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I almost Died! Experiencing abdominal pain worstening for nearly 3 weeks; I finally reached 10/10 pain. Reporting to the ER at St Anthony's where I was recently hired. I was admitted for... Read More

  1. by   -jt
    It would be great if all the surgery consisted of was just cutting off the extra flabby skin but unfortunately its not that simple. Its major surgery. Between both procedures youd be under anesthesia a long time. There may be risks. The best person to ask about whether or not you should do this right now is your doctor.

    They CANT fire you for being sick. The Family Medical Leave Act is federal law. It covers medical leaves to care for a sick family member or yourself for several months. If they fire you, you have a federal case to sue over.
  2. by   NRSKarenRN
    {{{{{{{{{{{HUGS from PA}}}}}}}}}}}

    Missed your posts. Wishing you success on upcoming reversal. Since you've been on the otherside of the curtain, you will be able to use that knowledge wisely.

    Found this site--hope it helps.
  3. by   Jenny P
    Norbert, either PICC lines or Groshong caths would be acceptable for antibiotics after what you've been through.

    Another thought about the tummy tuck is that you don't know how your gut is going to work without that descending and sigmoid colon. It is possible that you may metabolize that spare tire once you are back to normal and back to work. I've seen people have problems maintaining their weight after some colon surgeries, so don't sweat the small stuff yet.

    Take care of yourself and get well! You've been through a lot; I hope you LISTEN to your body in the future!
  4. by   ceecel.dee
    Maybe a PICC line is what you should get. Without the peritonitis, your antibx regimen should be short lived. Reanastomosis will require a much shorter recovery time than the original procedure and complications of infection/inflamation.

    Good luck!
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Sorry you have been so sick and glad that you are on the mend!!
  6. by   zudy
    Norbert, so sorry you have been so sick and been thru so much!! Hope you next surgery goes well, please keep us posted on how you are doing , and be extra good to yourself!!
  7. by   boggle
    Norbert, I see quite a few of the re-anastimosis surgeries where I work, done by different physicians.

    All of their patients have an NG in for 3-5 days. Ileus is pretty common in the elderly patients I've cared for, but the younger patients and those who get up and walking often have had little trouble.

    We all get pretty excited over the first "poop".

    Best wishes to you for an uneventful surgery, and a very speedy recovery!!
  8. by   kmchugh

    Good luck on the reanastomosis. I've done the anesthesia for several of these, and to be honest, never put in a central line for one. If I have a good running, 18 ga or larger IV, I'm happy. Remember, central lines carry significantly greater risk than peripheral IV's, so weigh your options carefully, and ask your anesthetist/anesthesiologist what they feel is the best option. Unfortunately, I know no anesthesia providers who would be happy with a PICC. Too small to be any use in the OR. Anyway, good luck, get better quick.

    Kevin McHugh, CRNA
  9. by   NurseDennie
    Get well soon, Norbert!


  10. by   Norbert Holz
    Hi again everyone.

    I am not fired (yet). The DON approved my medical/personal leave this week. The benefits department says I am elligible for 90 days of leave.

    Since I did not complete the Critical Care Internship Program (CCIP) I am not sure if I will be elligible or feel confident to work in ICU. CCIP is nearly 2 months long I only attended for 3 weeks.

    The original plan was to complete the CCIP working several days a week doing a clinical with an experienced Nurse. I do not feel I gained enough experience to take an ICU assignment. The DON told me to call her when I'd be cleared to go back to work and wished me well.

    I believe I'm going to stick with getting a subclavian central line. The vein in my right hand and arm is still quite inflamed. I realize running D51/2 with 40 KCl is highly iritating and I may not ( hopefully won't) have it again but I feel that another site on that side would further iritate the already damaged veins.

    The risk for infection, I believe, is mitigated by the belief a central line will not cause any venous irratation at all. My EKG's have never been anything but fine. Hopefully the Doc will do a good job keep everything sterile and place it so no cardiac problems arise. I trust him for the most part and he said he would put one in.

