I love talking to all of you!

  1. Hi everyone- I just wanted to say that this bulletin board is such a great place. So many people have written really insightful posts. I only discovered this site about a month ago, but now I look forward to checking out some of the new posts almost every day. Now I have a chance to talk about those stressors I'm often too busy to talk about at work ( and which I long ago discovered that non-nursing friends and relatives don't want to hear about ). In some ways it's even better than *****ing with my coworkers because the anonymity encourages more honesty. Plus, I find it makes me feel alot better to find that other nurses all over the country are facing the same frustrations I am ( although sometimes it's painful too ). You guys make me proud to be a nurse. When I read your posts I know I'm part of a smart, tough, hard-working, no-nonsense ( or maybe I should say no ******** ) group of people. Happy holidays!
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  3. by   shavsha
    Happy holidays to you too, grouchy! By the way you do not sound grouchy!!! I think it is great that we have this forum to support one another. Keep posting.
  4. by   nur20
    Hello Grouchy, come post anytime, we will listen because you're right, only nurses understand nurses and it doesn't matter what state you work in the problems are pretty much the same.
  5. by   night owl
    Isn't this place great??? I discovered it when I got a computer for Christmas last year and have been coming here ever since on a daily basis. I'm addicted.......................................... ........
    It's good to know that you can come here anytime for support, or just to talk to cyber friends.
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  6. by   OneChattyNurse
    I agree...this is a great site! I come here almost daily as well. Even the disagreements are interesting!!!

  7. by   Joshua21
    I agree. Does anyone go onto the live chat? Is there a schedule of some sort around here?
  8. by   Whisper
    I agree, I found this site by accident not long ago, and I really look foward to visiting it, even after pulling doubles! I guess it just cheers me up to know that there are many many others in the same boat
  9. by   Mkue

    I'm new too and I hope that students are welcome,I like the student board too.

    This has to be the most positive and informative board I've ever seen !

    Sometimes I visit to just "cheer up" by reading all the posts. Sure we all have our days when we might be a little touchy but overall everyone is very polite even with differences.

    Happy Holidays !
  10. by   hoolahan
    Welcome grouchy and mkue! Post often!
  11. by   Lausana
    Hello Grouchy
    I've grown to love this board too! I admit, I'm addicted. I don't get to post too often since I sort of get absorbed into reading other posts! I have learned so much here
  12. by   LilgirlRN
    I concur with all of the above ) This site makes me proud to say that I am a nurse. I look at the things people post here, most are eloquently written and even spelled correctly (the only thing I am anal about, spelling). It makes you feel not so alone, that we are all basically experieneing the same things, too much work, more responsibility and not enough pay. I enjoy coming here to discover what's next, this site makes me laugh my ass off at times, the moderators always come up with good topics for discussion. )
  13. by   rasunico
    i agree and i love reading all the post, though i'm not a american nurse i did it as a habit to read allnurses post everyday...
  14. by   Teshiee
    Welcome! I just discovered this nice site. It gives me a chance to vent and not feel alone with all the frustrations, joy, and pain. I look forward in reading your posts. Happy Holidays :-)