How would you react??

  1. Last week, after months of being 'promised' that I would be going to day shift (working nights & occ. days) I came in, after working several straight days, to find that my next 2 wk schedule was every shift 'helter-skelter'.
    Example: Mon:6-2
    I also asked if I could come in on another shift (this past fri) because we were going out of town for the weekend. There were already nurses covering each shift and there would be 2 of us on 10-6. The DON said, 'I'm sure it's ok, just write it on a piece of paper and put it in my box." Well, this 'God fearing, Pentacostal Holiness' lady turned into Beelzeebub! I was given a note by another nurse with a nasty reply. She also changed the schedule to the one above and put down that I requested off (I did not want off, just another shift). Anyway, this other nurse forgot to remove a 'sticky' note that the DON had wrote her. It said.....
    ....."Wait until after 1pm to give this to her, then stand around non-chauntly and observe her. Call me to let me know how she took it". Well, I naturally said something....."this schedule is crazy, I can't do this (I never agreed to do eve. since I have family at home) I need a job that won't mess with the schedule so much'.....I'm now looking for another job since I got fired for complaining about the schedule! I'm ticked but kinda glad that I'm not there. Sick of covering for other nurses who call off at the last minute, fixing mistakes, etc.... they even messed up my check (shorted me 6 hours plus holiday pay) and now won't pay my MD bill due to a shoulder injury on the job.
    What would you do?
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  3. by   shay
    I...have...NO idea!! Bleah!! What a mess!!! Ummm, correct me if I'm wrong, but they can't fire you for complaining about the schedule, can they? Isn't that wrongful termination?? Hmmm...I'd probably contact the nearest lawyer and have him/her send a nice little letter to the DON and risk mgt. and human resources. Yeep!
  4. by   CEN35
    truthfully? i would tell the don you saw the note. i would have actually kept it.
    then told her, either you make the changes you promised me, or i go to hr. if that proves futile, give them your two weeks.
    be civil about it, and say i like working here, but can't stay. tell them there are many many other jobs, with dayshift openings.

    two things i have seen first hand:
    #1 - managment only bends if they think your an assett to the system.

    #2 - things don't get fixed, or changed until managment is faced with a do or die situation (i.e. you are offered another job, and give them your notice)

    just my 2 cents


  5. by   ageless
    It truly depends on what state laws are available to employees. Check with your state's labor board for specifics before hiring a costly attorney. Unless the firing was direct discrimination against race, gender, religion etc., many states have in effect "no right to work" statutes. Which literally means one can be terminated for any other reason. No explaination necessary. Sad, but true...I live in a "no right to work state".
  6. by   ktwlpn
    I believe that management will only push over those that are willing to fall...I don't mean that you should be inflexible-just the opposite-I think it is appropriate to bend over backwards occassionally but stand tall when we must...I would NOT work evenings and go back in at 6am-and would make it clear that I find it too absurd to even consider...however I would work an evening or 2 followed by a noc....Also promises are easily broken-get it in writing...give an ultimatum and update that resume...Lots of openings out there-any employer knows that and good ones are bending over backwards themselves to try and accomodate their loyal employees
  7. by   hoolahan
    I would also have definitely taken the stickee note to the DON and said "I wanted to watch non-chalantly to see your reaction to my seeing this note." Now here's a note for you, "I resign, effective immediately.

    You will find another job easily. Why work for someone who is such an underhanded snake in the grass. She is beelzebub!! You are better off. I am not sure what grounds a lawsuit would be based on, there has to be discrimination (age, sex, racial, disability, etc...) or whistleblower (and from what you said, there is not a dangerous situation to pt's or staff, just that you wanted a schedule change), in order to have a case. Since you are in an at-will employer situation (I assume) they can fire you for no reason (if other than the above mentioned.)

    Just be glad your eyes were opened and you can throw this monkey off your back.

    Have you looked into home care? It is a days only situation, flexible hours, and very conductive to working parents.

    Good luck with your new job search.
    Find out your state's labor laws...sue for wrongful dismissal (your were obviously bated) ...& definitely sue them to make them pay for your medical injury which who sustained working for them ...then I would get the hell out of there & never look back :roll ...this is one bridge you can absolutely afford to burn! - Moe
  9. by   NannaNurse
    I do have the original sticky. I also made a photocopy and sent a letter to the Administrator/Owner and let her know what was going on. This is what I call a .......'hillbilly' facility. The Maint. Dir is the uncle of the Admin. & works for free. The Activity Dir. has a sister and her mom working as CNA's, the Dietary Dir. has her husband, daughter and sister working with her and she has worked over 40 days w/o day off. The SocSer. Dir quit....said they were all a bunch of nuts......heehee.
    I did retain a copy of all the papers for my attorney. I will also contact one of those "if you've been hurt on the job and they refuse to pay....." attorneys. I worked my tail off to help them with start-up. I'm looking into Pharmacy tech or something besides LTC. I'm almost to the point of going back to school to do something entirely diff. than nursing. I'm getting sick of the back-stabbing after 20+ years.
    Thanks to all of you for your input and support. I'll keep you posted.
  10. by   duckie
    I would also make a mad dash to see if you are entitled to Unemployment benefits. All facilities have a policy they must follow to terminate an employee and it sounds to me like they did not follow any policy. Get out your employee handbook and see what the chain of actions are that must be taken to terminate someone. I'd bet you'll be taking a nice vacation on them. Usually there is a series of written warnings that must be given before one can be dismissed. Keep the note and take it with you when you file for unemployment.
  11. by   P_RN
    Unemployment sounds like the ticket! YOU pay nothing into it. The money comes from Ms Beelzebub's facility!

    If you are in one of the at will states....all you have to do is breathe to get fired. BUT it also means you don't really have to give notice either. (Not advocating that but it's true)

    I think you lucked out before the Clampetts asked YOU to work for free.
  12. by   NannaNurse
    Turning in my paperwork for unemployment tomorrow (Monday). It is an 'at will' I could of 'farted'.....excuse the remark, and gotten fired.
    First warning, first write up. They stated they have a 'zero' tollerance policy for 'unprofessional' behavior.
    Did I get upset???? You bet I did. Did I act unprofessional?? Nothing but 'human' here. How unprofessional is it to say your sick and tired of vague promises and ticked about the crazy schedule??
    How unprofessional is it to change schedule at the last minute, tell another nurse to wait until as late as possible to inform you and then 'spy' on you for a reaction and then fire you for that reaction?????
    I would love some time off on them.
  13. by   mother/babyRN
    Please tell me you have a union!! If not, I agree with Shay...Doesn't sound like an offense worthy of firiing someone. I would definitely pursue this...Might want to call the labor relations board.....They love to investigate things like this! Good luck to you!
  14. by   mother/babyRN
    Why not ask for a written definition of "unprofessional behavior" and request a policy outlining same...Check ( or have someone there that you trust), check the policy and procedures manual for an exact description of unprofessional and/or professional behavior. Have them define "at will" For instance, could you be fired at will if someone didn't like you or management didn't feel like paying your benefits? Without a definition on paper, you may have great lee way when it comes to confronting them legally..And, if they DO have a written policy, perhaps THEY fall under the definition of 'Unprofessional behavior." If you are no longer their employee, you could sue the hospital for reinstatement, ESPECIALLY if you have a note indication something other than they are claiming....