I Don't Know, Somebody Else, Nobody, and Not Me.

  1. Throughout my nursing career, I have worked with four nurses who have never taken a day off. These four nurses are named I Don't Know. Somebody Else, Nobody, and Not Me. These four are the hardest working nurses in our unit. Tonight for example, one of the nurses was complaining about her assignment. "I have had this PIA for three nights in a row. I think Somebody Else should take care of him." I asked her who she thought should have the assignment, and she said "I Don't Know. Not Me." Of course Nobody wanted to take the assignment, but she was to busy with other things. Nobody checked the crash cart and counted narcs. Somebody Else was responsible for these tasks, but Nobody was glad to do them. Our 11-7 shift cleans out the med fridge every Wednesday night. When I put one nurse's name on the board for this task, she said "Can't Somebody Else do that tonight?" I told her that since Nobody had done it last week she would have to take her turn also. When I asked who wanted to be assigned to in-house codes, everyone said Not Me. Of course, these nurses do cause some trouble also. I found empty syringe wrappers and medicine packaging lying on the counter in the med roon. I asked who left the mess, and everyone said "I Don't Know." And Not Me spilled coffee and sugar all over the break room. Nobody cleaned it up of course.

    Funny thing is, when my grandchildren came to live with me, they brought these same four with them. They are not at all well behaved in my home, however. Just today Not Me wrote all over the wall with a crayon, and I Don't Know poured shampoo all over the dog. Somebody Else spilled juice on the carpet, and Nobody was in Granpa's office playing with his computer. Come to think of it, these guys lived here when my own kids were little, too.
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  3. by   aus nurse
    :chuckle When I read that title I thought to myself....hey those are the names of the people living in my house but who I always manage to miss seeing!!!!!
    Hehe it always makes me laugh so much coz I only have ONE child here, only me and him,...but it was "somebody else"

    Funny thread RNinICU...thanks for the laugh. Gawd those four people get around
  4. by   MPHkatie
    I must say, I think that was a giggle I needed. These nurses must work agency, because they all work allthe shifts where I work also! Think I'll be positng this one on the bathroom wall.....Sad to say, I volunteered Not me to take a PEA code today as well, something to think on, in a great presentation. Thanks.
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i enjoyed this post and those same people live at my house! alright now, who did it
  6. by   micro

    boy did you hit it on the head.......
    to many people making excuses and blaming others in this world..........
    rather than just being who they are and doing what they should do

    keep posting.....

    all micro can say is ditto.....

    you said it all
  7. by   jevans


    Never thought of it like that
  8. by   jevans
    May I add another character
    "WHO ME?"

    whose reply is always the same
  9. by   psychonurse
    I agree totally to this post....I am so tired of hearing that it is somebody elses job not mine that I could scream. We also have nurses that say...it isn't in my post orders to do that today. :roll
  10. by   DebsZoo
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  11. by   Mkue
    rninicu, that is the cutest post !!!

    it really started the day off right for me, thanks so much !!

    some of those darling people have lived with me too..lol.

  12. by   semstr
    Imagine, their European nieces live right here in my appartement!
  13. by   Dr. Kate
    Love the post. Even my dogs refer me to Who Me.
  14. by   mattsmom81
    Too funny, RNinICU!

    I joke with my hubby that being in charge is also kinda like the old Abbott and Costello routine..'Who's on first'...adapted to a hospital setting .

    'Who's got 3 tonite? What's in 4 now? Somebody else needs to take 6 tonite.....not me. I don't know whose in 5 today..'