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I was wondering how much states charge for renewal of licenses. I am an RN and Indiana charges $50 during the year in which you renew. We renew every other year in Indiana. LPN's in the even... Read More

  1. by   RNFROG3
    I'm with the Indiana crew--wow quite a few of us. It was $85 in Alabama 2 years ago with 32? ceu's required. Remind me not to move to Ca or SC..whew or southern wait I'd pay that for a chance to live there.
  2. by   Mama Val
    Ok, OK eveybody I got ya all beat
    Alaska $215.00 every other year RN or LPN
    God only knows what they do with that money
    Quick somebody buy me a drink I'm broke
  3. by   Stargazer
    WOW. You win, MamaVal!

    Don't worry, I've got the next round.
  4. by   Mama Val
    Thanks, 1 Cape Cod please
    Our renewal is due Sept 30
    I think I'll go back to bartending its cheaper
  5. by   Grace Oz
    Originally posted by Sandra m. Took
    I didnt realise it was that expensive in SA - and that is just the renewal

    I was surprised at that cost Grace

    Don't worry Tookie, we're all surprised here too!
    It's a bloody rip-off! Has jumped by about $60 over the past two years!??!...I'm going in to renew mine on monday & they'll certainly hear my protest!!... NOT HAPPY!
    GO THE POWER!! PORT for premiers!!:chuckle
  6. by   RNIAM
    In Maine the renewal rate is 40 dollars for two years.
    Nothing compared to MamaVal. Hey MamaVal I was a Bartender in my previous life. I'll mix ya a double for those prices..:hatparty:
  7. by   Tookie
    Not getting into the last comment re the power

    L wonder though if that will mean that the other states will start jumping up as well - they havent risen in Vic and NSW for some time now - hope not - not when you then have to add in your ANF fees (if your a member) - still l guess they are both Tax deductiable

    Carn Tiges - not that l can talk about our year at all really.

    Cheers Tookie
  8. by   eltrip
    75 buckaroos every other year here in Tennessee. We've recently rec'd notification that, beginning in January, 2004, we shall be required to provide documentation of proof of competency. There are 15 items that we can choose 2 from in which to provide proof of competence. Hmmm
  9. by   deespoohbear
    OMG- $215 for your nursing license? Definitely marking Alaska off my list of places to live. (Not that it was on there in the first place). No offense, but I am not suited for cold climates and darkness 23 hours a day.
  10. by   zudy
    $25.00 every 2 years in Arkansas. All that, and the Razorbacks too!
  11. by   Grace Oz
    That's something I meant to say... here in Australia, we can claim our nurses registration fee & Australian Nurses Federation
    ( union) fee at taxation time. Is that the same in the USA?...
  12. by   Cooker93
    I'm a LPN in Illinois-$40.00 every other year. I renew in Jan of next year, then I pay to take RN boards in the summer-that sucks...
  13. by   DelGR
    Wisconsin-- I think I paid $40.00 for my 2 year renewal. If late, I think it was a $58.00 fee. No CEUs required or competency proof with renewal. Renewed this past February.

    Illinois is $40.00 every two years. I don't remember if there was a late fee. No CEUs or proof of competency. Renewed in May.

    At my work place, no license renewal-- don't come to work.