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Need to vent just a moment. Just found out that the nurses on the unit are fighting over which shift gets the sandwiches a doctor sent them. Fighting over sandwiches...and they wonder why nurses... Read More

  1. by   christinemj
    I personally wish people would STOP dropping off/delivering the "goodies!" My hips and thighs agree!!! :imbar :chuckle (I've been "good"....but there WAS that box of incredibly smooth Belgian chocolates..... :imbar )

    Seriously, at my place of work, the various physician groups have been kind enough to send a "goodie gift" for each shift. (Now, if they would just spread out the cheer over a couple months...LOL)
  2. by   StephMSeattle
    Too many cookies...and candies....and more cookies...this season. Then my mom sent more of the stuff. I sat it on the table at work and let everybody take what they wanted.

    My mom sends lots of junk. Then she'll tell you that you're getting fat! Muahahahaha!
  3. by   Celia M
    May be there should be a policy to split such goodies between the shifts. Most of our docs do send seperate containers for each shift, but sometimes when there is only one thing there is little left over for nights because of all the others who come through and help themselves!!!! (Including the Docs)
  4. by   mitchsmom
    sounds like a good Seinfeld episode.
  5. by   boulergirl
    sounds like a good Seinfeld episode.
    Yeah, and throw a "Snack Nazi" in there somewhere!! "Nocakeforyou!"
  6. by   flashpoint
    LOL...I once worked at an LTC that refused to let staff accept gifts of food from doctors, drug reps, families, etc...if anyone brought in food, it was stored until the next day and passed out as treats during the resident's activities. I made the mistake of bringing in one of the sheet cakes left over from my wedding and they served it to the residents for dessert the next day! A few of the staff members got a small piece of the cake, but most got nothing at all.

    At the hospital I am at now, most people bring in food for both shifts...when they don't we try to divide it evenly or we just cowboy up and accept the fact that sometimes there isn't enough to go around. No big deal. One thing that is strange to me is that our nursing students are not allowed to eat anything that is brought in by staff, families, drug reps, etc...even if the people bringing it it specifically bring extra for the students. Their instructor considers it to be unprofessional to accept gifts...sigh. They're also expected to use the public restrooms rather than the staff ones and they're supposed to let staff get in front of them in line in the cafeteria...there are other "belittlings" placed upon them by their instructors, but I can't think of what they are right now.

    Ooops...got a bit off topic, didn't I?
  7. by   llg
    The "sandwich fight" is a great example of one of the big problems faced by managers. How do you reward a staff (or individual) without causing a lot of trouble? I can't tell you how many hours of meetings have been spent trying to find a way to provide rewards.

    If you don't reward staff members who do a great job, you get criticized for not providing rewards and incentives. If you do try to provide some type of reward/incentive program, you start a fight and/or get criticized because some people didn't benefit as much as other people. It really puts a damper on "trying to be nice."

    Once again ... nurses are their own worst enemy.

  8. by   boulergirl
    Speaking of competition sparked by rewards programs, I have noticed that the "Employee of the Month" feature silently disappeared from our facility's newsletter.
  9. by   redshiloh
    llg I completely agree. I have worked here as LVN, RN and acting nurse manager and I remember feeling unappreciated as a staff nurse. But as nurse manager, all I ever got from trying to show appreciation via awards, food ect was complaints, union grievances, EEO grievances.
    I used to keep a candy dish on my desk for hungry nurses, but I found out (too late) that they were actually taking the candy but backstabbing me after they left the office. I feel very discouraged because being a nice person makes you a target for malicious people.