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about life saving measures with your families? do any of you have hcp's or living will's? my mother,youngest sister, and fiancee all know my wishes and i know theirs. we are all getting... Read More

  1. by   Antikigirl
    THe following states have something called a POLST, Physicians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment. These are actual ORDERS for if you can not speak for yourself. You can also put additional wishes on them if you want. These are the only orders that can be transfered from facility to facility or can be recognized by paramedics as well (even though living wills are legal, that is mostly a hospital document).

    Oregon, Washington, New York, West Virginia, and parts of Michigan. States developing this wonderful document are: Nevada, Utah, Nebraska, Missouri, Florida, Georgia, Tenn., Michiagan, New Hampshire, parts of Penn., and Hawaii.

    If you live in one of these states, check it out online! The forms are very to the point, brightly colored, and only one page front and back. They can be faxed if necessary (say you are out of town or what not), and just need your physician signature and you own!

    For more information on POLSTS, check out the site:

    I think these are the GREATEST thing!!!!!
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  2. by   Cattitude
    Quote from swtooth
    i want to fill out a health care proxy, but i have no idea where to even get one. |where are you all getting them??

    my state has downloadable forms available online. you can google the words "health care proxy" and the name of your state, see what comes up.
  3. by   SillyLilly
    At work, we usually do not have many codes, and rarely have a death on the unit. We had one the other week, dnr, hospice care on unit. She was placed on our unit to pass.

    Of course it brought up discussions all day long and about 4 people filled out advance directives during the shift, under the guidance of the chaplain, and 'witnessed' by other staff. Some brought it home to their family members to discuss.

    My parents wont discuss it. I dont know why. But I do know their wishes. I have made mine clear to them as well.
  4. by   banditrn
    Yes, we have living wills. My husband and I both also had an interesting conversation about going to a nursing home - we both agreed we'd rather 'eat' our guns than go to one.
  5. by   prowlingMA
    DH and I have decided to fill one out when we are 30. I will appoint my mother. i know my DH would do anything to keep me alive.
    If I am uncontious, or severly brain damaged, with no chance of recovery, pull the plug and let me be in peace.