How do you wear your scrubs?

  1. What sorts of colors do you like? Favorite print? Animals or cartoons? Plain or baggy? And things like that.
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  3. by   danissa
    Pumpkin, in our nicu, we have no choice...plain old baggy, unisex blue. Untucked. SO flattering,(NOT!!) (but yet, so comfy!) NO colours/prints allowed. No cargo pants, tailored tops etc! Sucks, doesn't it??? At least we each get issued 4 sets free!
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  4. by   danissa
    AND I want pink scrubs!!!
  5. by   danissa
    With bears on them!
  6. by   Kristin_collegemom
    We have to wear royal blue. They can be any style and can have a different trim color. Basically the only ones I can find are the Urbane Scrubs (royal with lime trim). We are allowed to wear print jackets as long as they go with the royal blue
  7. by   bethin
    We can wear whatever we want, but I always wear either ceil blue scrubs or navy scrubs. Plain tops. I just don't get into the disney, strawberry shortcake, etc scrubs. They're cute if you work peds but I work med surg.
  8. by   callmekipling
    Quote from bethin
    They're cute if you work peds but I work med surg.

    Agreed. I currently float between tele, stepdown, med-surg and ortho.. and they all have their little thing (not company policy). All my outfits are matched, solid-color Dickies, baggy, untucked. So I stick out like a sore thumb, but at least I look professional.
  9. by   not now
    Dickie's sand washed solids. Sometimes matching , sometimes not (i.e. khaki pants black top and pink long sleeved undershirt). When I worked in LTC I wore pints a lot. Now I rarely wear a print.

    My socks are always have dots, stripes, skulls...never plain.
  10. by   EmmaG
    Solid pants and shirt, print jacket. Loosely fit (hate it tight). No cartoon or animal prints, though. Smartscrubs sells s.c.r.u.b.s. brand and they have gorgeous prints.
  11. by   elizabells
    I wear Urbane scrubs, solids only, mostly darker colors. I look barely 16 at the best of times, and in the beginning I had a few print tops. No cartoons, just sort of abstract butterfly-type things. Then I looked 12. :stone

    My unit has no guidelines other than just scrubs. Apparently we used to have to wear either teal or raspberry, and they keep making noises about bringing it back (something about Magnet status and shared governance - the logic doesn't track at all to me) but I doubt it will happen. The PICU and L&D nurses all wear ceil blue, but on our floor only docs and NPs are supposed to. Once in a while someone wears them, and no one really says anything, but I figure there are plenty of other colors for me to wear. Surgery keeps trying to make it so ONLY surgeons and OR nurses can wear ceil, but whatever. No one listens.
  12. by   Faeriewand
    Because we had to wear scrubs to our school, I used to buy the S.C.R.U.B.S brand and wear those. They were so pretty. I received many compliments. then unfortunately the DON decided we were to all wear the teal scrubs she picked out for everyone. Every Single Damn Day. Same thing day in day out No more compliments, no more feeling like an individual expressing myself. It really stinks. Morale has plummeted at my school. We all look alike. (One girl said we look like tools) LOL!
  13. by   ShannonRN2010
    I wear alot of matching scrubs, tomorrow I think I'll wear my baby pink with grey trim.
    We can wear anything, any color.
    I also wear alot of tank tops (old navy ran a sell and I got one in literally every color for like $4.00 a shirt) with scrub pants and a white short/long sleeved lab jacket cause I get really hot at work.
  14. by   prmenrs
    I wear print tops w/coordinating solid pants. I tend to favor Hawaiian prints, but also get prints for holidays.

    I like Tafford ( ), esp for pants; I also get S.C.R.U.B.S. brand.