I need an online nurse!!

  1. Hi there

    I am a first year nursing student and I need to locate an "online nurse" who can answer a few questions for me. If anyone is interested, please answer this posting and leave me your email address and I will contact you.

    Thanks so much
    DC student
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  3. by   BrandieRNq
    ummmm huggghhh?? What kind of questions...
  4. by   dcstudent
    I need to ask some questions, like what made you decide to become a nurse, what's your favorite aspect of your job, etc.

    Are you interested to answer some questions for me?
  5. by   maxthecat
    Is anyone else getting tired of nursing students being given assignments to get information from nurses who post on on-line boards? I don't blame the students--they have no control over what assignments are given by their instructors--but I wish the educators would come up with some other way to introduce students to the internet.
  6. by   BrandieRNq
    Leave your e-mail address on this thread and I will write back.
  7. by   fab4fan
    You may have a little more safety in communicating by "PM" rather than giving out your e-mail address.

    It does seem like there have been a lot of them lately; not the students fault...I think it may be just easier for the instructors to tell them to find someone on the net, rather than come up with a way to meet nurses and talk to them.
  8. by   Dionysus
    This type of assignment does seem that it's becoming more frequent, I think it's a great way to learn, but understandalby it does get tiresome for the regular internet users. This is really a great way to introduce students to nursing ideas that are not local to their area. What better way to be introduced to american health care than to actually talk to an American nurse.

    IS it just me, or does it seem all the students asking for this communication have come from the province of BC? I wonder if it's just one school that has it's students doing this, and this site was listed as a resource?
  9. by   mark_LD_RN
    pm me if you like i will answer your questions
  10. by   giggly1977
    you can pm me also, don't feel too comfortable just throwing my email address across the nation. Talk soon.
  11. by   frannybee
    Maybe you could do a search for your questions - which have all been discussed previously - and PM the members you would like to find out more from.
  12. by   cbs3143
    You can PM me too if you'd like. Student from nursing schools and high schools would sometimes come to the ER to ask me if they could interview a male nurse. I think that personal interviews are generally more beneficial for the student, but they may also be more intimidating.

  13. by   surgorthonurse
    you can either email or pm me. I have been in your shoes. We all need some help..
  14. by   Angella Walker
    Maybe there should be a thread created for nursing students that are looking for experienced nurse help on these types of subjects?