I need some Help, I'm at a FORK!!!

  1. Welp I got a Job offer today... For a summer position RN... Well if I graduate that is...

    Job pays: 22/hr

    Hospital is Huge for area...

    Hard to get a job their... B/c they have their own nursing school... So they usually Hire them first...

    I was offered... Full time 7p-7a... on Resp. Step down... (which I can tolerate)

    The problem is... I heard the floor is Hell... Like most Respiratory floors are... But the Patient Ratio is 15:1... But you have 3 CNA's...

    The Good... The hp is Known for Critical care in the tristate... And they are building new ICU WING... Thus, I could be able to transfer to the New ICU in a yr...

    So would u say dive in... And work for the yr... Or take a position at another nearby Hp... Wear it's primary care... the the patient nurse ratio is 8 or 9 to 1...
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  3. by   Little Panda RN
    Wow! 15-1, that seems like alot of patients to me. Is that a usual number for respiratory? Anyways, good luck with your decision, sorry I wasn't any help.
  4. by   caliotter3
    Have you been offered the position at the second hosp? If so, then make your choice based on a comparison of what you know and can find out ahead of time. Personally, I would go for the position with the lower nrs to pt ratio.
  5. by   RNOTODAY
    15 to 1 sounds dreadful, esp for a step down type of unit. The rumors that the floor is tough, I will bet my house, are true. Skip it... I honestly wouldnt take a 15 pt assignment on a unit like that with TEN cna's..........lol
  6. by   U12beme
    Thanks Guys...
  7. by   majorwrigley
    i worked med/surge that was 14:1 with a LPN and an aide. it was hard to do any "pt care" with those numbers, and I had an LPN who passed 90% meds. the CNA's would be a lot of help, but you would be ultimately responsibe and face it, there is only so much a CNA is allowed to do. I think it sounds dangerous and it being a teaching hospital for nurses, I think they need to rethink their assignments big time. Good luck with your decision!
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    In 1982 worked Resp step down nights, 12:1 with an aide. Then we started getting vent dependent pts; went to 6:1.
    In today's world, these are acutely ill patients. 15:1 would be placing license on the line. Please contact NM to determine if this is correct staffing....if so punt this job.
  9. by   ZootRN
    15 to 1 is crazy, does not matter how many cna's you have. If you want to work ICU, why don't you apply to ICU?
  10. by   k3immigrant
    my, 15:1 respiratory patients, THAT IS HORRIBLE! i bet you, more than half of that would be MRSA, VRE, ACINETOBACTER, etc.
  11. by   Barb101
    I am about to start in a medical mixed ward with a 8:1 ratio which is fine until any number of things go wrong. Its at these times I know Iam doing it tough. So for you a ratio of 15:1 is crazy - most times youcould get away with it but then their is the what if senerio can you afford the permanent loss in this event. Sorry to burst your bubble but go with the rumours they usually have some basics. However the choice is yours - good luck take a less stressfull position if you can
  12. by   schizo_maja
    the ratio is too much... you can have as much 5 tech's with you but still you are responsible and accountable for everything that will happen on your tour... it's just not safe for your license and the patients,

    you want to have your license as long as possible right?

    if you're impressed with the size of that particular hopital and and its rep, then, there's a lot still bigger and brighter hospital in which professional growth is possible...

    but you have to take care of your license too...
  13. by   BBFRN
    Do not take this job. 15:1 is high even for Med/Surg these days, but on stepdown??? They want to sucker a new nurse into taking that position- run as quickly as you can away from it. They may offer you a position on ICU if you ask- just make sure the ratios are OK there, too.
  14. by   lauralassie
    :1luvu: 15 to 1 sound terrible. sound like a risk to your license as well . i like what someone else said, look at options from other places as well. there are critical care area's you could go into now without stressing over a work load that even the most seasoned nurse would have a difficult time handeling. you don't have to prove yourself in an unsafe envoronment to work critical care. best of luck with your dicision.