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I am 47 years old and am going through the most EMBARASSING time of my life...perimenopause. I haven't slept thru the nite, a full 8 hours in over a year, I wake up every 2-4 hours with sweats and... Read More

  1. by   Spidey's mom
    I need to remember to write things down . . . .

  2. by   Haunted
    Hi! It's 3 ayem and I'm up and at em. Fewer hot flashes/flushes but I did start getting a migraine today and in my sleep deprived anxious state of mind I was quite sure that I was having a stroke. Even gave myself a full neurological assessment, minus the EEG! Turns out it was EYE STRAIN!!! Can we add paranoia and hypochondria to our list of party favors for this delightfull experience?

    I too notice some extra hair being washed down the drain when I shower and wash my hair and am taking some OTC vitamin/mineral supplements for hair and nails. I also SWEAR by a hair color product by Redken that plumps up the remaining hair that you have and gives it a glossy shine. I believe we all naturally shed hair every few months so I won't freak out about that right now, I have enough on my plate. I was curious about he testosterone comment and will research that later today. I don't want to OD and become some WWF freak show but it would be nice to have a little lead in the pencil!

    I do make a daily goal list and check off important stuff as I go along, i.e.: wash the cat, check. Remove fur from my tongue, check. Drop off kid at school, check. Pick up kid from school, check. Return wrong kid back to parent and apologize profusely, check. Buy right kid 200 dollar sneakers in an effort to convince them it was not intentional and OF COURSE i remember what you look like sweetheart! Check. Go to grocery store, check. Spend 1 hour wandering aimlessley in parking lot trying to remember where I parked, check. Put groceries in trunk, check. Order pizza for dinner, check. Remove groceries from trunk 3 days later and wash out the carpet , check.

    Gee, this is fun. Give me puberty any day, I'll take the oily skin, zits and attitude, at least I will have the knowledge that I have menopause to look forward to LONG down the road!
  3. by   Gennaver
    Quote from chenelle
    Is Premarin really pregnant horse pee ?????? OMG sounds so
    Yes, it is. I remember my mother telling me that when she was taking it a while ago. Amazingly her rapid weight increase, (even moonface too) which eventually grew to over 100 pounds while she was on it has never really left now that she is off of it.

    I am very interested in this thread myself, at 39 1/2 this is relevant. When I was younger I remember noticing my older coworkers fanning themselves and now catch myself doing it at times too.

    Between my 80+ grandmother and my 60+ mother they had radically different menopause experiences. I am hoping so much to experience it as my grandmother. She told me, "I didn't have menopause or hot flashes, nobody told me I was SUPPOSED to!"

    Sometimes I do have monthly moods or absentmindedness and really hope that when my cycle ends that it won't send me through the night sweat, no sleep, hormonal wringer too.

    p.s. hang in there and best wishes to you!
  4. by   Gennaver
    Hi there,

    Okay, this hair thinning and hair loss thing has me wondering. I might need to just accept and get ready for scarves! My hair is fine and thin already. My grandma who I mentioned in my previous post has been pretty much bald since I can remember, she wears wigs. I do not think wigs would be for me.

    Also, for as long as I can remember my hair sheds alot. I have to sweep the washroom floor every day after showering/shampooing and combin it out. Not clumps but, several productive brushfuls/combfuls! Jeepers, I would have a carpet if it was anymore, (not really but, yikes!)

    Sigh, this may be my inevitable fate. Hmmm, I should be prepared to shave and go for the 'sleek' look. Darn.


    Quote from Nella
    I went through menopause early. My hormone levels were post menopausal by age 43. Periods stopped by then too.
    I endured the hot flashes, the sleepless nights, the changes in how I look, hair thinning, the moodiness and irritability. So I understand. I thought I would kill for 1 night of good sleep. I had at least 20 hot flashes every day. Bad enough to make me sweat. Breaking into a sweat 20 times daily certainly made me cranky and felt very unappealing.

    I tried soy, and other herbal remedies. Nothing helped.

    I did what millions of women have done before me: I got through it. I did not take any hormone replacements and still don't.

    Take comfort from the fact that it does end. You know it does. It's a process.
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  5. by   DutchgirlRN
    What ever the Prempro (Premarin) is made of doesn't matter to me as long as it helps. I've tried the progesterone creams and they don't help. Jello is partially made from ground up horses hooves. We would be shocked if we knew everything we ingested. I trust the manufacturer to make sure the horse pee is sterilized. I don't have a problem with it. I just hope it helps. I've been on it 5 days so I'll let you know. When you feel bad and are going through hormone hell you understand more.
  6. by   Chaya
    Another soldier in the Menopause Wars here. Not sure if I'm winning or losing...but I find I get further if I try to go with the flow (or lack of ).

    Example: Hot flash while I'm in bed? Time to run to the bathroom 'caus can't go all nite without peeing anyway! Nice not to be freezing if I gotta get up.

    Example: (kind of radical; not applicable for everyone but helps me A LOT) If I throw in a night shift every week or two it makes my sleep pattern more regular overall. Towards the end of 2 or so weeks of eve shift only, I do notice my night sleep pattern becomes less regular and the time I fall asleep gets later and later. If I do a night shift (with a brief nap the eve before and about 3-4 hours in the AM when I get in) I find I get a deep refreshing sleep the next few nights and am able to fall asleep within about an hour of getting home after my shift.

    Thanks for posting, Haunted- it's nice to know we're not going through it alone 'caus we can expect little or no sympathy at home or work! Thinking of all you fellow sufferers-

  7. by   lcprnc
    Hi gals,
    I can relate. I'm going on 46 and am starting to feel all the sxs that you're describing. I'm tired but can't sleep! Hot and itchy...breasts sore esp when PMSing. PMS is more prolonged and intense than ever. Hair thinnning. Occas. hot flashes and memory problems. You know what has helped? Oil of Evening Primrose! I swear..I hate taking any kinds of meds/pills but I try to take Primrose a few days before my period and it really helps! I would recommned it. Good luck.
  8. by   Haunted
    I do take primrose oil along with omega 3's, calcium etc. I have to say the low dose patch I have been on has eliminated my hot flashes and I slept thru the whole nite last week. I may have just been exhausted but it was wonderful.

    I also had 50mg PO testosterone x 1 and can say that my mood and memory seem better. No other problems but I would not expect to be on these meds forever. Oh, I also take coQ and notice it reduces palpitations.
  9. by   Rickymom
    I went into POV when I was 35. Symptoms started at 33. I am now 54 and did well with HRT the last being patches until my gyne freaked out when the warning about HRT came out. One month early she was telling me I needed more estrogen. I found another Dr. I have been cold turkey for almost 3 years now. Still had hot flashes occassionally but the forgetfulness and fuzziness made me and my dh crazy. I started on Paxil about 2 months ago and the fog is gone and the flashes are not a problem. I am only taking 5 mg instead of the 10 I was prescribed. I hated to start on it but it has helped.
    Just my 2 cents.