I have the experience, but no BSN!!! Need to vent...

  1. Ok...deep breath...I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way.

    I'm searching for an insurance job, find the one that matches me, let's see I have the long-term, acute care experience, knowledge of Medicare/Medicaid/CMS/ICD 9/MDS/FIM and all that jazz, even the right amount of years, then I see BSN required.

    Now, I'm NOT knocking those with BSNs because I have a desire to become one (but can't at the moment) but it's such a downer. I mean how bad do they want to fill this position?!

    It goes the same way for the new grad BSN, that can't get a job because of lack of experience.

    What kind of nursing shortage is this???!!! AAAAHHHH!!!:angryfire
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  3. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    Quote from nyteshade
    I mean how bad do they want to fill this position?
    I don't think the question is "how badly do they want to fill this position?" but rather "are there qualified candidates who meet their requirements?"

    What kind of nursing shortage is this???!!!
    A non-existent one.
  4. by   retiredlady
    I would go ahead and apply. They might take you on with the experience that you have. You never know.
  5. by   eriksoln
    A lot of jobs say that in hopes of attracting a BSN nurse, but interview all candidates. If you outshine the BSN applicants..........or if there are no BSN applicants, you can get it. Most hospitals jobs say "BSN prefered", lol.

    I'd apply for it.
  6. by   Straydandelion
    I am thinking they would probably take you with the knowledge you are working toward your BSN
  7. by   TeeTee,RN
    If I hear the term "NURSING SHORTAGE" one more time! That is an urban legend. I am a new grad with a wonderful BSN degree. I can't get a job. I have no experience. I have applied for all of the residencies in the city but so have hundreds of other new grads. And to top it off, they only offer residencies twice a year. I am broke. I need a job badly. I am now applying for clerical positions since I have experience in that area. I will be a bank teller or secretary with a BSN. I am so frustrated. I worked very hard to get this degree and now I can't get a job because I have no experience.

    So, don't feel bad. You are in a better position than new grads with a BSN. Experience is defeintely more valuable it seems.
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  8. by   It'sMe, RN, BBA, MBA
    All of you just hang in there! This economy will turn around and the adjustments we are all going through will be done and then hospitals, insurance companies and all the other nursing employers will be begging you to come work for them again. I had to go 30 miles south to get a job but it is a job. And actually I love it because of the people and the patients! So glad I didn't get the job in the big city!
  9. by   ohmeowzer RN
    i agree with the above poster apply anyway !! it never hurts to ask ... i tell my kids.... just do it !! you could have a pleasant surprise !
    I think go ahead and apply. If nothing else you get experience interviewing and "selling" yourself to companies.

    I am a diploma grad with 26 years experience in just about everything except psych. In all my years of nursing I just never had the time or the inclination to pursue a BSN. When I was coming up, the BSN grad didn't make more money to do the same job so why bother? Plus the BSN grads usually wanted to be in administration and not at the bedside. I love direct patient care.

    Maybe in in the future I may pursue a degree but probably only if it was absolutely required for a job I wanted.
  11. by   allison_lpn
    I agree with others I would apply anyway...sometimes experience will outshine education!! Good Luck!!
  12. by   blueheaven
    Some times they will interview you and you may get the job! Never hurts to try. I left the HR office where I work a few weeks ago crying because I couldn't apply for a particular position. I was basically told that I could not transfer to another area such as infection control etc. without a BSN. I could stay in patient care or work in the clinics. I see where 30 years has gotten me! As I have to work as long as I can-I am now back in school so at least I will have the credentials to do something else beside direct patient care.
  13. by   llg
    I agree with the others that you should apply ... you just never know.

    I know you said that now is not a good time for you to go back to school ... but in my experience, "good times" rarely come. Is it possible for you to begin a program on a VERY part time basis -- just taking 1 class at a time? That would allow you to say that you are currently enrolled in a BSN program. Being able to say that would improve your chances for many jobs very quickly.

    Many employers just want to know that the BSN is coming. They are happy to hire RN's with experience currently working towards their BSN into jobs listed as "BSN preferred" or even "BSN required." Just the fact that you have enrolled is often enough evidence of your long-term committment for them to justify hiring you.