    Hopefully, all the Nurses working with my line will keep me infection free too! I'll give out handwashing awards and keep a supply of ETOH pads at the bed side.

    My wound is closing very well. Too bad it will be reopened for the reversal. It keeps getting shorter and narrower. No redness burning or other s&s of problems.

    I've been putting a very healthy bead of Carrington gel directly into the wound topping it off with some 4X4's refolded into 8"X1" to hold the gel. Over that I put a couple of 4X8 with a 5X8 ABD under the bag. A big piece of expandable net holds the dressing and bag in place very well.

    Today I had a Barium Enema. I was real glad there was no air inflation!

    I waited for 2 hours to get the 1 1/2 hour procedure! They lost my paperwork. After being in the waiting room for an hour and a half I asked if there was anything I could do to help ( kill em with kindness!) "OOPS! we must have lost your paperwork."

    I'd have thought that explaining to them I am an RN would have promoted at least a conscious level of service. Oh well, just another number in the great computer.

    Hey, my appetite hasen't been the greatest lately anyway. What's another couple hours NPO right? My late lunch sure tasted good!

    I asked for an Endostomal Therapist Nurse to help when I checked in. I"ve always greatly respected and highly valued ET Nurses; now more than ever! Hats off to all the ET's !

    There was only one RN in the place. She was pulled there only because they were short staffed. She offered to help me after telling me that no ET Nurse was avaliable.

    I ended up talking the Rad Tec through the bag and dressing change. I'm sure glad he was able to help me. I have a very difficult time getting the one piece bag wafer applied sucessfully. Most of the time I have someone do it for me. I can't seem to do it one handed while seeing the image in the mirror.

    He didn't freak out or simply refuse to help me even though He had never seen anything like this before. So far the bag has not leaked and I do not feel any skin irritation around the stoma. I was lucky to get a Tec with a full set of brains and the ability to follow directions well.

    The films looked quite good. No diverticular disease evident under flouroscopy. I'll be bringing them to Dr. Lee on Monday so he can see what's left for him to work with. I hope we can schedule the reversal for soon afterward; perhaps the next week.

    This weekend I have my daughter! "THE" REASON I'm glad to be alive! I picked her up this afternoon. We had a great time, as usual. Some people spell it L-O-V-E, I spell it S-t-e-p-h-a-n-i-e! God sure gave me a great kid!

    Our first stop was at St Leo University where she goes to YMCA summer camp 2 days a week. We walked around and drove the rest of the huge campus. She excitedly showed me everything she could while we trudged around.

    Lately her Dermatomyositis has become more prevelent. She says she is getting weak from time to time. It wasn't until we got home she told me of her weakening feelings.

    She is quite capable of all ADL's again. There was a time 2 years ago when she could barely walk. I hope she maintains this level of wellness and the disease completely goes away.

    Next was WalMart, I like to get her fresh fruit and other things she dosen't get at her mothers. I still don't understand just how they both are able to live on what I send in child support.

    After dropping off my WalMart payment, usually around 100.00. We headed home. I should buy stock in WalMart I go there so often!

    My little cherub, soon to turn 8, is sleeping soundly as I "speak" to you, my peers and friends. Thanks again for all your support and advice. I really am greatful for all of the well wishes and support you all have given to me!

    Please continue to follow my post and respond! I need your support and encouragement!
  11. by   Sleepyeyes
    So glad it's going well for you Norb; sounds like you're on the mend. Sounds like they're taking good care of you too.
  12. by   P_RN
    Good luck Norbert. Aren't children just pure miracle workers?
  13. by   Kikumaru
    Norbert, I am glad to see that previous postings mentioned picc lines. Centrals are more complicating and piccs can last around 6 months when cared for. I am sure that others will benefit from hearing your story and should! Take care