answer back. Then you can proove to them that you know your stuff and don't need to cheat.

    Also, try to think back to the day that this exam occurred. I'm not saying that you did cheat, but were there ways a student could have cheated? Would you have to look at another students paper? If it was a small classroom with a Proctor present I would imagine it would be really hard to get away with cheating. Try to poke holes in the other students theory of "how" you could have succeeded at cheating.

    Also, what is the other students motivation for turning you in? Do they not like you? Is it possible that they really think you cheated and misinterpreted your actions during the test?

    If all else fails I do hope you find another program to go through. When all is said and done and if you are not allowed to go back to your original school I would discuss with the administration how you are supposed to handle applying to another school as I imagine if some other school finds out what happened they will not want to admit you.

    Good Luck,

  6. by   NurseStacey143
    A similar situation happened to a friend of mine in school. A vindictive person lied about cheating. She however did not get kicked out. When they talked to her about it, there was no proof and in a legal matter, without proof, sayso doesn't mean much. They did ask her to leave on her own...she went to the dean of the school and all was taken care of from there. She is still in school with me and the vindictive person who lied.....failed out last semester. What goes around comes around....I highly recommened you talk to the Dean and every high power of the school you can before you spend the money on a lawyer. With 3 kids, im guessing you prob dont have the money for one anyways and it is difficult these days to find one pro-bono. Also ask them to show you the legality of being able to kick someone out unfairly just because someone said you did something. I mean if someone said a teacher was sexually explicit towards them, would they be fired on the spot, or would an investigatin occur? My guess is an invetigation and if the teacher were fired on the spot......that school would be paying alot of money to her from a lawsuit occuring later. Get all the info you can on similar situations regarding cheating and the policys the school has in writing regarding it and submit it to the Dean and higher ups.
    Good luck
  7. by   passing thru
    I agree , and you do not have to "prove" you are innocent.

    They have to prove you are guilty.

    If you have any more discussions with them, take a witness with you.

    I wish you had come on the BB before you went before the governing body. We could have given you some advice.
    Many people would not have done that without an attorney present.

    You have rights.
    Now, you need expert legal assistance.
    You have to find the right kind of attorney. Don't hire a divorce attorney, or someone who specializes in personal injury...car wrecks, etc.

    You can sue and win big bucks...the school is aware of their liability and they have attorneys... on retainers.
  8. by   veedot
    i would like to take this time to say to all who has given me so good advice and it didnt fall on deaf ears beleave me and im going to try my best to go on with my life and still no mater what to go after my goals of becoming a lpn and like you all said i did take the time to come to grips with this and to cool off and i did go and see a lawyer and like so i dont have the money to fight this big school with all there funding and so on so now all i can do is to take some of your advice and try to go above there heads but when i tried that its like the director of this vocational school is standing by the coordinator its like some type of clan or something he did agree to see me but he didnt even lisen to any thing i said i honestly did not do it and the stundent who has said i did was a person who when she had no where to live i let her move in with me being the nice person i am to try to help her out but it didnt work out cause she wasnt respecting my home so i told her to leave so thats her motive and my grades in school were so good i never got any failer warnings or anything they were just a very racist school and im a black out spoken person and they came after me and got me!!! but im not going to give up never will i so i have a net test to take at anoter school on the 7/22/03 so please pray for me and i know in my heart that god doesnt like ugly so they might have got away with this they think but god is watching??? thanks again for your kind word of encouragement
  9. by   teeituptom
    Well, seeing as you know who lied about you, my sentiment is take them out and give them a good thrashing.
  10. by   veedot
    thank you but i know god will deal with her at his time
  11. by   SirJohnny

    - For some reason, I saw your posts regarding student loans and nylcex exam before this one.

    - First: Calm down and get your act together. Right now you are a mental case and need to get your emotions together. It's tough to do - but do it!!!

    - Second: Continue going to classes.

    - Third: Go through the grievance process. Students normally don't "rat" on other students.

    - Fourth: Prepare your defense. Possibly retain an attorney. I would find out what this other student has against you -- use that against other student at grievence.

    - If other student fails to show up at grievance hearing...then treat it like a traffic ticke where the cop does not show up. Since you cannot confront your accuser - ask for an immediate dismisal. Everything else is heresay. You have a constitutional right to confront your accuser.

    - How are your grades ? --- if decent -- then use that.

    - How is your attendance ? -- if decent -- use that as more ammo.

    - Did you study for said exam --- bring in your notes - practice sheets - anything you used for study time.


    - I do all my studying on my laptop. I do type in my lecture/lab notes and make hardcopies of above. I am also keeping a log of my study times and amout of time committed. I know others that do the same -- but only on paper.


    - Right now though. Get your emotions under control. I am hoping you don't use such poor writing skills like this all the time and it's just your emotions showing through.

    - Again, go to school, take your exams, and continue to play the game. It's a mind game they are playing. You have three kids, now is not the time to play games. Get your act together and get done with school!!!!! Period!!!!!!

    John Coxey
  12. by   colleen10
    I was under the impression that she allready had her hearing and has been dismissed from school, so can she continue to show up for classes?
  13. by   SirJohnny

    - Wait a second!!!!!!!!!!!

    - Your story is totally falling apart......

    - You say that the accuser is living with you. Girl, there way more to this story than you are telling us. I mean WAY MORE!!!!!


    - First, you write like a two year old.

    - Second, you say that you went through grievance process, and the wold was all against you.

    - Third, you way that you have no recourse to make up grade.


    - Girl, your story is too full of holes.


    - Here comes Judge Judy:

    - Girl, you are lying, lying, lying to everyone here on this board. I can see it, plain as day.

    - Did you cheat? Who the hell knows.

    - Did you prepare a defense? Nope. That we know.

    - Did you confront your accuser? Nope. That we know.

    - Are you acting like a two year old? Yepper

    - And you want to take care of peope? Girl, it don't add up!!!!!

    Something is not right about your story.

    Next case.....

    John Coxey
  14. by   SirJohnny
    And another thing.

    Take your sorry crap about racism and SHOVE IT!!!!!

    What a PATHETIC DEFENSE!!!!!!