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First baby, about 2-4wks pregnant, am 33 yo, married, and have only been nursing (RN) for 6 months. My question --- how difficult is it to work full-time on a med surg unit until the due date? My... Read More

  1. by   nekhismom
    It's gonna be a balancing act for a little while. But you can do it as long as you remain healthy, and don't have unexpected complications. Congrats on the pregnancy!!! Hang in there!
  2. by   gomedina
    Congratulations. I think most advise will be relative. the most important ones to note will be the advise you'll get from your supervisor more than anyone else. find out how you can do great at work in your condition. what are the institution's policies on this? what kind of support/programs do they have? Ask those at work how was it like for those who got pregnant while working there. I know you'll do great.

    My wife is also pregnant with our second child. By the way, your birthday is on the same date as our School Feast Day.
  3. by   friendlymulan2004
    Hi Lady Jezebel! congratulations! Why not try and ask your family doctor to give you a medical letter informing the Occupational health that you are pregnant and need to have work modification? That's what I did when I was pregnant. But I really need to leave the floor on my 3rd month because of some complication. I also worked at medical Surgical floor and you know what I mean. Take care of yourself , take a rest if you have to,and just let your colleagues know that you are pregnant so you have support. God bless you!
  4. by   ?burntout
    Congratulations on your pregnancy

    Just be sure to take care of you and baby-drink lots of fluids (water, non-caffeinated(sp) beverages), empty your bladder often (it won't be a problem at first and put those feet up when possible, like being put on hold waiting for the doc to come to the phone.

    And IF there is a time where your doc advises you to cut back on your hours or days/week, please do so-your health and your baby's health are WAY more important than your job.
  5. by   luckyladyore
    Congrats New Mommy its a wonderful experience I worked with each of my children
    upuntil my 7mth that gave me time to shop, relax and get in tuned with myself! At the time I was a Table games Dealer so it was alot of standing and using my brain but I made it through not to mention taking college courses and passed!
  6. by   hock1
    A couple of ladies went through this. Only one took a seven week class off. The others kept trucking. They were tired, but made it through. If you get to burned out then try again later. Nursing school and parenting is hard, but can be done. I had ages 5, 6 1/2, and 9 year olds when I started. One lady had twins ages 12 months! Go for what you feel is best for you and your child and CONGRATS!
  7. by   JoniL&DRN
    Congrats lady_jezebel! You probably have enough advice here but I'll throw mine in anyway. I worked while Preg with #1 (not as a nurse, but more than full time as a realtor) up til the last 3 weeks which I took off because I wanted to goof off basically. I stayed at home while pg with 2 and 3 and I'll tell you I wished I had worked (except for missing the babies at home), it would have made time pass quicker which is a nice thing when you are counting days... Plus the activity of moving around at work keeps you in better shape and makes delivery and recovery easier (in my experience). Good luck!

  8. by   Daqueengene
    Quote from lady_jezebel
    First baby, about 2-4wks pregnant, am 33 yo, married, and have only been nursing (RN) for 6 months. My question --- how difficult is it to work full-time on a med surg unit until the due date? My husband and I need the money, and I would go nuts without a job. Will this be very exhausting?

    I am scared to death, though excited about having a baby! :hatparty:
    You will do fine if you don't try to be super woman. Listen to your body it will tell you when to slow down take a break order out instead of cook and get the LB (lover boy) to help with the daily chores if living. I have had three children working full time with all three pregnencies. The last one was the hardest but I was working a very busy labor and delivery unit and some days I would go home and collapse. Try and work as long as you can if you don't have any problems because you will need the time after to be with the baby. It was worth it to me to work up until labor to have the extra time off after.
    Keep your feet up when you can ,rest your mind, dream about the wonderful gift you have been given and hold on for the ride because it is the BEST!
    keep smilin
    rainbows and butterflies
  9. by   kathy_79
    congrats to you,

    hope you will enkoy that time a lot. it is such a mistery and joy of life.

    i worked as cna with my girl till the due day. it was hard sometimes, but i would never change it. i just need that and my body knows it.
    your body will really tell you what ypu need and should do. do not be afraid to ask for help, excpect frequent breaks to washroom, just do not try to overlift anything if you do not have to. the best do not lift but it is impossible for nurses.

    good luck again,