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I am very embarrassed to admit that I am a smoker. I have been for many years. I am really concerned about my health, but, I dont know how to break the habit. I have tried the nicoderm... Read More

  1. by   Lacie
    Quote from RobCPhT
    Chantix is the new med that is growing in popularity. We have had great results in LTC. If you have medical insurance with your employer they usually have cessation programs for you.
    What observations do you notice with this medication? I am having one hell of a time getting my 77 year old mother to quit. She recently had a triple A repair and during her 10 day stay in the hospital her primary complications were all related to her respiratory status. We tried the patches and Wellbutrin prior to surgery and she was still smoking like a frieght train while on this. It didnt take a week home post-op she was blackmailing everyone to go get her cigarettes. Either we got them or she would go drive on her own to do so. Also I plan on getting a house in the next few months to allow her to live with us but have told her she has to quit smoking. I dont allow smoking in my home at all. For one I have a son who is asthmatic and also have pets that cant tolerate the smoke (birds and prairie dogs) as they develope respiratory problems very quickly also. She still works full-time in a factory on night shift (dont have a clue how she is able to do this as it's hard work) but am hoping to get her to quit work once I move (she never put away for retirement and I cant afford 2 homes). I know most of her co-workers smoke so that makes it more difficult for her. Plus she's been smoking since she was 9. I'm at a loss as she coughs constantly, has emphysema, severe sleep apnea and her fingers are even stained very yellow. I'm talking 3 packs aday at least! I dont believe it's she cant but she just doesnt want to. While in the hospital she even tried "smoking" her pulse ox sensor LOL, then would curse at us that it wasnt a cigarette.
  2. by   sming
    I smoke, and I am not embarassed, I do a lot of other healthy things, and if I do quite smoking it will be more for finacial reasons rather than health. Shame is only going to make you feel bad, if you smoke, smoke, and enjoy it, don't ride yourself you will just smoke more. When you are ready to quit you will. It takes about 12 attempts to stop, and after you stop you will have occation to want them. It will never go away'.