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  1. I too experienced all these things, no food, limited bathroom breaks. I hated the cell phone in my pocket going off when I was taking care of personal business. So I said forget this life is too short. I now work in utilization review. I miss the 3 days a week but I can eat, pee and make a phone call when I need too, no questions asked. I am still a nurse, make pretty good money (in fact, I make a little more because I work 40 hours instead of 36). It may not be for everybody but at 55 I can't do the floor anymore.
  2. Rickymom

    Is it too late? Any advise?

    I was 53 when I graduated with my RN. Oldest in my class. Never give up
  3. Rickymom

    Were you/family ashamed or shamed for NAI descent?

    My great grandmother was half Cherokee and our family has never denied it. I only wish I had been old enough to talk to her about her life before she died. My mother and aunt talk about some of her stories. The family was originally in NC and walked the Trail of Tears during that time. I am proud to tell of my heritage and very sad about the way the NA were treated.