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Check out the intro add for this hospital in the medical center in Houston. And we wonder why patient's expect "hotel-type" service... gimme a break! I hope those nurses only have 2 patients so... Read More

  1. by   lorster
    If they receive any federal funding for building, they must provide a certain percent of charitible care. Certainly this will not be only patients with insurance facility. They are doing cardiac caths and other emergent procedures.
  2. by   SK-222
    "UGH!" what an ironic set of initials for it
  3. by   CrunchRN
    I would love to check in just to see how it is all working out. Please keep updating us on this one.
  4. by   RunningWithScissors
    I, too, thought this was a spoof when I saw it!

    I worked in the Texas Medical Center for 7 years, and in my former hospital there was a VIP floor (President of Turkey, famous actresses, etc.).

    They DO list emergency medicine as their services provided, so just wait until they get some of these folks who know how to work the system in there.....they'll have their enitre families camped out there and keep finding reasons NOT to be discharged (I'm still nauseated and in pain, and if you don't do more tests, I'll SUE!!!)
  5. by   banditrn
    Quote from phriedomRN
    I just threw up a little in my mouth
    And that just made me snort all over my keyboard!

    Seriously, tho, looking at all this, and having worked in a hospital that is trying to go that direction - what does all this fluff and foo-foo add to the cost of the hospitalization? Are the insurance companies going along with it?
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  6. by   austin heart
    Quote from lorster
    I also question a doctor owned facility. Man, imagine getting into it with a doctor, you are out of there tomorrow. I just question the whole environment. Of course, there may be many doctor owned hospitals out there that work out well. Any one know of any?
    I work in a private hospital where the doctors have a financial intrest. No problems with that in my opinion. It is other nursing issues that cause problems.

    We also have a similar hospital like this in Austin......

    The Hospital at Westlake Medical Center
    : Marble floors, granite counter tops and flat screen plasma TVs in all rooms, consierge service, etc.
  7. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Marble floors
    Broken bone inducer.
  8. by   NeosynephRN
    Quote from Marie_LPN
    Broken bone inducer.
    At least the blood is easy to clean off!
  9. by   canoehead
    austin- what are your typical nursing issues?

    I see they have some high requirements to apply for jobs there, the turnover must be pretty low.