How hard was nursing school?

  1. My DH thinks I will have a hard time with anatomy and physiology. He's kind of holding back on me going to school right now. A girl I know took the test a few times before she actually passed it, how hard is it??
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed and I did fine. I think its more an attitude that you WILL do it and WON'T fail!

    Get going.
  4. by   danissa
    What do YOU think babe?? It's not your dh who will be doing it, its you. Do you feel that you will enjoy the studying and take it on board? Whatever you decide, in the end, along with the support of your dh, it has to be down to you and your confidence in yourself. Keep reading stuff on this board, its a great help.. talk to some of the students on here....they provide great insight into whats needed for your studies.......and best of luck in whatever you decide!
  5. by   P_RN
    Although it has been many years, I didn't find it hard at all. But then 99% of what you need to learn comes after you get your license.
  6. by   EeyoreAddict
    It depends on what else you have gong on in your life. If you can block out everything else for awhile and FOCUS you will be fine. This my my second time taking A&P1 - BUT I have three kids, a hubby that is a truck driver and I am a habitual procrastinator!! I am BARELY passing - in fact so close I registered for it again next semester JUST IN CASE!!
    First off after lecture study STUDY - if you start to wait you WILL get behind!!

    It is attitude - A&P is ALOT of info ALOT!!! Take you time stay on top of it and tell you DH that if he wants a better life for him and his family - he has to help and SUPPORT you. WORKED for mine!!

    My DH did the shopping (WALMART) and cleaned the kitchen for me today so that I can study!! Keep reiderating (sp?) the even though YOU are in school - the TEAM (family) has to kick it up so that the TEAM can benefit once you are done.
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  7. by   mcknis
    Check out the Students tab on here. They can provide great info and are a huge help on here. It can be done. I have 2 qtrs left, and couldn't be happier. Good luck
  8. by   flightnurse2b
    nursing school is hard... but you can do it, seriously! you need to believe in yourself... forget what your husband thinks... dont let anyone hold you back. focus, study hard, and dont give up!! good luck!!
  9. by   l.a.m.b
    first off, a+p is hard, no question about it! everyone has different styles and different paces. you may have to go outside of the lines and find a way (different book or make your diagrams in a way that is easier for you) that works for you. when i took the class, i barely passed. this was 4 years ago and do you think i remember any of it? no! when you are in nursing school you will need use it all the time but its mostly in review form which is ok. when you are actually in a+p the content is more intense, i think. know that just because you barely passed it or that you retook it 2-3 times doesnt mean you will be a bad nurse, because i know people that aced all their prereq's but just dont get the nursing mangement and interventions, and that is the main core of nursing. check out the a+p study guides/cheat sheets that are posted on this site. ive seen them on the stickies among other places. im sure you will find them helpful. keep us posted and remember that you arent alone!
  10. by   Faeriewand
    So what are you interested in? LPN or RN? I'm asking because you mentioned A&P and that is what you do in your LPN program. And those are the classes you take before you enter an RN program.

    I took only one pre-req at a time so I did great in those classes. Could really concentrate on one subject. Then I decided to go the LVN route. I didn't think school was that hard. I'm graduating January 11th. There are some students who work full time and go to school too. I work part-time and have a family and it's doable. But my DH was not very supportive. He said I wouldn't be any good etc etc. But guess what? I"m doing great!

    Don't let others define who you are.

    Good luck and get going!
  11. by   JuneBug1868
    A&P is tough, but it's not impossible. The hardest thing is, it's ALL memorization, you have to have time to study! Actual nursing programs differ from this, in A&P you have to memorize everything in order to learn it, but nursing programs are actually applying what you have learned. It's tough but you can do as long as you think you can! good luck!
  12. by   Nurmom86
    hey everyone who this may pertain to! about two years ago my fiance and myself were going through some very rough stuff and i was in my pre requsisites for nursing adn program and i felt that he just didnt care what i was going through, especially at the time with a new baby, whop now is almost 3! so i would always be upset when i had to go to class and couldnt focus, and now....

    i finally start the adn program jan14th!!!!yippeee, and over the last year of my courses he really got the point that i need all the support and encouragemnt i could get and ALL the help around the house(im a clean freak-dirtiness stresses me out) and he really has made a 180.

    just talk to your husband, boyfriend,signifigant other, and tell them you need them, and school and they are inportant to you, but an education is what you need to do for YOU and in the long run it will benefit your whole family!

    i recently had the 2nd baby debate, my fiance dosent want a huge age gap inbetween our children and feels that in two years when im done with school my son will be 5 and thats too much....we came to an agreement that we would stART TRying in my last semester...i already got a job neways!

    good luck
  13. by   CaLLaCoDe
    Nursing school is tough! NO KIDDING AROUND! However it's doable. Veteran Student tip of the day: Remember to keep telling yourself when your contemplating suicide with only an hour to go in the midst of the care plan all nighter madness, a hurried shower and toothpaste on the tongue before clinical to tell yourself you can do this! Is it worth it? Is it worth it? Absolutely! I have no regrets. It was surely very worth it! Even if I quit right now and went back to my humble beginnings as a retail clerk I'd be satisfied with all my accomplishments! So, I say do your best at being the student, but remember a greater work lies beyond!
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  14. by   danissa
    teleRN..absolutely spot on chick! encouraged by what the good folks here post! All either been through rough stuff, or ploughing through it at the moment. You WILL find support here, countless times, well I know I have!
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