I Flunked NCLEX!! - page 4

On a "sample" NCLEX test hosted by my local newspaper, with the exception of the first few L&D related questions - I flunked! Thank god we don't have to re-take the dang thing. Now imagine some... Read More

  1. by   Tweety
    I got 9/15 I'm afraid to say missed all the ob and the peds ones. Missed the calculation. Just guessed because I didn't know the tubing. I'd fail the NCLEX today for the exact same reasons.

    I too am glad we only have to take it once.
  2. by   deespoohbear
    Based on that test, I would have to turn in my license..... I feel like I don't know jack now after that test...:imbar

    The last question stunk!!!
  3. by   melissa24
    Originally posted by Susy K
    I guess they included a "sample" NCLEX to see if "you have it what it takes" to be a nurse.
    I would think that looking at a test like that would scare away many potential nurse wannabes!
  4. by   Jayne LPN
  5. by   CANRN
    Missed an OB question.
  6. by   Brita01
    9/15 cuz I know jack about OB. Hey, but I guessed the right IV tubing and got that one right.
  7. by   tabbeycatt
    Originally posted by Hidi74
    I got 7/15.....uummmmm I guess thats good considering I am still in my pre-reqs....hehehe Of corse I was guessing...lol
    8/15..... me,too Hidi. Still in my pre-req's and did a lot of guessing.
  8. by   night owl
    I passed!!!!! 13/15. If I sent this to the BON, do you think they'd issue me an RN license? How bout a permit???
  9. by   RN2B
    10/15 ...not too bad considering I am stressed out and trying to get through my first year of school!!
  10. by   RNforLongTime
    Originally posted by Brita01
    9/15 cuz I know jack about OB. Hey, but I guessed the right IV tubing and got that one right.
    This is what I got too! I don't know nuthin bout birthin babies. Although I still think about wandering into the Obstetrical area. Gotta keep learnin! I've done LTC, M/S and now Critical Care! I love Critical Care! It's just that I always thought (while I was in Nursing school) that I'd end up a Peds nurse or an OB nurse.
  11. by   kelligrl

    So I took the real thing today, too. It shut off at 75 questions.....I dunno....But I enjoyed this one much more.
  12. by   SmilingBluEyes
    10/15 not too good. :-(
    originally posted by jedsmom
    9/15 yikes!!
    i got the same score...& i'm doing nclex-rn review questions as we speak! geez...if these are the type of questions that are on the current nclex-rn...i guess i should trash my current books & run-out & buy the latest edition! i feel like crawling under a rock! someone just shoot me!

    thoroughly stupefied !