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i am just curious on how do we improve the images of nurses, i know some people see us as non skilled general laborers, doctors handmaids, as well as many other misconceptions i have noticed over the... Read More

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    1. more money.
    2. weed out the undesirables.

    #2 is especially important to me. There are nurses that work along side me that have the same work ethic as the girls I worked along side at my first job in high school. How can we expect outsiders to respect our profession when some of our own don't even respect it?

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    First I like to say I agree totally with cheerfuldoer and secondly I like to say wow have you really posted 3,000 + times on this BB.........but I agree with her every word totally along with professional appearance and a professional manner...........LOL
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    sorry Agnus without being negative............but......what I do on my own time is my time........I will put on some comfortable clothing and get a Smirnoff Ice chilled and sit back and relax.....I will wear a lacy cat suit with thongs and a bra under it and shake my booty to some reggae music on the islandssssss in a hot minute but that is my time to relax and enjoy myself but on the job I will be the best nurse I can be and conduct myself in a professional manner........sorry but that is my thoughts.....
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    Ya gotta luv a nurse ........I might put that on my license platesssssssssss.................LOL
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    I am finally convincing the guys that I work with, (and except for the Cmdr's secretary, they are ALL guys) that I'm not here to be their best friend, listen to them whine about the women in their life, their wives, and girlfriends, not here to feed them, not a waitress from Hooters, not a popularity contest, not looking for a date or a booty call, but that I am here to keep the city liability free, to try and prevent inmate deaths, and screen prisoners, and medicate same, because were it not for the nurses, they would have to do it. Leave me alone and let me do my job. So far, most of them are convinced, not all, but,hey opinions are like a$$h8les, everybody has one but at least an a$$h8le has a purpose.
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    Originally posted by shay
    dude, is the troll back?
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    These are all wonderful answers... I believe it is also necessary for us to work amongst ourselves for solidarity.. In one state nurses can do this.. in another they can not.. also.. with the new labor laws.. it is difficult to weed out those nurses that are terrible.. when calling for references.. all one can get is..yes he/she worked here..some places won't even say if they are rehireable!!..soooo you take a chance.. it is a winsome..losesome situation.. Nurses need to respect themselves more as well.. with that comes respect from others.. including doctors.. and the public