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1.does anyone think about circumcision-i decided not to have my son circumcised 2.At the hospital they told us not to pull the foreskin back and clean it until he's older-my friend the other day... Read More

  1. by   Haunted
    I regret having my son circumsized at 11 days old. I was exhausted and berated by his fathers folks to have it done. In the end, I was the one who took him to this barbaric clinic and sat numb as they strapped him to the plastic board with bright lights shining in his eyes, cold fluid on his scrotum, no numbing and then SNIP! The coldhearted Doc wiped some neosporin and rough gauze and handed him over within seconds.

    I have also been there in the newborn nursery and assisted while wonderful Peds docs took thier time to soothe the infant and assure the comfort of the baby and parents and observed a calm and quiet circumcision in which the baby usually slept thru the procedure.

    I agree that it is a personal decision but if I were a male might have a different take on it. My husband was born in Cuba and is not circumsized and it makes no difference. He has never had a problem with it (being married to me is a whole other bag of worms!)
  2. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from Haunted

    I agree that it is a personal decision but if I were a male might have a different take on it. My husband was born in Cuba and is not circumsized and it makes no difference. He has never had a problem with it (being married to me is a whole other bag of worms!)

    Ah, there's the rub . . . . we've got MEN giving us different opinions!

    I had to laugh at your "bag of worms" comment . . .

  3. by   LovebugLPN
    I have a son that WAS circumcised. I thought I would never have to worry about adhesions. When he was 5 years old his penis was red and swollen. I took him to the pediatrician who told me he had adhesions. I don't know if this is very common but it can still happen. On a side note I looked at his penis after his circ had healed and it was not a very clean cut. Kinda jagged. It almost made me cry. I guess he looks alright now but if I have another son I will check with the Pediatrician to be sure he is not under the influence or too sleepy.
  4. by   pacifica
    in response to some of the comments about girls not wanting to "go south" if a guy isn't circumcised or that women think men who are uncircumcised are less attractive or that there is a bad smell associated with uncircumcised penises, let me say that I think that is just silly and without much merit. I understand how being different, i.e. uncut in America, could be a source of insecurity and even harrassment as a young man. But if a woman doesn't accept you and love you and appreciate your body for how it is, then why do you care what she thinks anyway? Believe me, any woman who would think you aren't attractive for that reason isn't worth your time. Find someone who is less shallow.

    My boyfriend was born in Europe and is uncircumcised. Really I didn't even notice it for the first few months we were together, then I thought about it and looked more carefully :spin: and realized he was indeed "uncut". He is a beautiful man with a beautiful penis and never has any bad smells. I was a little surprised because I'd heard and read stuff about the "anteater effect" and all the extra skin but I don't notice much of a difference to be honest. And yes, I've seen a few circumcised penises in my life!

    The truth is, some men are just blessed with attractive members and others, cut or not, are simply not as pretty to look at. I'm sure the same applies to women's genitalia and that it is all really in the eyes of the beholder.

    I read that circumcision removes something like 10 square inches of sensitive erogenous tissue from the penis, so while circumcised men are certainly able to enjoy sex, do they really know if they are enjoying it as much as their more sensitive, uncut brothers?
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  5. by   zolly786
    my hubby isn't circed, neither is anyone in my family.

    i won't have it done if i have a son.

    i'll admit as a medical nurse it's a little more work to clean elderly men, but i've never seen any of them need a circumcision.

    heck, i didn't know for a few months that my husband wasn't. and no, he doesn't smell any different than a circed guy.
  6. by   ukstudent
    Quote from rags
    I watched my brother go through major h*ll when he had to have a circ at age 36. In my opinion, if there is at all a posibility that my son(s) would need to go through that when they got older than the age of 1! Why wouldn't I do something to prevent it?

    I see it this way, I have never heard of complications from HAVING a circ at birth, but have heard of several cases where a person had complications later from NOT having one. I'm not willing to take that chance. Both of my son's were circ'ed at birth and neither felt it as a trumatic (sp?) experience. Infact, they don't remember it at all.
    Some complications I have seen from having a circ;
    A baby bled so much that he need a blood transfusion. Several that have had silver nitrate (burns) on the penis to stop bleeding. Even that didn't work for the baby that needed the transfusion. I have seen infection set in (really nasty to treat). I have also seen one when the doctor cut so much off that skin around the penis became unattached, that poor little boy ended up having to be transported to a childrens hospital and having a pediatric urologist work on him. I have also seen part of the gland cut off when doctors have used the mogan clamp.
    Do complications happen often - No. But can they happen -Yes.