How Do I Find an ACLS Class?

  1. I would really like to take an ACLS class. The earliest I could take it at my institution would be next summer, which really doesn't float my boat (also, there are limited spaces and those in ED and ICU get preference, so there's no guarantee I'd get to take it then). So, I'm looking to take it on my own, despite the fact that I know it is pretty expensive.

    I just can't find a course. I tried Googling it, with very little luck. I'm in Upstate NY.
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  3. by   Patient_Care_Asst
    Check with the Paramedics in your ER. They are most likely aware of current ACLS classes running in your area. Some of them may be ACLS instructors. Sometimes they conduct classes in conjunction with the local fire department. You might also want to google "ACLS" in combination with the American Heart Association.

    Hope that helps.
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  4. by   Dixielee
    As a travel nurse, I have to maintain my ACLS and it is not always available when I need it in the hospital I am working in. I have found them in community colleges that teach EMT/Paramedic classes. You may also call all the hospitals in your area. Some of the larger ones offer them more frequently.

    The local community college here teaches ACLS every other month, and PALS on alternate months for only $50 each.
  5. by   suzanne4
    The ambulance companies in your area are also an excellent source.
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    I checked for BLS when I arrived in Las Vegas. Mine was 2 years expired . It cost me $60 to certify. The following year, I decide I am gonna reenter nursing. I checked through American Heart Association.
    A fancy Casino was offering ACLS to all professionals.
    It cost a nurse $700 and a Doctor even more. (stupid)
    I called a local hospital. told me to do the on line didactics for the BCLS at AHA for $15.00 and come in next Monday for ACLS. Bother were only $100.00.
    If you never have certified and don't know arrhythmias well, you may need a more in-depth program. I wouldn't spend more than $250.00 though. AHA has classes for arrhythmias on -line also. I would suggeset your class be AHA approved.
    Just type in your zip code here
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  8. by   Gin Gin
    As a fellow "upstate-er", here is a great site that lists all of the available courses in the Capital District...hope you find it helpful:
  9. by   mamunsey
    Try checking with your local Paramedics, EMT's and your loca fire Dept, I know that they usually have to have the SCLS also
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