How many times did you switch jobs as a RN?

  1. I am curious to know how many times as an RN did you change jobs in order to ultimately find your niche in nursing?

    I ask this because I am now having regrets for starting as a RN in adult cardiology...I think I like it much better in pediatrics.
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  3. by   TazziRN
    I was hired in a medium-sized ER after graduation and spent 11 years there. Went to a rural ER for 8 years, I switched to home health 6 months ago and LOVE IT!
  4. by   oldiebutgoodie
    Been an RN for 2 1/2 years.

    Hospital #1: stayed 4 months due to various issues (like the unit was insane).

    Hospital #2: Been there 2 years, but have had 3 different positions there. Finally found what I like.

    I am too old to settle for a job I don't like.

  5. by   SICU Queen
    Let's see... one... two... three... four... five... six... seven... yep. Seven. That's how many different hospitals I've worked at... and that's not counting agency and traveling. I've tried Rehab, Med-Surg, Telemetry, Newborn Nursery, Labor&Delivery, Case Management, Medical ICU and ER. My "ultimate" area is Surgical ICU. About 10 of my almost 15 years of nursing have been there. For some twisted reason I'm a glutton for punishment and stick to it, LOL!! (Truth be told, they're the patient population that I like best.)

    Don't be afraid to change. Nurses are too in demand for you to stick in an area that you don't like.

    Go find your niche.
  6. by   oramar
    Five in 25 years as RN. BUT...I did agency and casual at several other hospitals beside those five.
  7. by   tatarn2b2007
    Hi. I have only been a RN since July and moved to work at a particular facility. Now after 5 months, I am moving onto a different job at a different facility. I was not even suppossed to get this new job(didn't meet their posted education or experience requirements), but through persistence I got the job and start at the beginning of the year. I think most managers understand wanting to find something that suits you. I am still getting calls from hospitals for interviews and it was perfectly clear on my resume I have only been in my current job for 5 months...not even 5 months yet. So, get out there and start applying. You never know what can happen unless you try. Good luck.
  8. by   RN1989
    Switched enough times to keep me from leaving nursing altogether. Agency work helped a lot so I could keep my sanity and ignore the baloney politics between staff.
  9. by   Medic/Nurse
    I'd say as many as necessary to find your dream job!

    For me. 1 job as a staff RN. 8 facilities as an agency RN. 7 facilities as a traveler. 1 job in transport and current flight position. Hmmm, seems like more!!!

    Practice SAFE!
  10. by   nightfall2099
    So far 10.:uhoh21:
  11. by   cvryder
    Oh my goodness...the first two were peds and it took me about 4 months in each place to figure out I didn't like it. Went to M/S and was hating it, but in that small hospital the ICU manager picked me out as "good ICU material." Since then I've changed jobs about every 3 years, except for the 6 1/2 I spent in home health while my kids were in high school. Now I travel. I think my ultimate love is really cardiology, but I won't turn down a good ICU spot ;-)

    Peds, M/S, nursery, home health, ICU, cardiology, travel-travel-travel!:spin:
  12. by   bill4745
    1. 1 year M/S
    2. 1.5 yeasrs tele-different hospital
    3. 1.5 years SICU-different hospital again-moved
    4. 7 years agency ICU
    5. 4 years ICU, then 3 years ER same hospital, still there
  13. by   mom2michael
    Job #1 - Medical Cardiac - I worked there 3 months as a PCA during NS, lasted 8 weeks as an RN. Drive was WAY TOO FAR to safely do while working nights.

    Job #2 - Rural ER - I worked there all thru NS as a tech, started full time in Feb as an RN, quit full time in Nov. Left because lack of support for RN's, horrible staffing issues and a manager that tries to be your friend only to shove the knife deeper in your back.

    Job #3 - Mid size ER - I've worked there PRN since May. I work there anywhere from 1-8 shifts a month, just depending on their needs and my needs. LOVE the flexibility. Wouldn't work there full time though because this facility is suffering from growing pains. It's nice to visit and leave when I'm done.

    Job #4 - Another Rural ER - I started there in Nov. So far so good.
  14. by   KJRN79
    1. First job as RN, surgical unit, county hospital 2 and a half years.
    2. Same hospital, high risk ob 1 and a half years
    3. moved across country, high risk ob, 2 and a half years
    4. got married, wanted day shift, worked in a doc's office almost one year
    5. Public Health Nurse, 2 years, my husband hated it....too many drug addicts/ people with tb to find, bad areas
    6. OB/PP/Nursery 3 years, county hospital
    7. Moved across country again, Visiting Nurse 6 & 1/2 years
    8. Current position, Health Manager, Daycare/Preschool/ Head Start, 9 and a half years.

    I think that most of my job changes had more to do with my lifestyle than liking/disliking the job itself. When I was divorced and became the single mom, needed a (more) flexible job like I've had for the past 16 years.