How many of you work 3 days /12 hrs shifts?

  1. How convenient is it ? How burned out do you feel ? Do You, Nurses have to work every other weekend?Finally, how nice does it feel to have 4 days to yourself??! lol .
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  3. by   EmmaG
    I don't get 4 days off straight, except when I was working every Fri/Sat/Sun. That was soooo nice.

    I've worked 12 hour shifts since '88. I don't see myself ever going back to 8 hour shifts. Just the mere thought of going in that place 5 days a week--- ugh. No thanks.
  4. by   NurseyBaby'05
    Until this past June I worked 3 12s a week and loved it. I rarely worked more than two days in a row. If I did more than two in a row,it was because I wanted it to be that way. I also wanted to figure out my finances based on a 72 hour pay period and anything over that would be extra. It seemed easier to avoid burnout because I didn't feel like I was always at work.

    There were two things about it that were the pits. The first one was working every other weekend. Not working the weekend per se, but the lack of sleep if I got out late because I was due back later that night. I would feel like I never left, but it was only for two days. Also with the back to back 12 hour shifts, anything else you want to do that weekend is pretty much shot. The other thing that is not so good is that when I did schedule myself for more than two shifts in a row, I sometimes "wasted" a day off recovering; especially because I worked nights. Occasionally it wasn't too bad, but when I was pregnant I eventually had to stop doing more than two in a row. It was taking all my time off to recover.

    If I had to go back to a full time schedule, I would do it again. Sometimes I would wind up working forty hours or more a week, but it was when I wanted to, not all the time.
  5. by   cooblu
    Quote from AspiringNurse7
    How convenient is it ? How burned out do you feel ? Do You, Nurses have to work every other weekend?Finally, how nice does it feel to have 4 days to yourself??! lol .
    ain't bad, it's prety much the standard now. when i see my neighbors gone long before i get up and go to bed early just to do it again, so yeah this is better. however it's a trade-off and me and my neighbors a getting rich...right? it is the only way to do nightshift.
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  6. by   joprasklpn
    I work in peds homecare right now and no weekends or holidays are required, but I usually work one weekend shift per week because the kids do need us. 12hr shifts are always available. I personally can't do them. (I work nights and have a 12 and 18 year old at home.)
  7. by   MAISY, RN-ER
    Work 3-13 hour days. One weekend per month. Have one four day stretch and two 3 days stretches during my monthly pattern. Recently found out that all are not so lucky. Patterns vary..know what you are getting.
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  8. by   mom2michael
    I work Mon, Tues, Wed nights. Wouldn't trade my 3-12 hours shifts for anything in this world. I get 4 days off in a row, no weekends unless I want them for extra $$$$. Holidays if they fall on my 3's great.

    The whole idea of getting up and going to work 5 days a week just makes me shudder.......

    At my previous job, we either worked every other weekend or every 3rd weekend, depending on the shift and the needs.
  9. by   amberfnp
    I am considering in the future (for school reasons) leaving my M-F 8-5, no nights, w/e, or holiday job to do 3 12's in the ED (I work there PT now). That may provide more income as well as more time for schoolwork and clinicals. However, my family and friends will still be on their "normal" schedule. How hard is it to shift gears between staying up all night for work but trying to be on eveyone elses schedule on your days off?
  10. by   jnrsmommy
    When I worked on med-surg, I loved working my 3 12s in a row. Got lucky enough that the next 2 nights you get the same pts back (unless discharges occured), but that things would, for the most part run smoothly. Granted, on the fourth day it's tiring, but then having four days off helped.

    My absolute favorite all time schedule was working 6 on and 8 off (the last three days of first week in pay period and first three in second week). Granted, was younger, had more energy It was great though, mini vacations.
  11. by   leaflet
    I may be one of the few, but I would prefer a different schedule. I love my days off, but usually I end up having all my days off by myself with my husband and I on opposite schedules. I also don't prefer that my schedule is always changing. We have a great system of self scheduling, but there are weekend requirements (every 3rd) as well as Monday requirements (2 every 6 weeks) and Friday requirements (2 every 6 weeks). Since I like to schedule my days together it is difficult to keep any set evenings free for a class or bible study or sports league.

    I think I would prefer 4 10 hour shifts a week where I get off at 5 pm and can still have an evening. With 12 hour shifts I am lucky to get home before 8 pm, hungry tired and needing to get to bed to get up and do it again. And of course I would love no weekends or less weekends, like one a month or two weekend days every 6 weeks, spread out not having to take a whole weekend away at once.

    Those are my gripes although everyone else seems to only have positive things to say about them. I guess it is all in perspective and personal situations.
  12. by   Dorito
    Glad to hear the feedback on this topic. I'm thinking about switching jobs and the new job would be 3- 12's. (5am-5pm) I've been doing 8's M-F for sometime and wonder how well I would do getting up so early to make it to work by 5am. (also wondering about driving winter roads before the plows get out) Thanks for your feedback.
  13. by   joannep
    I am currently working M-F 8 hr days and it is driving me crazy not having a day off to myself. I have the weekends off with my husband and children, but it seems that all I do is what they want to do. When I worked 3 X 12 hr days, I had days off during the week that was all "my time", when I managed to fit in lunch with girlfriends, trips to the gym, trips to visit my father, trips to the matinee shows with my mother, now I can't do that at all.
    So yes, I too am thinking of giving up my job to get those 12 hour days back again.
  14. by   vamedic4
    I do...and I love it. I used to work 2 12s and 2 8s (and a D/N rotation at that!!) But that all changed with the birth of my first little monster. 3 12 hour nights for me thanks..and if I'm available to work more, I'll call you.

    It's great. I wouldn't go back to working 5 days a week for double my hourly pay. Not a chance.

    Cold front..YAAY!!:spin: